Sunday, June 22, 2008

i didn't even want to give roverfest a mention on my blog because it was so gross. but it was that disgusting that i have to elaborate.

when i got home from work on friday i knew it was going to be a rowdy one in the warehouse district from the mass amount of people wandering around already at 5pm.

there were two prominent type of people visiting my neighborhood. full-out trashballs walking around in wife beaters and jean shorts (jorts) - or there were 20-22 year old frat boys with lots product in their hair, uber tan with popped collars.

i didn't think the second type of douchebag was still around, yeah, i was wrong.

so i maintained my original plan of having a cookout at georgia peach's and nameless' apartment with my friends jewfro blue, alymcjew, slappe (minus the s) and tj. we had great dinner and drinks then decided around 10 to walked over to roverfest.

walking out of our apartment was MAYHEM. for real this place was crazy. we walked down lakeside and came to roverfest from the divebar side. there were girls wandering around in bikinis and a massive stage set up on w 6th where they were having a calendar girl search competition. i was on pins and needles to see which stripper was going to win. NOT.

the streets were so packed you couldn't move. people were
grabbing at my purse (no one touches the chloe) and i'm like can we get the hell out of here?!? everyone agreed.

i managed to snap a couple pictures in my short visit to roverfest to try to convey what this fest was really like. i will say though that if i had a seat and steady vodka coming my way it would have been the best people watching ever - but the picture on the right pretty much sums up the attendees of roverfest...

matchy matchy is all the rage i guess - so are patent leather lime green boots..

considering we still wanted to go out we headed to tremont to get safely out of the roverfest net.
cocktails at tremont taphouse were perfect, lots of apple cider shots. it's always a good time there.

so saturday was THE BEST COUCH DAY EVER.

i haven't spent so much time fondling the remote control in ages. it was the perfect tv day. i needed it.

as for today i just got home from having a relaxing boat day with my friend amanda. her and her husband have a boat docked at the
lakeside yacht club and i went and met her. we hung out at the pool and on the boat till the weather forced us in to the club for a late lunch. no complaints on my end, it was so nice of her to invite me!

although i better get another invite this summer when we can actually take the boat out ; )

and if i haven't done enough this weekend i've right now got to get ready for dinner with my mom and two of our good family friends at the flying fig in ohio city. i haven't been there in months i'm so excited!

hope everyone had a great weekend, tomorrow i'm going to be posting about a little experiment i am going to partake in for the next 30 days....

till tomorrow : )


  1. woaaaaaa, look at those boots! that's just wrong.
    ps- im jealous of your boat day!

  2. Popped collars are the worst. . . that is until those boots showcased.

    Will be laughing at those for awhile!

  3. wow that looks fantabulous. Are you sure you weren't in my neck of the woods? b/c people here love "jorts" and beaters.

  4. Wow patent green leather boots. Well good for her if she's got the self esteem to rock them.

    We have something here called "leather fest," I'll give you one hint as to the people that place draws. But I can only imagine the other people you saw.

  5. i think i need those green boots. :P

    Couch days, however, are the BEST!

  6. That picture you took of the girl doesn't look so bad, I don't get the big deal...


    Maybe I've been in LA too long...

  7. brookem - i know right?? the boat day was perfect!

    tipp - i'm thinking about buying them in white? i think i can pull it off.

    maxie - if i was in your neck of the woods i would have been with you!! you have on jorts right now don't you ; )

    bayjb - ooooooo leather fest. i think that sounds like more fun.

    dan mega - your only saying that cause you are single now and think the green boot girl is hott. ha.

    lauren - i want another couch day tomorrow. ugh, work.

    SO - the only time those green boots are ok is on halloween. you have been in LA too long ; )

  8. I was out in the Belden Village area last night and after spending a few hours in that bar scene, I can assure you that YES, the popped-collar douchabag look is still alive and well. Amazing, isn't it?

    Those boots are CRAZY! At least she was trying to match, but still. STILL!

  9. If wearing green boots is wrong, I don't want to be right.

    Not sayin I wear green boots, just saying..

    I've said too much.

  10. Soooooooo glad I didn't make it to Roverfest. I haven't fake baked in weeks.


    I thought about going for about 2 seconds and then remembered I hate groups of people - and groups of stupid people is even worse.

    Wait are there intelligent groups of people?

  11. Is the popped collars thing still cool somewhere?

    actually, was it ever cool?

  12. The couch has a space reserved for me every Sunday. Yes, we have that kind of relationship. And please, take the picture down of me on stage. It's embarrassing.

  13. It's posts like these that make me feel so old. Wait, even when I was 21, that scene would have made me vomit. Mostly because I don't hide my dismay very well. Sounds like you had a fun, well-balanced weekend, though. Yay!

  14. wow. sounds like quite the event, haha.

  15. i soooo need to know more people with boats...

    HAAA i just wrote "with boots" by accident instead. turns out i don't need to know ANY people with lime green boots. :-0

  16. Just popping over from another blog when I saw your comment about blaming the fashion industry about the baby doll tops.. over the "are you pregnant" question... I loved that..

    Since wearing those types of shirts, I have been asked several times... I could so relate!

    Yeah... loving those boots! You could not have described them if you tried.. the picture was a must! Kayce

  17. they made roverfest sound so successful on the radio show, and on the news. Looks like i didnt miss anything!



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