help me pick out poo poo's wedding present

Monday, June 9, 2008

if you read my blog regularly you know that my friend poo poo is getting married this weekend.

and of course i haven't bought her and her fiance a wedding gift yet, which is oh so typical of me.

i just don't know what to get them! i have this thing where i don't like simply writing people a check for their wedding gift - especially such a good friend of mine. and the other issue is that their registry is shot, like completely fulfilled now, although i did get her a shower gift off her registry a month ago so it's partially my fault.

so what do i do? i asked poo poo what they wanted flat out. of course she's like, "i don't care! you don't even have to get me a gift. i just want you there and to have fun!"

bull shit.

i know exactly what her fiance samson wants. he told me the night they got engaged.

we were all at little bar downtown waiting for the newly engaged couple to come show off poo poo's new rock. when they arrive i'm chatting with the couple about how excited i was for them blah blah blah.

i asked samson how excited he was for the wedding. he replied, "basically i'm thinking of this as a business venture. i'm in it for the cash."

we laughed because he was kidding, yet being slightly honest. buying a seat on the chicago board of trade isn't cheap ya know.

from that point i got lippy with him saying that he wasn't getting ANY cash from me. i was going to take the $100 i would spend on them and buy them something practical and useful.

i told him i was going to go to the dollar store and buy them 100 rolls of saran wrap.

yup, saran wrap.

everyone needs it so why wouldn't it make a great gift?!?!

so the saran wrap joke continues and i still threaten samson and poo poo that they will be receiving a big box full of plastic wrap on their door step after their honeymoon.

who says i'm teasing though? muah-ha-ha

the other option for a gift is buying poo poo a $100 gift card to this restaurant il mulino in chicago that apparently she is dying to go to and samson hasn't taken her. i can even buy the gift card online and send it to their condo. easy right?

or is it lame? i mean do people actually give restaurant, albeit a very good restaurant, gift cards for a wedding gift?

i'm so confused. and of course i discussed all of this with poo poo because i'm horrible with surprises - i can't keep gifts secret it's a major flaw of mine. one of like the three flaws i have.

so i decided to ask you my dear readers. what should i get poo poo and samson for their wedding gift?

option 1: check for $100

option 2: 100 rolls of saran wrap from the $1 store

option 3: $100 gift card to il mulino

option 4: __________________ (fill in the blank, you tell me!)

and of course i need your help ASAP due to the wedding being oh, in 5 days. majority rules so i'm going to listen to you all, especially everyone that is already married. what were some of your favorite gifts? help!

[sidenote - poo poo is fully aware that her wedding gift is going to be picked by my readers. it was actually her idea. she's nuts i tell you, nuts!]


  1. It's a toss up between the cash and il mulino...

    Go il mulino. poo poo will get TONS of cash for the wedding, but it'll be a ton of fun to go on a date after the wedding.

  2. As they say, "cash is king" and I've been married 13 years this year! :)

    They can buy what they would like - $$ is actually the #1 gift for weddings and I think it will always be that way.

    If you think it seems impersonal, think of it this way ~ they can buy exactly what they want!

    I also love gift cards for whatever the occasion, then I get what I want. So the restaurant gift card would also be cool.

    Good luck and have fun! I've been following your blog for a couple of months and really enjoy it. I live in California now, but I grew up in Parma! :)

  3. I'd go with the restaurant as long as they're not hurting for money in general. I try to gauge it by the couple... like if i was getting married right now I would NEED the money b/c I'm always broke, but if i had they money i'd rather have the giftcard. or the saran wrap. hahaha

  4. $100 worth of Teddy Grahams

  5. Ooohhh this is fun! I bought something off the registry for my friends a few weeks ago, but it was tiny bc their registry was almost out too! So I had it shipped to their house, and then I found this really cute straw purse/tote at Target (in their wedding colors too, go figure!) and I filled it with "honeymoon travel snacks." They were also going to Mexico, so I got them an underwater disposable camera and stuck that in there too... My idea would be to get them something honeymoon/travel/whatever they like related, and then stick a card with $50-$100 (however much you want to have left) in a card. Best of both worlds - personal, and the cold hard cash everyone loves to get. They LOVED the basket and used the snacks on the plane so they didn't have to buy food. Just be careful you don't put things in there they can't take with them..

    P.S. And you should DEFINITELY put a roll of seran wrap in the basket thing, and wrap the entire thing in seran wrap too!

  6. Gift card- I think that's a great idea especially if it's too a place she wants to go to. And maybe, spring for one roll of Saran wrap on top of that.:) Good luck!

  7. How about the rabbit? It's a gift for both -- now that's sure to surprise them.

  8. Go for the restaurant. They'll need a night to themselves after the wedding stress.

    And a box with two rolls of saran wrap for giggles.

  9. Restaurant, married couples still need date nights!....another good one is find out what hotel they are staying at on their honeymoon, contact the hotel and arrange for massages on the beach & send champagne up to the room. We had that from a friend--it was a nice surprise!!

  10. Go with cash. Honestly, that's the best way to help newlyweds out in the beginning.
    Also, my other half is definitely looking at marriage as an investment. sigh.

