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Monday, June 2, 2008

hello, my name is alexa, and i am an ice creamaholic.

it's been a problem for me since around the age of 12 when i would sneakily ride my bike to the ice cream stand at the end of my street, order a double scoop of hershey's chocolate peanut butter and ride home without my mom ever knowing. she would think i was off getting exercise around the neighborhood. nope, i was sneaking ice cream!

all the signs of an addict right?

the wretched drug of creamy deliciousness just isn't safe around me. i even steal it from people i love! i can't tell you how many replacement half gallons of mint chocolate chip ice cream i had to buy for bird when we lived together - and i don't even like mint chocolate chip!

when i used to babysit i would rank the houses not buy the ease of the baby sitting job, but by the ice cream selection. the second those brats were in bed, my grubby mitts were in the freezer.

most people get buttered popcorn at a movie, i get ice cream. bon bons, dibs, whatever they're selling i'm buying.

i'm like a chubby amy winehouse looking for my next fix.

i'm even eating ice cream right now while i'm typing. it's in milkshake form and is attached to my head via an awesome ice cream drinking helmet - who cares if it was originally made for beer?!?! if there was beer flavored ice cream, i'd eat it!

i totally think i have a mutant ice cream eating gene that has been passed down to me by my mother. with this addiction all i can say is, "i learned it by watching you mom!"

my mom is an ice creamaholic too. she was always up for a bittner from taggarts. she probably feed my ice cream instead of baby formula. damn you stepho!

i often ask myself, why could i be addicted to something healthy? like broccoli or carrots, working out or volunteering with the elderly.

nope, god had to give me one hell of a battle to fight. the battle of putting the ice cream scoop down.

there have been highs and lows with this addiction. high's are when i choose to eat a skinny cow ice cream sandwich instead of a pint of ben and jerry's chubby hubby. low's are when i eat the whole pint of said chubby hubby.

if i keep eating all this chubby hubby my chubby ass isn't going to be finding a hubby.

i recently discovered cleveland's own mitchell's homemade ice cream. their turtle sundae?!? to die for. and considering summer and warm weather makes me want ice cream all the more i'm thinking this mitchell's turtle sundae discovery could be bad news for me.

freaders, please tell me i'm not alone. is there a support group out there?! is there a 12 step process to ween me off of the ice crack?

ahhhhhhhh! well i give up for now. my milk shake helmet is almost gone - time to refill.

so what's your favorite kind of ice cream?


  1. hazelnut & chocolate gelato. I'm a spoiled brat and MISS IT SO MUCH I've never been able to get down w/American ice cream like I did with gelato.

    hmm... gelato...

  2. you're not alone!! my favorite kind(s)? if i go out to an icecream stand (which is one of my most favorite warm weather activities, btw), i will most always get some type of coffee oreo combo, OR, coffee heathbar. if i want something at home, to eat say, watching the hills, i usually go for ben and jerry's half baked.

    the beer helmet really got me. thank you for that.

  3. Creme Brulee (sp?) Ben and Jerry's. Bar none!

  4. Wow that is real ice cream love! In summer I crave ice cream from this place in the city that I worship, Bobtail. Once it starts getting warm, we gravitate there. Try Ciao Bella sorbet too. Sort of curbs the ice cream craving and it's low in calories but good in taste.

  5. If it's any consolation, I am the SAME way. I absolutely adore ice cream -- to the extent that I made my boy go out one night just to buy some because I wanted it. Yeah. I was that girl.

    My fave is probably mint chocolate chip. Or strawberry cheesecake. Or heavenly hash. Yum!

  6. Haagen Dazs coconut-pineaple ice cream with hot fudge. Oh yeah baby. There's a local place here that makes a great guinness chocolate ice-cream too.

  7. German chocolate cake from Katie's corner at Kent State. My roomates and I used to walk down there and walk back -- we could justify eating all that if we walked. Yeah, that lasted about a week.

  8. to be completely honest, i'm not that huge of an ice cream fan... the one thing I love though? vanilla and peanut butter ice cream. there's the frozen yougart place around my area and omg they make the BEST shakes. YUM.

    and i can't believe the deutlich said she isn't that down with ice cream. we ate ice cream TWICE in one weekend when we visited virginia tech. She <3's ice cream, don't let her deny it. LOL

  9. 1) Graeters Black Raspberry Chip
    2) Cherry Garcia
    3) Haagen Daz Caramel Cone
    4) Anything homemade. Even vanilla, my arch-nemesis.

    I want to try to MAKE Black Raspberry Chip.

