lebron smacked my bum

Thursday, May 8, 2008

i love the cavs.

i know it's a very general statement but it's true. if i were to ever win millions of dollars i would give money to charity, family all the usuals, but then i would buy court side season tickets to the cleveland cavaliers.

i seriously want lebron's sweat to splash on me as he is running past me on the court. is that too much?
last year after the cavs won the eastern conference championship vs the
sucky pistons the city of cleveland was going crazy.
muffin and i were at that final game (with awesome seats btw) and as we were leaving the arena after we danced around in the streets and ran into KJ, we walked past the view ultra lounge where muffin saw one of her party promoter friends.

long story short we were asked to come in free of charge (no thanks $20 cover). little did we know that the king would soon be among us.

we also didn't realize that we would be the ONLY white people there. i'm not kidding, muffin and i stuck out like a sore thumb - but it wasn't only because of our skin color.

considering we had just come from the game we were decked out in cavs gear. i had on jeans, flip flops and a "witness" t-shirt and my rise up towel over my shoulder - read: HOT.

the girls in the "club" (i hate when people call bars clubs, gag), were decked out. looking so polished and put together and i was a sweaty drunk girl dancing on an empty dance floor.

well the dance floor filled up and then the king came in. my jaw dropped.

i was in a bar with lebron and obviously he would notice muffin and i because of our stunning good looks, or because we stuck out like a sore thumb. obviously we took a picture...

lebron, just like us.

his friend actually came over to muffin and i to check us out, lebron was even waving at us - we were being ridiculous.

so the night comes to a close and everyone is heading out, including lebron. muffin and i are standing by the stairs towards the door and lebron was heading our way - everyone was stopped and cheering him on, letting him through.

everyone was trying to shake his hand and talk to him but he's not really stopping or making contact with anyone - until he came to me.

i have my hand up to give him a high five, and wait for it.....he actually high fives me!!

i high fived lebron!

(now is when he touches my bum)

but as he was high fiving me with his left hand he smacked my butt with his right.

i cannot make this up.

it was a smack like how the players smack each other after they make a shot or take a hard foul.

apparently i'm just one of the guys.

so as i am typing this thinking so fondly of this time last year the cavs are losing BADLY to the celtics.

they need me in the stands to win. thank god muffin and i are going to the game saturday night. don't worry lebron, i'll save you! but seriously dude you gotta pick up the pace you are playing like crap. why are you being so timid?!?!?


  1. What a great freakin' story! Sometimes it pays to be the only white people in the room! LOL!

  2. That is awesome. Just think one day you will tell your grandkids, "yeah, and Lebron James smacked my ass."


    Congrats, right?

  3. Totally off-topic but how flippin cute are you in your jersey!!

  4. That is awesome! You do realize that you can't wash the spot where he touched now though or they'll lose. I mean, you don't want to be the reason, right? Just sayin'...

  5. What! You have tickets! I haven't missed a home playoff game yet and it looks like Saturday will be my first.

    And I think LeBron is sucking because you need to go smack him on the ass. I know this is the LAST thing you want to do - but you need to take one for the team here.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE this story! Kind of reminds me of the time I met Michael Jordan...

  7. Oh my god, I just relived a great, great night!! You can't forget about me taking my two fingers to my eyes and pointing at LeBron and him doing the same to me!!

  8. I get so sad when I hear people say he will go to NY. He really brought excitement to Cleveland!

  9. NO WAY!! That is too cool!
    My boyfriend's brother plays for the Bucks, and there have been a few times where we have partied with the Bucks players, and once even with some Bulls players. But NEVER anyone as amazing as Lebron! I would die!

  10. Great story! I agree with TKTC. You're pretty eff'in adorable in your jersey.

  11. Wait a Witness shirt and a Rise Up towel? Is LeBron Jesus? Oh man, he is. HE IS! Jesus touched your bum! JESUS!

  12. You got a high five and a smack on the ass by Labron, my brother would be SO jealous!

  13. despite that the pistons are indeed very unsucky.. I swoon for the King.

    I even have a witness shirt. If he touched my butt I would not be displeased.

    (it seems we are destined to be mortal enemies...which is such a shame since I like you so much!)

  14. Now, that's pretty awesome, a random brush with a celebrity!!!
    My question is, why didn't you take this opportunity to get his take on the 23 cent pizza dibacle?

  15. Just think, that's something no one can take away from you. For years to come, you can say, "oh yeah? well, lebron smacked my butt" which I think is an automatic argument winner.

  16. You are a goddamn liar! Okay, no you aren't. I'm just saying that because I"m jealous.

    Lebron, you can touch my butt too if you want!

  17. You are hysterical. I love the way you tell this. And I hope you tell lots and lots of people about it. Especially after you meet them because it's awesome. And I'm maybe a little bit jealous, too... (:


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