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Thursday, June 26, 2008

ya know, me and lebron james are like totally like BFF's. he smacks me on the bum and we dance together at game after parties.

See, look at the picture, i'm even part of his posse at the king for kids bike-a-thon.

lebron was like, "yo! lex, get your white ass over here for a group shot!"

then i was like, "calm the f@ck down lebron, i be there when i get there"

they i got in a fight with duck for taking over my shot and had to beat down the dude in the orange for giving me the wonk eye.


and then i woke up.

thanks court for sending this to me, you totally made my day.

i fully snorted at this when i opened my email which is well, awesome.


  1. Nice job, Court!

    I totally saw a poster for that when I was in Cleveland...I remember, because I thought it was an odd name for an event...

  2. Back in high school I used to have hoop dreams that Iverson and I were total Bros. In my head we were like this! (as I cross my index and middle fingers to show you how close we were)

  3. Way to put LeBron in his place. He may be worth millions but still needs to be cut down to size.

  4. I needed to look at this picture 8 times before I understood what you were talking about.

    Then I snorted like Urkel.

    Heee Heee Haw.

  5. Also, sorry about the hair helmet. Microsoft Paint just doesn't have the capabilities of Photoshop :(

  6. That's awesome. What did people do before photoshop?

  7. "Calm the f@ck down Lebron"

    That f'ing cracked me up! That Lebron, he's so impatient.

  8. I always knew you were a white-honkey homegirl. And that's why we get along!


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