and i wonder why im still tired

Monday, June 16, 2008

so i think i finally feel normal after going out three nights in a row, HARD. now some people will say three days? that's nothing. and it may have been nothing for me when i was 23 but 27? wow, that's a different story.

good news though - i can still rock out with the best of them. crisis averted.

so the weekend was great. thursday night was tons of fun, friday during the day was fabulous and friday night even though i tried to take it easy i may or may not have had a few too many.

we had the back room reserved at flannery's and the blueberri stoli's and bombs were a flowing.

i still went home before close though so that's a good sign.

i would have been asleep earlier though if i wasn't awoken by my new roommate and his friends.

so i'm laying in my bed and this dumb broad bursts into my room and is standing at the end of my bed and says, "what the f@ck is in this room? who the f@ck are you?".

what a lady!!!

my top burst. i said an explicit or two, told her to get out and she slammed my door closed. classy i know, but if she didn't poke the sleeping bear it wouldn't have happened now would it?

saturday i went to brunch with a couple of friends in town at juniper grill went home and got ready.

it was now poo poo's wedding time! it couldn't have been a more beautiful day in cleveland.

the ceremony was at st patrick's church in ohio city and the reception was at the union club downtown (BEAUTIFUL venue and church by the way).

of course i cried when they said their vows, you can just tell by looking at them how much they adore each other. i wish them nothing but happiness. oh and by the way i am getting them the restaurant gift certificate with lots of saran wrap - thank for everyones comments! : )

after the ceremony we had a few hours to waste, er, drink away.

the group headed to the map room where we ate hot pretzels, sat outside, drank 007's and discovered my new favorite shot. it is called something like a coffee taco mistiburr informed us all of it and i'm now obsessed with it. it is coffee patron and bailey's. sound gross right? well it ISN'T. go have your local bartender whip one up, you won't be sorry.

so we all head to the reception and the party began.

i wish i took more pictures. but i was too busy socializing - damn my butterfly tendencies.

i also have been given rules for the pictures i post from the wedding.

per poo poo's and her "husband's" request
-no pics of "her husband"
-no pics of poo poo's parents
-no pics of "her husband's" parents

i guess they think they are ballers huh? ; )

what stinks is that the majority of my pics include the aforementioned people! i have the BEST pic of poo poo's hubby with an open shirt. it's beyond hilarious.

oh well internets. the crazy side of the wedding will forever be kept a secret.

so onto the pictures i'm
allowed to show everyone...

shel, tigger, mistiburr, holla and muffin -check out the band outfits-SHOUT! rocked!

muffin and the beautiful bride poo poo!

pete's in the phone booth - yeah baby!

there is whiskey in mistiburr's coffee cup

muffin and i really really like close-ups

so those are pretty much the only pics i can put up, damn rules....

dancing to enrique escape was the funnest ever. the whole UD crew still remembers our choreographed moves. here's how it goes....

also i have the BEST video of some of my guy friends doing the monkey roll and i have no uploaded it FOUR times to you tube and i keep getting an error. i give up, for now.

after partying till 4am in the ritz-carlton bar and thinking it was a good idea to try to play the piano with one eye closed it was time to go home.

i woke up sunday morning with a serious case of the booze blues, called my mom and she drove up from canton to hangout with me. mommy you are awesome!

we went and had brunch at the westside market cafe (best breakfast in cleveland) and then went to see the incredible hulk (i liked it!).

the highlight of the sunday though was me getting a new phone, a blackberry curve! YAY!

i also want to wish my dear friend MOB happy birthday!!! me love you long time xoxo.

[2008 wedding count - 2]


  1. your friends have adorable dresses! sounds like you had an awesome time you baller- hehe

  2. Wow everyone looks adorable! And it looks like so much fun. Yeah going out for three days straight at my age (28) is way different than when I was 23. It hurts.

  3. i like your earrings!! i just had to say that right up front because i freaking love that color. so then i also like your friend... muffin's necklace!

    sounds like a great weekend! but one where you need another weekend to recover from it. oof.

  4. Sounds great! I too am trying to recover after a long and hard partying weekend. Poor us.

  5. You are such a party queen! I love it!

    However, your roommate's crazy friend? Not so much.

  6. (and hugs for your last post. You made me tear up.)

  7. Ha! Just wait until you get to 31!


  8. I would've gone postal on that chick who stormed into your room like that.


  9. How we don't ever run into each other downtown is beyond me. Then again with our booze enhanced states of mind we could have hung out five times and neither of us remembered it.

  10. One) I'm with deutlich- they'd have been picking pieces of Dumb Broad off the walls.

    Two)Add vodka to that Coffee Taco, and it's a United Nations. :)

    Three) I'm throwing the gauntlet down- Lucky's in Tremont is the best place to eat breakfast on the weekend.

  11. Aw, fun pics! I hope people at my wedding have an equally good time.

  12. Sometimes you HAVE to party up, just to make sure you still can.

    I fear the day that I realise I cant anymore...

  13. Blackberry Curve?! Super Eff Yeah!

  14. What a fun weekend! And your friends? Gorgeous. Stylish. And seemingly a lot of fun! Go on girl, with your bad self!

  15. haha, i hear you on the 23 vs 27 deal... saaaad how my stamina has plummetted!

    that shot sounds AWFUL, but you're the second person to tell me that combo is actually good. i may have to try this gross combo... :-)

  16. okay and i thought i was busy, haha. you put my busy schedule to shame lady.

    love the pics and glad you had such a great time!

  17. That sounds like a SOLID wedding, lady. Nicely done. :)

    PS: Were you ever forced into going to Greek school? I wasn't and I need a quickie Greek translation that isn't from a website.

  18. I've had the patron/coffe/baileys shot too...amazing!!!

    I love Muffin's new bangs!!!

  19. Blogging pic stipulations really do suck, and I would have committed murder on that woman.

    Not COOL!

  20. I'm with Tipp - that chick that stormed into your room deserved to be chewed out!

  21. I love when broads call other broads "broads"

  22. Hey there! I stumbled upon your blog from a friend of a friend of a friend -- you get the idea. :-) I believe we are both CCHS graduates so there's your six degrees! Anyway, this comment is in response to your Father's Day blog, and I just wanted to let you know -- you're not alone in your feelings. I know you disabled comments for a reason (I did, too, on my FD '08 post), but sometimes you just hafta reach out and reassure. My pops passed when I was 18 months old, so I echo a lot of your sentiments. It's so tough, and not a lot of people can relate, you know?

    Anyhoo -- just a little bit of comfort from a total stranger! Love your blog! :-)

  23. Your friends' dresses are adorable! And it looks like y'all had an absolutely wonderful time!

    Who doesn't love a good wedding?


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