  10. Half Baked is the bomb.

    I'm talking about the movie. "He's Cuban B"

    "Yes, Cuban B."

    Also the ice cream. Also if I go to a baseball game I have to, have to an ice cream helmet..with sprinkles!

    What What!!

  11. The only two that I sometimes crave are Taggart's Chocolate Pecan and Baskin Robbins Pralines and Cream. Haagan Daz Pralines and Cream is good too, but hard to find. I don't think that you are as much of a ice creamaholic as Greg is, although I never knew about the 'biking for ice cream' jaunts!

  12. I'm laughing about the half gallons of mint chocolate chip...the thing about that is, it just recently became one of my favorites, I actually used to HATE IT! I think one of the reasons I like it so much now, is because it feels fresh to eat...especially because I am usually eating it after 9 pm...it gives the illusion of not being heavy and fattening! haha!

    p.s. So many things in this blog really made me laugh!!!

  13. You have to try East Coast Custard it is better than Mitchell's!

  14. I am a creamaholic as well, but I dont like ice cream!!

  15. You need to try Rosoti's frozen custad in Lakewood. It is AMAZING! They have a Chocolate Malt flavor that is literally one of the best tasting things ever. I miss it!!

  16. My friend bought 2, yes 2, ice cream pies from Mitchel Bros for my birthday! One was the turtle pie and the other was oreo cookie pie. Both were awesomely delicious. I like to try and eat ice cream every day in the summer. It is good for me.

  17. I just threw up a little bit from beav's comment. But it was definitely to be expected!
    Dumb question, but can popsicles count? I am averaging about 3 a night. They are good.
    I also enjoy Mint Chocolate Chip but I usually spit most of the chips out. People don't like that so much.

  18. deutlich - oh gelato. i like the one with the crunchy wafer cookies in it. i don't know what it is called though. gah.

    brookem - coffee and oreo!??! i have never thought of that combo. it sound glorious!! and the coffee and heath? B & J has a great version.

    SO - i MUST try that

    bayjb - what is this sorbet you speak of. no cream? blasphemy!

    ep - i need one of those boys!

    maiden - guiness chocolate sounds divine. can you get drunk on it?

    allison - chocoloate, coconut and nuts what is better?!?! mmmm

    maxie - ooooo deutlich just got served!

    dan mega - i love all this for the win stuff you speak of

    TKTC - if i could get graeters in cleveland i would eat the black raspberry chip EVERYDAY!

    rs27 - when you are done with the ice cream sundae do you wear the helmet?

    guess who - i can take greg down anyday!!!! challenge me.

    bird - yeah it's not heavy AT ALL. sike.

    MOB - i've never had it! how is this possible???

    beav - you are so GROSS!! i love you.

    mrs verdova - also a place i need to try. i'm sad i didn't get to see you when you were in town. we could have gone a got a cone ; )

    rosemarie - it is totally good for you. i think you should have had 3 pies!

    poo poo - i mean it is beav, so it is totally expected. oh and spitting out the chips?!?! you are nasty girl. nasty.

  19. There is no cure. It's like the sadness I feel about the fact that pumpkin ice cream is not available year-round. Boo.

  20. oooh french vanilla! or vanilla with peanut butter! or vanilla with rainbow sprinkles! or mint chocolate chip!

  21. I'm an ice cream whore but honestly my favorite? Is vanilla bean. I could eat a whole gallon. So simple, so YUMMY.

  22. I think my favorites vary by location:

    Taggarts-Hot fudge brownie sundae
    Milk & Honey's-Hot fudge pb sundae
    Baskin Robbins-Chocolate Shake with chocolate ice cream
    Dairy Queen-Peanut Butter Cup flurry
    Friendly's-Reese's PB Cup Sundae with chocolate ice cream
    Loder's Shake Shoppe (North Royalton)-Chocolate Shake with chocolate ice cream
    Cold Stone-Cake Batter Ice Cream

    I too have always been an ice cream addict. I was right there with you at "Johnny's" when we were 12!!! I hope you never get pregnant, because now I literally have it EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Right at this very moment it's all I can think about!!

  23. You blame me for everything..... and now even this! I knew you went to get ice cream some of the time...you were so deceitful even then. Well your dad was just as bad. He would make Friendly's and Taggart's runs all the time. I did as a kid too since we lived a block away from Taggart's. We got the gene.....bummer, but it is yummy heaven.

  24. There is a little shop by my house that makes the best peanut butter crunch ice cream. Two ginormous scoops is 2.25. Love. It.

