long weekend

Sunday, May 11, 2008

this weekend was PACKED full of fun wanna hear about it?

:: i got my pay it forward package from the fabulous nilsa from SoMi! talk about a great start to the weekend. thank you so much nilsa!!!

:: thursday jewfroblue and alymcjew invited the downtown family over for a cheese party (see awesome pic to the right). we ate cheese drank some wine and watched the cavs lose. minus the cavs playing like poop the get together was grand!

:: friday bird and i went to the cleveland gladiators game at the Q. jewfroblue, alymcjew, matt and jesse also joined us. it was super fun because they won. and there isn't anything better then watching arena football, it's like football in high definition!

:: after the game we went to the thirsty parrot to catch the end of the indians game and to watch friday fireworks! i learned something new about my friend jesse while watching said fireworks. he gets hard for fireworks. seriously, i mean i had no idea he was such a fan. he's like a giddy little girl. ; )

:: i realized that i don't know when the grand finale in a fireworks show happens. i kept screaming GRAND FINALE GRAND FINALE!!! over and over again. i was totally jumping the gun, yup, that's me. i had a video of me screaming this over and over but accidentally deleted it, so annoying.

:: i'm better than jesse in guitar hero. his boy video game ego was crushed i could tell and he's not allowed to blame the beer consumption for his lack of skills.

:: saturday afternoon i headed out to big fun in coventry to pick up the blog prizes for my pay it forward contest. i will get them in the mail this week promise.

:: CAVS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!! muffin and i went to the game on saturday night and watched my cavaliers get their groove back. it was awesome, they stomped the celtics. now they just have to do the same this monday night too!

:: before we hit the after party we went to corner alley for some cocktails. we also stopped at pickwick and frolic to see my cousins grog and cathi. good times.

:: eighty81 and word of mouth promotions held a cavs after party at the house of blues. obviously muffin and i had to be there. free entrance, check. vip wristbands, check. lebron, check!

:: lebron james, delonte west (who was doing a shot next to me at the bar) and joe smith were all in attendance. there were a few other tall dudes but those were the only three i recognized. so because we were in the roped off vip section i was "supposed" to be playing it cool and not take pictures. i managed to sneak two pics but it was so dark in there it was hard to see what i was shooting. of course the one that came out his head was turned. oh well.

lebron got a new stylist, he's been looking mighty dapper these days

:: lebron's girlfriend savannah was super nice and i actually talked to her for a bit. although lebron did not smack my bum this time - we did dance!! boys got some moves. i generally think he is a nice guy, i mean he's still with his high school sweetheart (and mother of his two kids) which i think is awesome. it doesn't hurt that she is classy and gorgeous too.

:: muffin and i danced or butt's off and took our shoes off in the cab on the way home. talk about some burning tootsies. oh and did i mention that i think we were WAY over served. oops.

:: just got home from uncle andy's birthday celebration with the downtown fam. happy birthday buddy!!!!!!!! and thanks for the hospitality : )

:: jason and sara got engaged this weekend! the birthday cookout was also a time to announce the engagement to everyone. so exciting. congratulations guys!!!!

:: i'm tired, i'm going to bed. xoxo


  1. Um, you didn't mention how Delonte West looked at me like I had four heads and was an alien when I told him he had a great game, ha!! Also, Alexa, "fucking loves basketball."

  2. Cheese party??

    Why, oh why, haven't I had one of those yet?

    Oh wait. I have. I just haven't invited anyone to join me.

  3. Wow I wish the Pistons hung out after games. The closest we get is Rasheed picking up his order to go at Fridays. Hahaha. I guess they are too old to party.

    Anyway, Kiss Bron Bron for me!

  4. sounds like a great weekend! i bet your package from nilsa was WONDERFUL! she is the sweetest girl ever!

  5. I could hardly read this post because I was so distracted by the cheese in the photo. Yum!

  6. man, I am so jealous I don't even know what to say.

    I wish I was a Cavs fan and not a Knicks fan.

  7. I saw Delonte West once. That is all.

    Remember that time that LeBron put the ball in the cylinder shaped thing to make a point?

    Me too.

  8. So glad the package arrived and seemingly all in one piece. Enjoy! Your weekend reads like a who's who - you're so someone that's in the know! One thing I want to know ... how does dancing your butt off lead to burning tootsies? I didn't realize the two were connected. :-)

  9. muffin - you KNOW i fuckin love basketball. it's the best sport ever, especially when i have my muffin to go to all the games with me.

    ben - you should invite people to your cheese party's they are so much more fun that way

    tiff - the pistons have go to be hanging out SOMEWHERE! you need to investigate! haha

    brookem - it was wonderful and she is too!

    jess - i wish i was eating cheese right now

    surviving - it's ok to be jealous, of my lebron sighting AND of my being a cavs fan. : )

    rs27 - um he needs to put that ball into the cylinder thing a few more times so we can beat the celtics!

    nilsa - im not that cool, well maybe a little. heehee. and thank you again for the package i really appreciate it. the chocolates are almost gone : ) also, you bring up such an important point. dancing my butt off AND burning tootsies! egad, how am i even walking/sitting today??

  10. You and Lebron are turning into bbf's. The closest celebrity bff I have is Kesha from Tila Tequila.

    Hey, girl, hey.

  11. Hahaha, Ben!

    The measure of a successful night out is if I have to take my shoes off on the way home.

    You and Lebron are total BFF now.

  12. What a weekend! I'm glad you had fun!

  13. Cheese party. You had to share the cheese? If one hosts the cheese party do they get to keep the leftovers? I could be in some serious trouble after reading this post...

  14. You did all of that? I cleaned my car. Congratulations. You win the 'cool weekend' contest.

  15. The Minister Of CultureMay 13, 2008 at 12:52 AM

    Let me get this straight,you are hobnobing with LBJ,your mother is private jetting to and from for the Toronto film festival.You people run in big circles!I on the other hand turned 49 today(yea I know one year away from the dreaded colonastapy!)I'm sitting here typing this and watching THE BIG LEBOWSKY (a masterpiece of film making),thier is something seriously wrong with this picture!

  16. Did you see your boy Bron tell his Mom to "sit her ass down"? My mom would murder me before that sentence was out of my mouth.

  17. Sounds like a fun weekend! Also, how the HELL do you keep on hanging out with Bron? How does that happen? Are you just good like that?

  18. I get confused with the whole fireworks thing too... The only way i can ever tell is based upon the music.

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