only i would get bleeped by the local news

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

first off i want to thank wonger (my friend at glaceau in high places) for inviting me to the the sex and the city movie premiere pre-party and advanced movie screening last night. wonger - you rock and you put on a great event!

so after work i picked up bird from her office and headed to
budapest blonde for some delicious vitamin water martinis and appetizers. (check out baucco on the right in her perfect movie screening pose)

wonger had organized a bus to take all of the invitees to the regal richland theater where the screening would be held.
bird and drove separately just in case we wanted to go out with my blogger friend allison who writes confessions of a cohabitant.

yes, i had my first blogger meet up!!!! allison was cool enough to come hangout with a random (kind of) stranger and her friends. she was awesome and i'm so glad we got to finally meet. it was like a weird girl date. good times!

so i meet allison in the theater lobby and as we were walking in i see a local tv reporter and i say, "hey! we'll do an interview!". we being allison and myself.

we had some banter back and forth and basically we nailed the interview - so much so that they said they were going to find us after the movie for our thoughts.

so what are my thoughts on the movie?!?! well without giving anything away - i wouldn't dare spoil anything for fear of my life - it was FRIGGIN' AMAZING!!!! if i had a 5 star scale i would give it 5 stars, for real.

i had the highest expectations going into this movie and they were all met. every end was tied up and every question was answered, it was beautiful. i cried and was kinda weepy throughout the entire movie but i also laughed my ass off. at the end of the SATC movie, even though i was so happy with the film, i cried a bit because i was sad it was over.

paging:: sap, party of one. sap, party of one.

yup, thats me.

i can't recommend this movie enough, and every SATC fan must see it. honestly, like i even had to tell you to go though! haha.

so back to that local tv reporter (lynna lai). as we were filing out of the theater she came right to me and allison with the camera on and ready.

i may or may not have said something about a wedding - which before you get all in a huff EVERY trailer for the movie shows carrie in a wedding dress, i didn't give anything away! but allison looks at me like, "shut up!", i immediately say "shit!" and cover my mouth.

guess what part they played on air? yeah, me saying shit.

but it was bleeped. only i would get bleeped by the local news. my mom is so proud, actually though she laughed her butt off.

since for what ever reason every time i try to embed the video it messes up my whole layout...

---> CLICK HERE to see allison rock out an interview on local tv and me get bleeped!


  1. I saw the video on this morning. Absolutely hysterical. Congrats on being a multi-media celebrity now with the blog and the news thing.

  2. haha that sounds like such a fun night. glad you loved the movie, i can't wait to see it.

  3. I'm super jealous that you got to see the movie already! Thanks for not ruining it with spoilers :)

  4. I totally saw you yesterday on the news. I kept flipping back-and-forth between 19 and 5 because I would TOTALLY expect f'in 19Action News to ruin the movie for me. And lo-and-behold, when I see Lai's live feed end (on mute), FREAKIN JEFF TANCHAK allows a rumor to slip. WTF?! GOD, weatherman, shut up!

    Let me know when the next Blogger Girls' date will be! :-)

  5. That TV spot was AWESOME. Great job swearing live. That's something I would do, too!

    Glad the film was amazing. I'm excited to see it Friday!

  6. I cried too...many times throughout the whole movie...glad we were next to eachother though, so I could hear your sniffling too!

  7. Can't *bleeping* wait to see this! I *bleeping* love SATC. I'm about to *bleep* my pants in anticipation!!!!

  8. I'm so flippin' excited to go see it! I already have tickets for my girlfriend and I to go on Saturday. Can't wait! Especially after reading your reaction.

  9. This is ridiculous. Lebron is slapping your ass, you're cursing on air, I've decided that you're not real.

    Nice job by the reporter..

    "a rumor is someone dies in the film. I don't want to give anything away but no."

    Really? Way to give it away. What a dummy.

  10. Hahahahah! That's awesome. There's nothing better than getting beeped during a local broadcast. Good times.

  11. ahh! ive been waiting all day for your recap!

    did they make the martinis out of vitamin water? sounds yummy.

    glad you loved it! cant wait to see it on friday!

    the video isnt working for me right now, shit!

  12. it worked now!

    ha, you're too funny

    and i like the woman who gives it "four thumbs up!"

  13. I didn't think it was possible for me to be any more excited, but NOW I AM!!!

    You are hilarious!

  14. I thought I was going to be able to come here and read what you said about Sex and the City but I am so afraid I am going to read something I don't want to know that I said, "NAH. Forget it" I better not read this post. Knowing you thought it was fabulous is all I can know. I'm crazy like that!

  15. AHH! That's awesome! Why get on the news if you don't say something censorable?

  16. Umm, amazing! I'm totally jealous that you have already gotten to see it. I'm hoping that one of my new co-workers will invite me to see it with them this weekend -- I hear they're going out for cosmos beforehand.

  17. Thanks again for making me feel better about what DOESN'T happen. Now my mom and I can be excited about going to the theater and won't have to stage a walk-out.


  18. Only 19 would air a bleeped comment. Great time though. Thank you Jenny for letting Alexa invite me! I had a blast.

    Do you know how many people watch that news? Before I had a chance to pimp myself, some of my coworkers already knew about it!

  19. narm - multimedia celebrity?!? sike!

    katelin - you are going to LOVE IT!

    jenn - i couldn't ruin it for you guys!

    mel - hilarious that you recognized me. and i think we should totally do a cleveland blogger meet up!

    lauren - im glad i'm not alone with the on air swearing. haha

    bird - we are equally sappy

    cblake - well aren't you *bleeping* clever

    megkathleen - you are going to love it too!

    rs27 - how can you think i'm not real?!? i have video footage! it's ok for you to think i'm too good to be true. i get that a lot ; )

    dolce - next goal national television!

    brookem - i don't get the 4 thumbs either! and the martinis were made with the XXX variety with the blueberry and pomegranate deliciousness. you should try it!

    tipp - get ready lady you are going to be in love with it.

    1218 - you are too funny. sounds like something i would do

    ben - agreed it worked out perfectly in my opinion. i love being on tv!

    ep - if they don't ask you, invite yourself! you have to meet new friends in your new home somehow : )

    kerryann - i want a phone call after you and brenda see it

    allison - thanks for coming! and seriously who would have thought so many people watch the "action" news. classic.

  20. Sounds like a fantabulous time-- and too funny on you being bleeped. So cute!

  21. I seriously LOVE that video. It totally does NOT surprise me that you would get caught cussing on TV. My only wish is that more stations had picked it up and it was playing all over the world. LOL

    Can't wait to see the movie on Friday!

  22. You're a celebrity...Your two seconds of fame and you got bleeped. How awkward. :)

  23. Congrats on being censored by the man. You are now officially something.

    Looks like a great time, can't wait to see the movie!

  24. You are too funny!

    I would absolutely get bleeped on TV. In fact, there would be no words at all, just bleeeeeepppp!

  25. Looks like so much fun. I was trying to get into a SATC viewing party here in Chicago and it was impossible. Anyways .. I loved the movie and its theme but I wish things would have ended differently. When is it okay to discuss the movie openly!?


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