LUXE luther

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

last night myself, nate, bird, wonger, captain joe, donkers, georgia peach and her nameless husband all went out to dinner at one of cleveland's newest hot spots - LUXE on detriot ave. (for real though, how do they not have a website? come on marlin kaplan get on it!)

anyways, i was very much looking forward to this meal and hanging out with my friends. after hearing nothing but good things it was an obvious choice for the group.

we walked into the bar area of LUXE and who do we see sitting at a table with his wife but my boy
Z! that's zydrunas ilgauskas to all of you non insane cavs fans like myself.

this was going to be a good time!

until i saw, THE WAITER......

this dude has worked his way around tons of restaurants in cleveland like i work my way around an all you can eat buffet.

he has been my dopey server at aladdin's eatery in lakewood where many a lunch hour has been ruined due to his slow pace. he also was my server at crop bistro downtown when my february dinner club was given lukewarm service and attentiveness at best.

maybe my stunning good looks make him nervous, yes?

well i suddenly start to get nervous that the slowest waiter on earth was going to have an effect on my dining experience. my gut was right.

as i watched him walk past our table time and time again without taking our drink order i was starting to get antsy, i was thirsty.

once he finally got our drink order we were happy again because the cocktails were awesome! i had the bloom (LUXE's signature cocktail), made with fresh lavender and bluberry lemonade and citrus vodka. um, yum.

the guys even enjoyed the bloom although nameless stuck with draft PBR, classy.

i had read on a comment that blogging jason left on cleveland foodies blog to try the dark and stormy cocktail made with dark rum, ginger beer and lime. yeah, i tried it and it soooooo wasn't for me. icky. i promptly went back to my bloom concoction.

so THE WAITER was still being slow and awkward when we ordered our dinners...

i first though want to say that they menu was excellent with so many choices. from pizzas and small plates to salads and hearty sandwiches, and pasta with lots of great varieties are all offered at an affordable price point. (<-- that's for you captain joe)

myself and nate had decided to go with one of the specials a filet and crab dish. but when i went to order the awkward waiter said that they were out of filet but could serve the meal with flank steak instead.

i pondered my decision, but steak was already in my head.

flank steak and crab still sounded good so i ordered it anyways. the rest of the group sampled the gnocchi, the carbonara, a portobello pizza and some awesome meat stuffed meat (a large pork chop stuffed with applewood smoked bacon stuffing).

after more rounds of drinks and a looooooooooooooooooong wait to get our entrees they finally arrived.

when my plate was put in front of me sans crab. i asked the manager lady and she said the crab was on there. "it's in the sauce", she said.

um, no it wasn't.

i ignored it, 3 cocktails deep, because i was hungry. but half way through i was sad because my medium ordered steak was well done and there was no crab.

i tell the waiter and he's like "oh, sorry. i don't know why it (crab) wasn't there, let me check." he comes back from the kitchen and offers me some crab.

no thanks, it's too late now buddy.

so my filet and crab entree was served sans filet and sans crab. one would think that nate and i who both ordered it would have received some sort of comp or manager apology but we got nothing. i hope this isn't a trend for them.


so here's the thing, was i disappointed with my meal? yes.

but will i go back? yes.

i'm thinking there are just some kinks that need to be worked out and i just had bad luck with THE WAITER again. next time i will sit at the bar (my motherland) and stay as far away from THE WAITER as possible.

sometimes it doesn't matter how good the food is, if the service is sub par so is your experience.

thank god my friends were there to make it better : )

*image courtesy of i heart cleveland blog


  1. You saw Z???? Man, can I have your life for just a couple days?

    The best I ever got was seeing the counting crows singer. He sucks.

  2. I hate getting bad service. I was a server for a decade at least (hey, it paid the bills) and it's not the hardest job, and it can really ruin my night when the service is terrible. That's why I too sit at the bar. Obvs, unless I'm out with 6 people.

  3. The bloom drink? Sounds FABULOUS. Also, you can't go wrong with draft PBR... ;-) I hate when I go to good restaurants and get bad service! Hopefully when you go back for that drink, you'll have a better experience!

