today is a good day

Friday, June 13, 2008

guess where i am? sitting on my couch, NOT at work.

((picture me doing the happy dance))

i love my job really really i do. i love it more than i have ever liked a job before. but this girl NEEDED a day off.

and what better reason to take a day off than poo poo's wedding!

i just got home from the westside. this girl got a little too intoxicated to drive last night. the westside is a blackout hole for me i swear.

actually, i think i'm
still drunk! whhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??


so last night myself, MOB, foxxy and mo when o
ut to celebrate MOB's birthday. which is actually on monday but with all the wedding festivities we decided that last night would be the perfect evening to celebrate.

we had dinner at
ty fun thai bistro in tremont.

wow, this place was amazing.

i have heard nothing but good things about this restaurant and it sure lived up to it's reputation.

i order pad thai - extra spicy. i wish i had left overs, but being the president of the clean plate club that doesn't happen often.

after ty fun we walked next door to flying monkey pub where we sat on the patio (which i never even knew existed btw). our friend drew and nicole came and met us and after rounds and rounds of cocktails it was time to head to westpark to meet up with tigger.

tigger is a good friend of ours from UD in town for the wedding. she lives in LA now and upon getting off the plane she was like seriously it is SO hot here. yes it is tigger, it's called humidity. haha

we headed to
pj macintyres for more rounds and bombs then walked our butts to the public house or as i like to endearingly call it, the black out house.

at this point my keys were taken and place in the tip jar. yes, my volvo was given as a tip.

tigger, foxxy, MOB and i all drank and laughed way too much, hopped in a cab and had a sleepover at MOB's with monti the wonder dog.

now i'm going to lay down for an hour and then get ready and for poo poo's bridal luncheon at the
rocky river wine bar and after that we are going to get manis and pedis at venitian nail spa.

today is heaven. pure heaven.

this is going to be a fun weekend, hope yours is too : )


  1. I, too, was out late last night (though I was not drunk), but unfortunately, I couldn't stay home today! Have a great day and weekend!

  2. I'm a little jealous, but my fun weekend starts in t-minus 6 hours. Have a great wedding weekend!

  3. I'm a member of the clean plate club only when eating nachos or pancakes. I ate FOUR pancakes last night! YUM!

    Hope you have a fantabulous weekend :)

  4. You did get your keys back, right?

  5. 1. I don't have to work today either! (My Fridays are usually 4 hour days ANYWAY.)

    2. You like Thai food, TOO? We TOOOOTALLY have to hang out in Cleveland.

    3. Your blog is like a resource for me now - I'm going to be clicking like a mad (mad excited) woman on every little Cleveland-related link there IS.

    4. UD! UD! YOU DEE! :) I just get excited about UD.

    5. I love your friends' nicknames.

    6. Sorry this comment is sooooo long. Actually, no, I'm not. So there. xoxo

  6. It's probably a good thing you didn't make it home last night. I was in a bad, bad, mood. Hope the neighbors didn't mistake my f-bombs as some sort of domestic disturbance.

    Have a wonderful day off. I'll text you later; perhaps we can meet at Flannery's later tonight.

  7. I'm upset that we wont be drinking when we hang out. It's probably a good idea though-- the world may explode with awesomeness as it is when our forces unite... alcohol would totally put that over the edge.

  8. Im so jealous. I'm in my cubicle wishing I was at home.

    Wishing I had some delicious Thai food.

    Wishing I were still drunk.


  9. Look at all the cross promotion in this blog. Cleveland owes you like 500 dollars for all the free ad space.

    Let's make this happen.

  10. A day off does sound like heaven. That's why I'm sneaking out early; I need some much needed R&R this weekend.

  11. Can I hang out with Monti?

    You can come too if you want.

  12. ENJOY! sounds like you are having a rad time :)

  13. Ahh! A day off--enjoy it!

    Have a great weekend!

  14. I came soooo close to calling sick today. So I am very jealous of your day off.

  15. There is NOTHING better than a day off followed by an awesome weekend! Have one for me!

  16. I love a day off to recover from a crazy Thursday night. Can't wait to see pictures of the wedding! I need a day off myself ;)

  17. YAAAY for fun weddings! let's see some pictures :-)

  18. sounds like the makings of a fabulous weekend. hope you had fun!

  19. That pad thai looks SO good! I hope you had a lovely day off AND a great time at the wedding!


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