prune of the week 5.17.08

Saturday, May 17, 2008

i'm in canton right now with my mom and i just have to rant.

i'm 27 years old (soon to be 28 in little over a month, yikes!), and i live in cleveland. read:CLEVELAND. these things you all know.

i do not live in canton with my mom, i haven't in quite some time. so please tell me random family members and friend of our family - why do i still get invitations sent to my mom's address?

if you want to invite me to a shower, graduation party, or a wedding i don't think it is too much to send me my own invitation. granted i may not be married or dating anyone seriously but i'm not a child!

god forbid if i don't settle down and i end up being 40 and single, are you people still going to include me on my mom's invitation?!?!?!?!?!

i'm a busy girl. i don't like not knowing things that i am invited to.

for instance my mom sits me down this morning and is like, ok, i have a stack of invitation for us to go over.

A STACK OF INVITATIONS!!! whaaaaaaaaaaaaat???

there goes my summer.

what is the etiquette on this? is my asking for my own invitation too much?

cause i'm like well, if i'm a child who gets included on her mother's invitation i don't have to buy a gift right?

yup, no gifts will be purchased out of my checking account unless i get my own invitation. hear that people?!?

ok, rant over.

thank god i have my prune of the week : )


  1. Girl,

    I have to say I am married have been for five years and am 27 years old and still get included on my parent's main invitation!

    And it is annoying. But, I have adopted the same rule as you. No direct invite. No direct gift. Hey, I call it a fair trade!

  2. I am 36 and I am here to tell ya that just never changes. Sorry!

    By the way I've moved my blog. Formerly know as 1218blog is now

  3. ooops! drop off the wp-admin

  4. The Minister Of CultureMay 17, 2008 at 8:31 PM

    May I suggest you contact your church (the one you were baptised in)in your case ST.Harrys and have them list you in their social directory.I'm sure it's the WHO'S WHO of Greek society.Who knows you might start getting Christmas cards!

  5. Alexa, same here! It is so tacky to me. I have lived on my own for (yikes) 14 years and OWN my own home ... Yet I'm the bad guy at christmas when everyone asks "where were you?" for certain events.

    Same policy: get the right address... Or you can see me next holiday.

    And for the record, my mom never knew the invites were intended for me as well. She just assumed I wax flaking on all the dumb family stuff. LOL

  6. I agree about the whole parents invitation thing. I swear it's a way for the inviter to get out of letting you bring a date.

  7. Awww, I think it's kind of cute. Like these people still think of you as if you're 6 living at home with mom and dad. Clearly SOME people are stuck in the 1980's. Why not buy presents for them that represents the time period they so clearly refuse to leave. That'll teach them!

  8. I totally agree with your present logic. If you and your mom and are sent the same invite, then you and your mom can send the same present! And since the invite is sent to your mum, it's only fair that she also pay for the gift, yeah??


  9. Sometimes it's like the Victorian Era never ended. Single women still belonging to their parents, fathers still "giving away" brides, like there isn't this middle ground called our 20's (and 30's) where we live our own lives!

  10. I think that's the perfect solution; no invite, no gift. End of story.

  11. Yeah, I still get it, too.
    I love how Christmas cards are still addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Pointful and girls.
    These girls haven't lived at home for many years now.

  12. oh my, SUCH ranting for something I'm sure was not done with any malice. some of those people probably don't even know that you live in Cleveland and not with your mother. add to that, sometimes it is difficult to get an address if one can't get a hold of a mother or some family member that knows the address. I think the minister has a very good suggestion, but then you would be considered a separate church member from your mother, with your own dues, etc. (which is as it should be since you are an adult)

  13. maybe you should think about sending "i've moved" cards...2 years later.

  14. I get it too! I don't know when I'll ever justify an invite of my own. I haven't thought of the no gift thing, though. I shall next time!

  15. a stack of invitations sounds like a nightmare!

  16. i think your policy sounds EXCELLENT!!

    i don't get sidecar invites to any of my parents' stuff... but then again i'm not getting my OWN invite either, so i guess it's a moot point :-)

  17. Grrr... arrrggghh... Yeah I feel you on that one. I would either send "I've moved" cards, or have your mom send back the invites to you with an "incorrect address" deal. Or something. Or, just make her tell everyone, since she hasn't corrected them? Maybe she can just mail you all the invites that come to her place. I don't know - when I'm sending out anything (X-mas cards, invites, etc), I make sure I have everyone's updated addresses!

  18. I see it both ways....sometimes it's hard to track down an address. Maybe it's a $$$ thing? Wedding invitations especially are expensive. Also I think your sister (sorry Nic!) throws it off a little bit. I wouldn't even know where to start to get hers, so then I'm sending one to Nic and your mom and your mom's house and another one to you...what if it got to Canton before yours got to you?!? You'd think you weren't invited!

    I've found that especially with Christmas/Holiday cards, once you send one to friends and relatives FROM your new address they'll start sending them to you as well at the same address.

    Hope this helps!

  19. Um, Yeah, that is incredibly tacky. They definitely don't deserve a gift from you!

  20. haha, this happens to me, no matter WHERE I live. Also, I'm looking for your email address for a proper THANK YOU FOR MY AWESOME SHIRT/SWAG!!

  21. I'm pretty sure you're old enough to get your own invitations by now. People need to be less lazy and update their address books.

  22. That totally sucks. :/ I got my first two me + date invitations this spring, and they freaked me out. If that makes you feel any better...


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