  4. That waiter is totally stalking you. Heh.

  5. I am of the "never go back to an eatery/bar with bad service" variety.

    I would be seriously pissed. And you definitely should have been comped SOMETHING. I call bullshit. And if I were you, I would call the restaurant.

    BTW, Dark and Stormy drinks are amazing! I'm assuming it must just be the location. You MUST have one at the Velvet Tango Room.

  6. There's a good chance I would've blown up @ that waiter...



  7. bad service can definitely make an otherwise great eating experience go down the crapper. what's worse is that he got the dish incorrect (EVEN WORSE that the manager didn't know her own dish)... eesh. how does this guy keep getting hired??

  8. I take it they are lucky they didnt have a suggestions box?

    I would blame everything on the waiter. Its obvious he doesnt have a problem finding jobs, so you dont even have to feel bad about getting him fired.

  9. Luxe Luther!! i get it! I get it!

    I went to California Pizza Kitchen once and didn't get my pizza. It was a bad day.

  10. I've so been there with the crappy waiter making for a crappy experience. And you know what I did? I left a crappy tip AND explained to the waiter why I was leaving a crappy tip. He was pissed. But, when appetizers are served after entrees, you know you're justified. And, I'm not sure I could've left such a bad tip without explaining myself ... because, then I come off as the crappy patron.

  11. I'm pretty sure it's your stunning good looks that makes him nervous.

  12. i seriously just had a waiter that was high while serving my sister and i. he was slow and pretty much incompetent and i was at patient as you were. but next time, that will not be the case!

    and that bloom drink sounds delicious!

  13. The unfortunate thing is I'm sure you are going to have that waiter at another restaurant because if he is as bad as you say he won't las there much longer either. Then he'll be giving you bad service somewhere else. Things to look forward to!

  14. Oh, man, if I had been in your position there would have been hell to pay. How could they not have at least given you free drinks?

  15. I would not have been cool with the subpar service or having that waiter if you've seen him before and he's been bad. No thanks. I give you credit for sticking it out. And he's making the rounds of local restaurants, at least you know he might not be around too much longer.

  16. The Minister Of CultureJune 18, 2008 at 9:12 PM

    When you saw this knuckle head,you should of grabbed the manager and pointed to any other server in the place and asked to have that person wait on you.That way you could make the switch without upsetting the knuckle head.You don't want anyone with access to your food upset with you,(i.e.special sauce).

  17. Sorry to hear you had a quite less-than-stellar experience. :( I hope your next visit is mo betta.

  18. I have so much to say.

    1) I love the title b/c it's so close to your real name.

    2) alladin's is my FAVORITE PLACE OF ALL TIME. OMFG the hummus is amazing I just want to eat a whole bowl of that shit right now.

    3) I have a creepy waiter that follows me around to all places too.

    4) I hate you for being such a baller and rubbing it in my face that you can afford crab and filet meals and lavender infused drinks! WTF. I'm sure that affordable price point is like 1000000000 dollars an entree.

    BALLIN! (i did the little hand flick)

  19. You so stalk the cavs players. I love how you "happen" to see Z in Luxe.

    I want to go there. Maybe in a few weeks.

  20. That cocktail sounds really good. But the service sounds SO disappointing. I hate whenever I go to eat somewhere and the waiter isn't prompt and screws things up. And I complain about it (because I'm a bitch like that.) Kudos for being semi-nice about it. And I hope the next time you go, the WAITER isn't there. Ick.

  21. That sucks about your experience but I'm glad to hear you'll try it again. We absolutely loved it, but being preggers I pretty much love any food these days :)

    I think I know the waiter you are talking about. I saw someone there that used to work at Crop, must be him.

  22. I read your post last week and I thought I knew exactly the waiter you were talking about. When we walked in to Luxe on Friday night, I saw him and knew for sure we were thinking of the same guy. He was our waiter for part of the experience and he was AWFUL. My food on the other hand was fantastic.

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