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Friday, May 23, 2008

i know i was supposed to be done blogging for the weekend but captain joe just emailed me a new york times article by emily gould that every blogger NEEDS to read. take it for what it's worth though.

some people with empathize with her while others will think she is completely over sharing. it's up to you to decide what you think.

it's a long one so get comfy. the author tell a very honest to blog story about the ups and downs of her "relationship" with this little thing we call blogging.

so please do yourself a favor - read this piece.

she is getting eaten alive in her comments though and on various other media outlets - mainly from a lot of people that just don't get the act of blogging. their loss.



  1. i read this the other day.... pretty interesting. sucks she's getting such a hard time for doing what she loves.

    oh, i just noticed my name on your sidebar there is spelled wrong. looks like im shrinnnnnking! ha, it's actually a k. no biggy.

    is it happy hour yet?

  2. Its an interesting article. I'm not really sure what her point is though since we all control the content of our blogs. Its up to all of us to decide how comfortable we are with that.

    Maybe I'll dissect this later. or Maybe I'll play with my slinky.

    No thats not a metaphor. Get your head out of the gutter.

  3. that was a good one! I couldnt imagine having to go through all that. bleh.

  4. Who cares what other people think? I don't. My blog is for me and for me only. If other people like reading it and stick around, then cool. But my blog won't pander to anyone but me.

  5. I read this full thing on Friday and I definitely saw some of her compulsion to share things in myself. To a degree that I realized I'd rather be a part of this fantastic community without risking hurting people in my day to day life. Definitely fruit for thought.

  6. Maybe people hated her because she was so long winded? I kid! I started reading the article and got about halfway through it before I had to bail. But, as a blogger who writes about her personal life while trying to maintain the privacy of her friends and family, I certainly understand the difficulty in balancing the two.

  7. Dude. Reading that left me exhausted. And not wanting to blog at all. Just kidding. It was a great read, definitely opened up my eyes...

  8. It was an intriguing article. She dug her own hole in some ways, but I do feel for her. I can't believe how misunderstood the entire act of blogging is, though. Do people not understand the act of writing outside of self-indulgence?

  9. Thanks for the article.. but i agree she dug it in some ways


  10. I read the article and I wasn't completely blown away... it was so long and didn't seem to have a larger point. But it was interesting. I was definitely surprised by what a large percentage of the comments were incredibly nasty, though.

  11. Wow. I remember watching the Jimmy Kimmell (sp?) segment where she just looked like a deer in the headlights. But after this, I have a lot more respect for her.

  12. A good read for new bloggers. She made a fatal mistake of allowing her commenters rule what she wrote. As bloggers we are our own editors, we have only ourselves to blame for content, so I'm dissapointed how destroyed she felt when someone finally wrote about her like she had been writing about other people.

  13. i'm with nilsa... i only got about 1/2way through that :-) i was a little put off by the whole intro, though, where she kind of shrugs off the concept of blogging in general as the eager last resort of oversharers. i get that she's writing for an audience who doesn't really "get" blogging - and i think that definitely is the majority of people, anyone who doesnt' blog themselves, really - but as someone who DID blog for all those years, i was disappoined that she'd minimalize blogging that way.

    on the other hand, i've never had to deal with nasty commenters the way she has. (karl's groupies don't really count...) so i imagine that really would change my perception of how important the blog was to my life, i guess.

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