  11. I really like the idea of getting a nice, big, wicker picnic basket and filling it with all kinds of things (sets of two, obvi) so they can have romantic couple-y picnics

    but hey, maybe that's just me ;)

  12. i think you should get poo poo a $200 gift card to il milino...there are no prices on the menu...that's never a good sign.

  13. The restaurant. I love an excuse to go out to dinner. BUT, I think you should wrap it up with one roll of Saran Wrap for sure. (not joking there - I love a bit of a funny with a gift).

    FYI - my word verification is zanyywj

    zany. like saran wrap. :)

  14. He, he, he! Saran wrap. He would kill you! This is fun.
    I never knew people got gift certificates to restaraunts either until a friend took me out on one that she got for her wedding. At that point, I knew I had to get married quick so that I could get me some gift cards. I too, see this as an investment! Cash is cool too! So is just having your pretty little face in mine all day.

    Oh, the best gift would be if you just started smashing plates everywhere and yelling, OPA! on Saturday night.
    That, or Waterford of course. :)

  15. I don't know if people traditionally give restaurant gift cards, but if I got one at my weddding, I would be completely thrilled! Do that!

  16. I think the gift card to il mulino! Unless they super duper need the money. But definitley hide whatever you get them in a box of saran wrap.

  17. How about stocking their liquor cabinet? What better way to get through the first year of marriage than with booze?

  18. (I'm not sure if I already wrote this - but nothing showed up, so I'm doing it again!)

    My vote counts as double, since I'm a newlywed, right?!

    We got TONS of money, which was GREAT, but I think you should go with the gift card. TOTALLY.


    Because then you are FORCING them to do something nice for themselves - money can be spent on car payments, rent, or paying off debt. NOT FUN. Nice restaurant? SO FUN.

    Do it.

    (Also? I went to Cleveland this weekend to scope out my new city. IN LOVE, I am. Next summer we're TOTALLY going to move downtown. Being 7.2 miles away is just too far, I can tell already. :))

  19. not married, but a confirmed foodie and i 100% think you should do the gift card. and then splurge an extra like $15 and leave 15 rolls of saran wrap on their doorstep as well.

  20. The best wedding present I ever gave was an idea I stole from Lara at Red Red Whine. I got 5 bottles of wine, each expected to reach its peak on their the years of their first 5 anniversaries. It set me back more than $100, but that's because I decided to get only Italian wines because the groom loves Italy.

  21. Given we have yet to register (hello feet, meet friction, aka drag), we have received almost no gifts yet. One thought people suggested to us (which I'm resisting, but might be a good back-up should the registry be fulfilled) is buying them something for their honeymoon. Could be dinner. Could be massages. Could be whatever. (These days, people actually register for honeymoon-related accessories!). Along those lines, I think a gift card to a really nice restaurant is more than appropriate.

  22. As a fresh newlywed, I say it depends. Are they moving? Buying their first place together? Do they have nothing?

    We moved 3,000 miles 10 days after getting married, so cash was awesome. We had also sold everything we owned, so the cash is a godsend in starting over, and is easy to transport. But if they are fairly settled, the restaurant gift card is a great idea. Weddings are SO stressful, so having a nice place to go and relax is a great gift.

  23. Lex you know I pride myself on my gift giving and I really dislike giving money, especially to a good friend. You want a special gift that they will remember you gave to them on their special day. Of course the Saran Wrap will be remembered....... but at some point it will be gone too.

  24. If you don't spend the 100 bucks on 50 rolls of saran wrap, 25 dollars worth of styrofoam peanuts, 15 dollars worth of silly string, 8 dollars worth of sand and 2 dollars worth of box, it'll be like I don't even know you anymore.

  25. The restaurant! Absolutely! I would want that, especially if I hadn't been before. I think that is a really original gift. Something they will really enjoy.

  26. I vote for the gift card...dinner night would be funn for them.

  27. $100 worth of Big League Chew.




  28. I vote for the restaurant. She will not want to cook whe she gets home from her honeymoon!

  29. i would say the restaurant, it's a fun gift that they'll use together and definitely enjoy :)

  30. way to go last minute! i suggest a cooking class at SUR LA TABLE (there's several locations, one in chicago). you can sign them up online. i've done one and its super fun and you get to eat (gourmet!) food and discount shop in the store afterwards. it would be something fun for them to do together (awwwww).

  31. We received cash & gift cards at our wedding which were both truly appreciated. We even got tots as a gag gift to go with one, right up the same alley as the saran wrap.
    However, at my brother's wedding, they received a paid for champagne hot air balloon ride! That was a truly thoughtful gift!

  32. Oh geez I just went through this. Get them something traditional like candlesticks or a nice vase or just pick up small things from their registry. That's always left behind. Or $100 in cash is good too.

  33. All the suggestions are helpful, but I think you need to reread what PooPoo actually wrote for a REAL clue........sounds like Waterford, to me.

  34. I'd like the cash if I were getting married. Then again, I'm secretly greedy.

  35. I think Cash...

    but Chris had a point with the big league chew...he may be onto something. It may be the most delicious gum ever.

  36. Where are they going on their honeymoom? Do you know if there is a very popular restauarnt there? If possible, surprise them with a gift certificate - the hotel can have it waiting for them when they arrive. Someone did this for us and we have since returned the favor.


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