  25. I forgot to tell you that the last thing I ate before I deivered you was a Taggart's BittnerTaggart's Chocolate Pecan... Favorite flavors:
    Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch and Cherry Garcia
    Taggars't Chocolate Pecan

  26. Chocolate Chip!!!

    I would kill for some.

  27. An ice cream drinking helmet???????? Yes, please!!!!!

    I was definitely at Sonic last night getting a sundae with my flavors of choice: chocolate and peanut butter.

  28. Rosati's actually closed down :( They had great milkshakes!

  29. You're not alone at all. I'm like an ice creamaholic except with booze. I have heard rumors that there's a 12 step program...

  30. I'm an ice-cream addict as well. I eat it about every night. Currently cookies and cream is my fav, but I always love the standard chocolate or vanilla. heinen's carries Graeter's.

  31. Milkshake helmet? Like a beer helmet? Holy crap, I need one.

  32. I'm all about the Mitchell's Peanut Butter Chip. Before moving to Cleveland I was a big fan of Coldstone. On a good day it would be their Sinless vanilla with some form of fruit. On a bad day it was peanut butter with some form of chocolate. Though I did grow up loving the mint chocolate chip!

    Mmm... in the end it's all good!

  33. Carvel Flying Saucers with Chocolate Ice Cream inside

    Anything involved with Chocolate and some kind of crunchy stuff mixed in.

    My real weakness:
    pretzels dipped in chocolate ice cream (salty/sweet= freakishly fantastic)- Another example: French Fries dipped in a chocolate shake.

    ...i think i just drooled on my keyboard...

  34. Oh wow! Like you I'm an addict too, so much so I have my own ice cream maker; I make at least 2 qts a week. Sick. My favorite thing to do with ice cream is kind of strange. I love vanilla ice cream with powdered hot chocolate mix, swirled together in a soupy like mix. Yum. And very hungry.

  35. i am such an ice cream fiend too, it's bad, haha.

    my favorite is cookies and cream, or from cold stones i get sweet cream with cookie dough and brownnie, that's to die for, mmmm.

  36. sissy.. not to worry! clearly everyone else shares your addiction! But I remember going to get ice cream at doughboy's after school before mom got home. I lied to her and told her i didn't go, all the while i had chocolate on the corners of my mouth! she asked me like three times and every time i told her NO way mom! it was just around the block! she then called me out of my chocolate mouth!

    I got the ice cream addiction from my mom but i learned how i lie from my sister!

    Thanks for nothing!

  37. I cannot let my Sweets read this blog post. He has such a sweet tooth, it's not even funny. He'll want your company for his misery (I don't allow ice cream in my house!).

  38. I'm pretty simple when it comes to ice cream flavors. I love vanilla with caramel. Yum!

  39. hmm top 3...

    1) Cherry Garcia @ Ben and Jerry's
    2)Cake Batter w/ Brownies @ Coldstone
    3)the new Pear Alomond @ Haagen Daz
    (( haha you were right alexa..its pretty goodd))

  40. By the way who is guess who and are the referencing my dad?!?

  41. Hilarious! I adore ice cream...ADORE IT. I'd eat it all day if I could.

    Hmmm...nothing is stopping me...

    When I was in Italy for two weeks I had gelato twice a day. It was just too good to stop.

  42. alexa, a challenge would be amusing. it could be even more fun if you had it this weekend since their friend vinnie is here and he may be worse than greg in the ice cream eating dept....a REAL challenge for you!

    jenna, yup i'm referencing your dad

  43. I'm a sucker for straight up vanilla...I know, lame right? I also love coffee ice cream, pralines and cream, heath toffee crunch, and strawberry cheese cake. Also, one time I went to this restaurant in DC called Liberty Tavern and decided to be adventurous and try their pineapple-basil sorbet. It was crackilicious and every time I go back I always ask for it while nervously wringing my hands hoping that they have it. They never do. BASTARDS.

    Ehhh hemmmm, I think Deutlich has amnesia as we ate Eddy's ice cream at Virginia Tech all the time, and also frequented the Ben and Jerry's in Old Town Alexandria ;)

  44. Since you like Mitchell's, I suggest you try East Coast Custard!! Soo much better. Every time I fly home, I go straight for a concrete from there!

  45. I actually like skinny cow's a lot.

    But Moose Tracks is the shit.

  46. Being a former owner of Baskin Robbins for 9 years...and getting to try every ice cream combination under the sun....My fav is Lemon Mousse Royale


  47. Häagen-Dazs, dulce de leche! I have a pint in my freezer right now. Yummmm! And I like mint chocolate chip. Any brand.

  48. Ohh, favorite ice cream? Easy! Blueberry Cheesecake. Wonderful, but hard to find!


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