and to think the weekend isn't over yet

Sunday, June 29, 2008

friday morning i had the pleasure of having a couple of my favorite bloggers make a pit stop in cleveland to see little 'ol me on their way to chicago to see a heck of a lot more bloggers.

maxie and deutlich landed in cleveland around 9am and we headed to my favorite breakfast place in cleveland the west side market cafe.

in all of my excitement of showing them around i didn't notice a piece of wood laying on the sidewalk.

i bit it, HARD.

the sidewalk kicked my ass. the fall tore my brand new shoe and killed my knee, it swelled instantly. and not o
nly did i fall and hurt myself but i fell with my blackberry in my left hand scratching it up badly. it works but my new baby looks like it got in a fight.

deutlich got a great photo on me lying on the sidewalk. i'll steal
it from her if she posts it and show you wall what an idiot i looked like. talk about a great first impression!

the girls and i then went to the
rock and roll hall of fame for some musical education. i think the girls were very excited about the museum and had a great time buying souvenirs and posing with the very large guitars...

strike a pose ladies

all i can say that these two bloggers are not only awesome as hell they are genuine people. and to me that's tops. actually, as i type this they are about an hour away from cleveland on their way back home and are going to take a break in cleveland again. hip hop hooray!

now onto the rest of the weekend.
friday night muffin and some friends and i headed to bar cento for dinner and drinks. as usual this place was excellent. with this whole vegan diet i'm on i couldn't really order much off the menu so i ask
ed out server dana what i could get.

let's just say i g
ot hooked up! chef sawyer sent me over a plate of wonderful vegetables - broccoli, asparagus, peas and roasted fennel bulbs, um yum. he even came over to say hello which is always appreciated. i'll say it again, if you haven't gone to bar cento yet - GO! what are you waiting for?

after our meal we headed next door to
bier market for more drinks and shots. there was a really good crowd there, i have decided i need to go there more often, for real.

ladies, all the ladies - minus me ; )

after bier market we wanted to go dancing. next stop ultra.

we were all ready to bust a move but the dj wasn't exactly helping in that department.
misterbradleyp was at the tables and normally i love the dude but he was seriously out of his element. when i go to ultra i want top 40 hip hop and he
was playing songs that he would play at bside. oh well, it is what it is and instead of dancing we just drank more.

saturday i felt like ass. mostly because i drank like i normally do but forgot about the fact that i have been eating rabbit food for a week. oops.

feeling like ass aside i rallied for mishler's bridal shower and
bachlorette party in akron. all 30 of us showered her with nice gifts and then showered her with penis' and alcohol. classy.

the dirrrrrrrrty stuff didn't happen till after the moms left of course!

the party was so great and no one deserves happiness and fun more than my mishler! this girl has a great group of friends who helped her celebrate. there were tons of drunk mishler stories shared and there may or may not have been some turds involved ; )

the bridesmaids put a great spread together in the
presidential sweet at the radisson hotel downtown but hands down the highlight of the spread was this cake. again, we are a classy group.

strategic icing placement...

i had to duck out of the bachlorette party earlier than i would have liked but i needed to head back to cleveland and over to wonger's for a scene going away party. all i can say to that is boo. moving on.

the party at wonger's then moved to the best monthly in cleveland "i got 5 on it" (old school hip hop night), at touch. mick boogie wasn't in town bu
t terry urban rocked it out HARD. he was on fire, the best i've seen him in the last few months. sucks it only happens once a month... but then again i don't really need to be dancing every saturday night till 3am.

so i *think* that's it, well not really because i'm waiting for maxie and duetlich to get here. good lord, i wonder if they are going to "make me" go out again.

twist my arm, thank god it's summer.

UPDATE :: so since i am sitting on my deck with deutlich and maxie, RIGHT NOW and have access to deutlich's pictures i have stolen the awesome photo of myself losing my battle to the sidewalk. crap spilled everywhere, yup that's me.

at least we are drinking a fabulous bottle of wine that they brought me from their road trip. talk about amazing girls they knew how to get to my heart - wine! i seriously love these girls.


  1. Ouch, I did hear from Maxie/Deutlich on Friday about your fall. Glad you're okay. Cleveland looks like so much fun, I need to stop by sometime for a visit.

  2. Gosh, those ladies are everywhere. They have to be exhausted!

    Sorry you fell, that totally sounds like something I would do!

  3. Whew!! You're so freaking busy. :)

    My friends totally made me a penis shaped brownie for my bachelorette party. Fun times, right?

  4. At least you were rocking a really cute outfit when you fell. Hope your knee feels better!

  5. I'm feeling tired and hung over just reading about all this.

    And my knee hurts.

  6. fun! except for your knee, not fun.

    Glad the girls had a good time in the Midwest!

  7. OUCH! Imagine if you'd had on shorts! You had a killer weekend! I love that freaking cake! I'm keeping that in mind for the next person who gets married!

  8. dreadfully sorry about you getting injured and all...but i have to say - i LOVE THE SHOES AND THE BAG!

  9. Now that's how you make a great first impression.

  10. I'm sad Maxie and Deutlich didn't drag you to Chicago with them!

    Is the Chloe okay though?! hahah but really, I think we all have our falls. I fell walking into my house and crashed into the corner of a wall. I'm AWESOME.

  11. not even a mention of missing the seidenwand warming of the house party. always shunned.

  12. That is such a bummer about Ultra. I remember before I left in January, the DJ that night we all went out sucked too. What's up with that??

    Hope your knee feels better!!!

  13. Ouch.

    Poor you.

    Actually, poor me- cause I didnt even have close to that much fun this last weekend!

  14. aw, SO FUN! i mean, except for the fall part. although that is a great picture :-)

  15. i love finding other cleveland bloggers... and love it that i know half of the people in the picture taken at bier markt.

  16. julie, erin and i have mutual friends... one of them moved to chicago several months ago in the design field. that should fill in the blanks. i'll add ya to my blogroll.

  17. looks like a great weekend. love the bachlorette stuff, especially the cake, that's awesome, haha.


    I don't even care if that made not one lick of sense.

    It's the truth.

  19. hahahahaha. I love that picture. You are so ridiculous but in a good way of course. Thanks for showing us the ropes and everything else. you are the bestest!


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