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Monday, June 23, 2008

going to whole foods, or any grocery store for that matter, makes me feel normal. it calms me down actually.

i always hear stories about how people dread going to the grocery story. but for me there is nothing better than walking into the store with my shopping list and one by one crossing things off my list. knocking on watermelons, smelling cheese and all.

so today i headed to whole foods with a very special grocery list.

i have decided to partake in a little experiment/test for myself.

can u finger it out from some of my grocery list? (yes, i know i used finger instead of figure - go with it, it's like fetch)

silk soy milk
snow peas
bing cherries ($10 worth, oy vey)
soy butter
plums (you know i HAD to go there)
miso horny soup cups
puffin cereal

probably isn't that hard to guess.

for the next 30 days, starting first thing tuesday morning, i am going to be a VEGAN!

i know, i'm nuts.

i have a lot of friends that are vegetarian and have been practicing for awhile. but the thought of trying to not eat meat never interested me, EVER. because well, i really love meat.

that's what she said

i mean i'm greek, lamb is practically served at every meal.

i'll continue.

i see how healthy my vegetarian friends are and all the fresh and organic food they eat so i though to myself i should try it out for 30 days just to see if i can do it. plus the wonderful ashley even provided me with a list of reasons why i should try it! i'm thinking of it kind of like a fast, even though it isn't easter.

i then realized that by being a vegetarian for 30 days i could still technically sit on my couch and eat a fillet o'fish sandwich while slurping down a shamrock shake (mmmm if only it was march).

i needed a more difficult challenge so i decided that being vegan would really make me think of what i was putting in my big mouth.

no cheese?!?! what am i going to do without my favorite food?

but i'll probably drop 15 lbs before my trip to aruba end of july.

this is going to be fun!

i am giving myself one exception to this 30 days of vegan though. my birthday is july 2nd (i like presents) and i am allowing myself to have whatever i want for my birthday dinner. i'm even going to go a day longer to make up for my allowed slip up to make it a full 30 days.

i'm kinda like morgan spurlock but healthier.

hopefully my birthday dinner won't be too hard on my stomach (ew) after all this rabbit food i'll be eating.

so on july 25th my 30 days as a vegan will be over and i guess i'll just have to see what i crave first.

i could end up surprising myself.

wish me luck, i need all i can get!

so here's to fruits and vegetables - and thanking god that vodka is still vegan.


  1. 1] I was kind of pleased, then immediately disappointed with myself when I got that "fetch" reference. Why do I know quotes from Clueless?!?

    2] I got that vegan challenge once from a coworker and I did it for a week. Oh My Deity! It was a rough week for me. So good luck with that!

    3] If you're like me, you'll be scarfing down copious amounts of cheezy & meaty goodness when it's all done. But hopefully you're not like me and could ease yourself back into it.

    Wishing you the best with this venture and sending good vegan chi your way!

  2. good for you! i dont think i could personally handle it (though i like meat, it's more about the dairy for me), but i wish you the bestest of luck!

    and your miso (horny) line? i heart you.

  3. Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch work!!!

    Good luck on this buddy, I couldn't live w/o cheese. It's like my main food group. And chicken, yummy, yummy chicken!

    Thank you for the that's what she said joke.

  4. no cheese? that's crazy talk

    ... isn't fetch a Mean Girls reference?

  5. I thought Fetch was from Mean Girls.

    GOOD LUCK! I wouldn't be able to live without chicken/meat/dairy and fish.

  6. Hm. Vegetarian for 10 years? Check. Able/willing to give up cheese for 30 days?


    Actually, I'd like to try just to see how much "cheese weight" I'm carrying...

  7. Go you - Good luck!

    Meat I could be fine without...But cheese? And milk? And yogurt? That's tough. :)

  8. Wow - what a great challenge! Ok, how about this - you do vegan and I'll do Weight Watchers (I just started and fear falling off the wagon) for the next month. We'll compare notes at the end. What, you don't want to? Too bad, I've already started and will just work in parallel with ya! :-) Keep us updated!

  9. One time I didn't eat meat for 6 straight hours.

    I'm kidding, I've never lasted that long.

  10. WOW! Good Luck! I couldn't do it.

  11. Please let us know on your blog how it goes. I would love to do this and see how different I feel!

  12. mental - feel a bit better about yourself, the fetch comment is from mean girls ; ) thanks for the luck i'm going to be needing all of the vegan chi i can get!

    brookem - yeah i knew i could handle no meat now cheeeeeeeeeeese? that's going to be the problem. hee hee miso.

    maxie - the twss joke was totally for you. and when we have breakfast on friday i'll be eating um, i have no idea.

    hillary - i'm beginning to think i am crazy! and yes, it is mean girls i corrected the darling boy

    douchegirl - you wanna try to do it with me?? no? ha

    ben - i'm hoping my "cheese weight" is about 20 lbs. crossing fingers.

