how about a nice slice of pavement pizza?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

while living in the warehouse district of downtown cleveland like i have been for the last few years i have realized that you can tell how rowdy the night before was by the piles of puke you have to walk over the next morning.

i'm not kidding.

walking down w 6th street on a saturday or sunday morning is like walking through a field of land mines. watch the f out!

reason #634 why i hate w 6th on the weekends, but that's another story. stupid amateurs.

so this morning while walking to my car i saw one pile of vomit outside of sunset lounge. not too shabby for a tuesday night out.
i was so close to taking a picture of the pile and sharing all of the glorious chunks with the internet but i decided against it. your loss.

thankfully i have the downtown cleveland alliance and their team of smiling sidewalk cleaners making my neighborhood clean and safe. hip hop hooray.

so last night wonger and i had a girly date night. and after an awesome building to building mattress move with my new roommate nate i deserved a glass of wine, or 4.

we decided on
bar cento for a late dinner and drinks. we were shocked to find the place so busy for a tuesday night, good for bar cento though!

my birkenstock wearing vegetarian friend wonger went with the veggie burger while i went with my favorite the sunnyside pizza - covered with pancetta, sunnyside up eggs, cheese and lots of black pepper you really can't find a better combo. um, yum.

after bar cento we headed to
market avenue wine bar, the service sucked and it was so quiet in there we left ohio city and headed back downtown.

next stop mercury lounge, we haven't been there in awhile. but it was like old times with the seriously stiff drinks - man, did we used to spend a lot of time there. and it was still fun last night. it was i love the 80's night with dj k.c. and although wonger and weren't on the dance floor, there was A LOT of chair dancing going on.

as we were walking back we were surprised again by the amount of people out and about. i guess it's officially summer - bring it on.


  1. The veggie burger is HUGE! No wonder there's puke everywhere.

  2. You can feel safer knowing that I am not an amateur - I ALWAYS wait till I get home to puke.


    I am pretty sure Bar Cento is busy at all times. Even as I write this at 3 in the afternoon I am willing to guess someone at Bar Cento is frustratingly waiting for another beer.

  3. Puke mines?


    THANK YOU for not taking that picture. I swear, I'd freak out.. a LOT.

  4. Vomit is not your friend. Doesn't Cleveland have trash cans?

  5. okay your pizza sounds delicious, avoiding vomit on the streets does not.

  6. I heart puke mines. I actually saw one at my office building the other day. And it wasn't there in the morning. Props to the person that had to vom on a Tuesday morning at between 10 am and 11 am.

  7. Umm, totally gross about the puke mines. :/ I have yet to see some in my town, but that's probably because there are only a few places down there that are worth visiting.

    Hooray for summer and having a good time, though!

  8. mmmm.... sunnyside pizza...... I can't wait for RumbaR!

  9. what about the plum head of the week? must i leave our little man alone and howling for a few hours early on saturday morning so he can remind you how much you love him and he wants to be the plum head???? huh???? because i'll do it!!! don't test me!!! seriously!!! you don't think I'm serious do you?? Because I am!!! totally!!! 100%!!!! swear!!!! stop looking at me like that!!! i mean it!!! this is no joke!!! just wait!!! you think I'm joking but i'm so serious!! i'll do it!!! i'llleave him early right by the wall to your bedrooml!!! yeah!! huh!! take that!!

  10. Oh I love Bar Cento. The fries and fennel is fucking amazing!

  11. x2 what Allison said. Especially when you get a beverage from the Bier Markt side.

  12. I wish the downtown Cleavland Alliance would come to my place. The cat had an unfortunate accident this morning.

    And now I want pizza anyway.

  13. that sounds like a great evening!

    and an aweeeeeeeeeeesome pizza.

  14. that pizza sounds INSANE. i want it rightnow.

    also, maxie? i love that you just used "vom" as a verb. i'm definitely stealing that :-)

  15. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! For not taking that picture of the puke and sharing it. I would have puked all over my laptop and then I would have had to take a picture of that and show you. Would have not been good!

  16. I love this about summer, it's like the city comes alive again!

  17. You are certainly giving me a whole 'nother impression of Cleveland!


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