prune of the week 5.30.08 - tire bubble edition

Friday, May 30, 2008

i have had my hot new car for just about 2 months.

READ: it's still brand spankin' new.

well apparently one of my brand spankin' new tires on my brand spankin' new car has formed some kind of impact bubble.

what is that you may ask? well it looks a little something like this, that's not my tire though.

when i saw the bubble i knew i was going to have to get a new tire but i had no idea how expensive it was going to be. i called to see if there was some kind of warranty on the tire and they said it wouldn't apply because it was my fault from probably running over a pot hole.

well maybe if cleveland would fix their damn pot holes i wouldn't have an impact bubble!!!

i mean i knew my tires were performance tires, they have 17 inch rims, i knew
they weren't going to be cheap - but in why world does it cost $245 for ONE tire.

it's a friggin' volvo not a lamborghini!

i called 6 places yesterday getting prices. they were all over 200 bones, if they even had the tire at all.

here's the kicker - my tire is discontinued. how is the tire on my 2008 car already discontinued?!?! i hate you michelin man, i don't care how cute you are!

so, on top of the high price of the single tire i have to pay extra to get the tire shipped to me.

rant much?

my luck, my bubble tire will probably blow out while i'm driving on 77 causing a lot more damage to my car then just the tire.

so if anyone out there can get me a single michelin pilot mxm4 205/50 r 17 cheap, i'm buying!

UPDATE: so i am finally getting a new tire put on tuesday after work. i got the tire from conrad's and it is going to only end up costing me $210. it's still expensive, but it is better than $245. thanks to everyone for the awesome tips! : )


  1. Go here:

    My boss got his for his Land Rover super cheap. They ship them out to you and just bring them somewhere to install.

    Good luck! I need 4 new tires after just ONE year of owning my car. Yes, they were BRAND NEW when I bought the car last May. I also stupidly thought there was a warranty on new tires as well --- this is just normal wear... after only 15,000 miles? WTF?

  2. I would be pissed!! I am so sorry.

    As for the discontinued crap, that has to be some crazy conspiracy, there is no way that is OK!

    1. Hi tipp, I feel your sentiments about the tire,
      Anyway, As a friendly advice, to prevent this from happening again .. make sure that your tire is properly inflated (check once a week) based on the specified inflation of your vehicle manufacturer or from your Michelin dealer, because no matter what brand of tire you are using this would happen if you ran into a pothole esp if your tire is under inflated or over inflated.

  3. oh no! that wicked sucks! your new baby!

  4. NOT COOL!!! i'm sorry :-(

    i hit a pothole a few year back that broke the effing rim on my wheel. that was an expensive pothole too.

  5. Blech. I need a new tire too -- Mine is stripped BALD

    but dangit, I don't wanna spend the cash.

  6. .....AND that's why I'm glad I don't need a car.

  7. I know this doesn't exactly apply to your situation, but I believe you have the right to sue the city for not keeping up its roads properly if it causes expensive damage to your car. If you can prove that there is a pothole that caused damage to your car that had already been reported to the city as needing to be fixed by the time the damage occurs, I believe they're liable. Not that I'm a lawyer or anything. But that's what I was told when I had to spend $300 getting the sway bar end links (whatever those are) on my car fixed due to ANOTHER crappy DC pothole.

  8. That sucks, I'm sorry. Is there any type of warranty that would cover the cost of the tire?

  9. $245 for ONE TIRE! Are they crazy. Damn I thought my flat tire was bad, at least it was free to fix. Geez! Good luck Girl!

  10. Hey, I *might* be able to help. I'll see what I can do tomorrow and email you.

    And for the love of everything holy, don't pay $245 for a tire. Ever.

  11. You should be rolling on dubs.

    That means 20 inch rims.

    It was on Pimp My Ride

  12. i hate tires. they're so ridiculously expensive. it sucks.

  13. That totally sucks! I got all four tires on my car changed about a year ago, and I am dreading the day I have to buy new ones because they are so expensive. And I don't have any money...

    I hope it gets fixed soon!

  14. The Minister Of CultureMay 30, 2008 at 9:17 PM is the deal.After exhausting research I have found that your tire is not discontinued!It just happens to be the most expensive tire known to mankind.As you know by now your best deal is at your dealership.The Michelin people are thieves!But then again what would you expect from a French company!I think they need a nice tire factory in the middle east. So instead of these crazies sitting around drinking really strong coffee and thinking of things to blow up,they could all be working at the tire factory making afordable tires for hard working Americans like us!

  15. The Minister Of Cultures' WifeMay 30, 2008 at 9:33 PM

    A $250 tire !! How much was that Chloe bag??

  16. I am WAY laughing at the Minister's wife comment and you know why!

  17. damn hun! That freakin SUCKS. Did you check and see if they have any used tires. If i were you I'd look for mom and pop tire places (we have a bunch here). Sometimes they'll sell new and used tires and last time I got a used tire for 11 bucks until I could afford a brand new one. It's worth a shot!

    Good luck :-)

  18. My god, that sucks. I hate tires. Why are they so expensive? We need them to go places. Can't they be cheap? Ergh.

  19. WTF? Discontinued?
    Methinks Michelin man has a racket going on...

  20. Wow!!! Glad you got your tire fixed. I was worried mine would blow so hard and kill me. Mine cost about $175 to fix and I was out of town! Uggggh talk about a major inconvenience! Stupid car responsibilities, haha.

  21. Dear that was not your fault that is a result of the NC not sticking properly. That is a serious life threatening tire defect. NC is a layer of wires coated in rubber. This will result in a sidewall falling out of this thing. Michelin should have paid for this. I know this because I worked in a Michelin factory for a summer and this was considered a serious defect for a tire to be like this.

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