    3carnations - thanks! mmmm. cheese.

    nilsa - we can totally support each other! that's why i put it out here on my blog. i want to be held accountable for it! we can swap notes...

    narm - you probably love meat stuffed with meat. so did i...

    mob - here's hoping i can!

  13. tipp - you all will totally be updated! you'll be like my blog world support : )

  14. did this have anything to do with the last 30 days that was on TV? Cus, that was pretty awful!

    I'm a semi-vegeterian. Raised by one, I eat a lot of soybean meats. But I do eat chicken and turkey now since my 20s.

    Good luck with that. let us know how it goes! I couldn't do without cheese though. Im so weak!!!!

  15. Good luck! I think it's awesome that you are trying this out and going all in for it. You definitely have more will-power than I do.

    I'll be interested to hear how it goes and what you're eating in the meantime!

  16. Hooray! My vegan month made me feel so healthy, although I can't say I didn't crave the pizza.

    Just look out on your birthday, if you go off the vegan thing, do it slowly, and enjoy!

  17. WOW, big news. Berry, berry interesting. I have a lot to say...we'll discuss tonight.

  18. good luck! summer is great time to try something like this. maybe eating lighter foods will just feel more natural and who knows, maybe you'll love the way you feel and never go back?

    i'm excited to read about your vegan adventures :)

  19. WOWWWW. better you than me. the milk would get me first, followed almost instantly by the cheese. then all the delicious, delicious meats. GAAAH i would suck at this. but good for you! it will be so healthy! good luck!

  20. Oh my god--good luck! I know I couldn't do it. My friend Chris is vegan and, believe it or not, vegan cupcakes--quite delicious! I'm sure you'll make it.

    Also, Puffin cereal? DELICIOUS.

  21. Good luck!

    Stupid question: why would one knock on a watermelon?

  22. sexy lexy-
    i havent eaten meat for the past month just to see if i could do it and its been HARD. looking forward to july 1st! good luck going straight to vegan. love you-
    laura the lovely
    ps- i could give up red meat forever. its turkey bacon i cant live without!

  23. Yay for you! I have thought about that, going vegan, but honestly I don't think I could give up all the foods. I'd prob be in tip-top shape though. And grocery stores? You should see me. I make an effort to make my trips to the store as long as possible, while the kids play in the little play room at the store, and I walk the isles. That's my free time. sad, isn't it?

  24. I've actually known a few vegans who were quite overweight because they were always carb-loading to stay full.

    I think it's a smart idea to try this in the summer like you are, when there are loads of yummy fresh produce options. Good luck! I'm really curious to hear how you feel. I know when we started Atkins(ish) pre-wedding, the first few days were awful, but after that I felt great.

  25. Good luck! I'm thinking about trying this myself. You'll have to update and let us know how hard it is!

  26. Going to Whole Foods makes you normal?

    It makes me poor.

  27. Good Luck and be careful...

    Soy cannot be trusted

  28. I agree with tia. I have know many vegetarians and most are not very healthy eaters. some may not eat meat but they eat plenty of other junk food. one has to watch what they eat, not just the meat part (most of your picks were good, alexa). the 80/20 rule can be good for someone not totally sold on all things 'healthy'!

  29. I've been wanting to do this too.

    And I think I might.

  30. Whole Foods? More like whole paycheck.


    Ok, that's an old joke. My friend won a bet that he couldn't be vegetarian for a year. He kept that going for 5 years. Until a prime rib punched him in the gut.

  31. From a nutrition stand point--make sure that you are eating enough vitamins and such that you usually get with your red meat, like iron.

    And if you want some really good vegan recipes let me know!


  32. oh that's awesome. good luck!

    i don't think i could ever go vegan, i'm impressed :)

  33. I've been vegetarian for about 9 years now, but I still think going vegan is insanity. If you need someone's shoulder to cry on when you miss cheese, holla' at your boy.

  34. Interesting. You should do weekly updates.

    Maybe I'll try it.

  35. I could never be vegan but I'm always fascinated by what they end up cooking. Good luck! I love grocery stores, so much color, sampling, etc. How could you not love it :)

  36. Best of luck babe!

    I did laugh when I first read it though...Remember in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding?"

    "I-an Miller.....he don't eat no meat?"

    "No Tia, no meat."

    "Fine. I cook lamb."


  37. I am JUST catching up after New York and the crazy week that followed so please understand I'm very serious when I tell you that my coworker and I decided to try Vega YESTERDAY!!! We're doing Oprah's 21-day cleanse!! I'm very excited and I'll be checking back to see how you're faring. I just wish we could have started AFTER the fourth. Ah well:)

  38. How things change when you're gone for a week!!


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