it's summer!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

bring on the sunshine and rays, this girl is a child of the summer. today is like my birthday, but not.

so to celebrate my summer birthday i bought these shoes from my favorite cleveland boutique banyan tree in tremont.

don't they just scream summer?!?! do my ankles look fat?

i feel like i've been a sucky blogger this week, not really posting anything fun just regurgitating what i do - and frankly i think that's pretty boring.

so until next week when i have sufficient time to be creative you all are just going to have to deal with my scatterbrained post.

last night, me, beaver, MOB, foxxy, patti-o, jilly and darby all had a little dinner party get together at the beav's. i made an awesome lime fish taco dish that i highly recommend everyone trying if you like that sort of thing. tasty.

patti-o also rocked out some beautiful and tasty fruit kabobs and creme "fresh". glorious.

beaver, fruit is quite the accessory for you!

in all reality it doesn't matter where we are or what we are eating or doing whenever my friends and i get together it is always the best time.

as for this weekend i have no major plans.

hold the phone! alert the presses! alexa has no plans this weekend!!! omg.

crap, i just got a text...

i guess im BBQing at georgia peach's. easy enough. i think we are going to wander over to w 6th for roverfest too.

looks like i'm going to be drinking again tonight.

twist my arm.

well i know that the folks over at scene magazine and free times will be drinking their worries away tonight. looks like cleveland is now going to be a one alternative weekly town.

it's kinda sad being that i worked at scene for as long as i did and for all the friends i still have there,but at least the scene name is going to be staying. i'm interested to see how everything is effected.

on that note, i hope everyone has a great weekend! xoxo


  1. haha..i really have nothing to say..just kinda wanted to be the first to post a comment =]

    oh and lexa how did everything go with joe?? you never txted me back!


  2. Did you really just ask if your ankles are fat?!

    Shame on you, missy!

    j/k! sorta.. ;)

  3. Girls party over at the beav's, fish taco's and hair pie for dessert!! Girl Power!

  4. So, yeah, about you DEFINITELY staying in tonight...How's that going again?

  5. I'm not at all happy about this merger thingie. I don't get riled up very often - but messing with a man's bathroom reading material is serious.

  6. Your shoes are cute, that fruit looks AMAZING. (I want. Now.)

    And it's reunion weekend at UD. Whee!!

    (The Scene sounds like a fun place to work. Was it?)

  7. love the new sandals, so fun!

    and happy weekend :)

  8. i LOVE those flip flops! pretty pedi too! have a great weekend!

  9. those kabobs look delicious! And your sandals? Adorable!

  10. Of course I picked up those sandals at Banyon too...but had to put them back down due to all the dresses I had in my hands that I was taking to the register.

    Probs see ya at Roverfest!

  11. The sandals are adorable!

  12. yaaaaay summer! and CUTE SHOES. my feet are evil and i have no cute summer shoes. it's quite tragic.

  13. um this weekend I will be resting up and saving up for the up coming BLOGGER EXTRAVAGANZA!!! yayyyy

  14. Stop it with the "fat ankles" SO CUTE!! Loves!

  15. Dude your ankles are not fat. Stop it. Love the sandals, so jealous!

  16. great idea for the fish tacos! I'm gonna make them this week - and i wrote it all down on a recipe card that says "From the Kitchen of..."
    yep, that's you!

  17. aww ur skewer looks so healthy & colorful lol

  18. mmmmmm.... fish tacos.
    PS. I am horribly sad you are not actually coming to Chicago. *sniff*

  19. you guys, i was being sarcastic about my ankles looking fat. seeeeesh.


  20. I love your shoes (they DO scream summer), and your ankles do NOT look fat!

    I hope you had a great weekend!

  21. A big ole YUM to the sandals AND fish tacos:)


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