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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blackberry Curve

the above is my new blackberry curve that i picked up just a few hours ago.


people are asking me for my pin?

blackberry messaging?

what's an SMS message?

how does the blackberry messenger know that i'm typing?!? creepy.

what's up with the messages no matter what type they are all being in the same location?

how can i change my buttons on my home page?

why won't it stop vibrating?!?!?

i don't need to see spam email messaging on my phone.

maybe i shouldn't have added my personal email address.

it this phone going to turn into one big distraction?

can i blog from my blackberry?

where is jenn when i need her?

am i going to figure this phone (mini computer) out before i throw it out the window?

am i a loser if i wear it on my hip? (yeah right)

why is it still vibrating?!?!?! bzzzzzz. bzzzzzzz. bzzzzzzz.

i think i am going to just stop freaking out about the new toy/phone, go to bed and worry about it in the morning. ugh.

night kids ; )


  1. oh god, i would have NO IDEA how to operate that thing. good luck. jenn will rescue you. i am certain of that...

  2. I'd be lost, too. Good luck and congrats!!

  3. i think if i got this phone, id end up drinking more (than i already do). because it just seems waaaaay too techy for me!

    but!, it is a good looking phone and i bet it's really swell once you get it all figured out!

  4. My dad was the same way when he got this phone...for the first month. Now he loves it! (It gets better, i swear, but I don't have any answers).

    Oh one! If you go to profiles, and then scroll down to advanced, you can control what vibrates when, and pick ringtones for different things.

    And SMS is just text messaging.

  5. My old roommate had one and absolutely loved it. But me? Well, I haven't upgraded from my Motorola Razr (or however the HELL they spell it) because the Internet on my phone would get me into HUGE trouble quick. Also, I probably wouldn't be able to figure it out.

    I hope you start understand your new gadget soon! Sending positive vibes your way!

  6. My friend hands me hers last night and says Hey check So and So's flight status.

    Uh. I had no idea what to do.

    I am an IPOD girl and that is enough for me, but I hear once you figure it out it is awesome. There is always some kinks to be found!

    Good luck!

  7. I consider myself a crackberry widow. My fiance just got the Blackberry Curve last week and he hasn't put it down since. He's addicted and I've become a widower before we're even married!

  8. they say it takes 21 days to get use to something...so mid July blog again and tell us how obsessed you are with it.

  9. When I get a new phone, I think it's going to be one of those old people phones that Just. Makes. Calls.

  10. New husband and I have actually decided to go backwards in technology (*gasp*) and get rid of our cell phones and have a land line. We're so tired of people being able to reach us 24/7 and expecting us to drop everything to ANSWER THE PHONE. Blackberrys make the problem even worse, because then you are expected to check email 24/7. I want the peace and quiet in my life back!

  11. Join the land of being constantly connected. It is both a gift and a curse! Good luck!

  12. I'm very technologically challenged so I have no answers for you.
    I would like to say, however, that it is such a pretty phone. Why don't you devote a whole afternoon to read the manual and figure it out?

  13. I will trade you a t shirt for that phone.

  14. Oh I am SO proud of you ::hugs::

    You're going to love it once you get it all figured out! Promise! If not, I'll buy it from you and love it forever haha!

    An SMS message is a text message. An MMS is like a picture or video.

    You should be able to change the buttons on your homepage. Scroll over what app you want to move. Then click on the menu button (next to the green button) a menu should pop up and it should give you an option to move the app.

    The BB Messenger is magical. I highly suggest adding my # so we can be BB Messenger buddies :)

    There are different message folders. There's a general message folder (where everything is sent, no matter if it's a text, email or BB message.) Then there is a folder for your email accounts.

    Personally I like the general message folder because it allows me to see everything without having to click on separate apps. If you don't like this, you can sync gmail (if that's what you use) to your phone and your emails will only go to that and not your messages. You'll have to unsync your personal email from your phone though or you will get duplicate emails.

    The phone will be a distraction, yes.

    You can blog from your phone. I recommend downloading Opera Mini for your phone. It's a much better browser than the default one. It makes it easier to read.

    Twitterberry is also a great app to have. You don't pay for it, which is great!

    Don't wear it on your hip.

    You can turn off the vibrating.

    If you need to ask questions or need more thorough answers to these, email me at jbeese (at) gmail (dot) com

  15. I would be just as confused. I'm excited when I take a picture with my phone and send it. CRAZY!!

    Jenn's comment above, however, is amazing. Listen to her--she knows what she's talking about!

  16. You will LOVE it! But you're gonna be glued to it for a while while you try to figure everything out.

    What's twitterberry??

  17. yeah it's for all of those questions that i have held off on getting a crackberry. i'm so technology retarded, haha.

    but yay for you! woo!

  18. Good luck with that...

    Thats really all I got...

  19. yea, those are hard mkay? i dont get that sorta technology!!

  20. jenn to the rescue!!!

    i have a treo (for work) and i LOVE IT. once you get a few bits configured to your liking, you'll be addicted.

  21. I also recommend checking out Crackberry.com - they have many tutorials and tips for BB users :)

    Bird -

    Twitterberry is an app for Twitter. This allows you to view Twitter without receiving texts and without loading up your browser.

  22. Yeeeaaahh, I am not so technologically savvy so this is why I have the simplest phone on the market. Something like this would give me a headache. I sound like I'm 80 years old don't I?

  23. Aww, you're so welcome! Your blog is so inspiring and I've already discovered a bunch of new widgets and things just by visiting. You are so creative - I'll definitely be back!

    Oh, and good luck with the phone, too! I would be totally lost, seeing that I'm still carrying around a Zach Morris model. (It doesn't even take pictures. Seriously.) If you figure out how to blog from it = SUCCESS! :)

  24. Oooh that looks amazing! I'm very jealous!

  25. Yeah I have zero idea how to use a BB. I want one but I'm afraid I'll look totally crazy with it for the first time. Like a BB virgin


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