you say mojito, i say MOJITO!

Friday, June 6, 2008

last night i was invited to check out the vip summer opening of RumbaR in the intercontinental suites hotel in downtown cleveland.

free food and drinks? check.

it's about time this blog started getting me some free drinks : )

the georgia peach was my date for the evening. and after driving to the intercontinental hotel on carnegie we realized that we were at the wrong location. the outdoor RumbaR was at the intercontinental SUITES hotel a few blocks west. who knew?

once we arrived at the hotel we were directed by a
very friendly staff to RumbaR. bring on the mojitos!

once we walked in the bacardi girls greeted us with drinks. nice! but we decided that we wanted to make our own drinks at the make your own bacardi mojito bar - RumbaR actually hosts mojito making parties, if you like to muddle with the best of them i would call for more details.

here's the georgia peach making a peach mojito - how perfect!

after our 45th mojito (peach and raspberry, oh my!) we realized that we needed some food. the fatties that we are ate about 4 of everything - crabcakes, hawaiian steak roulade, chicken and feta flatbread, etc - all excellent. i definitely recommend you checking this place out for lunch or happy hour.

we met some great people at the event and even left with some great swag bags - heck yes i'll enjoy my table 45 gift certificate thank you very much.

after the event georgia and decided to head over to the east fourth neighborhood and sit on the patio at wonder bar and people watch.

let me tell you we got quite a show. the street was packed with concert goers heading to the house of blues for the solange knowles concert. these girls were working the street like it was their cat walk making for excellent people watching.

we buddied up with a couple of people at wonder bar and ended up laughing our butts off and even driving them back to their hotel (aren't we generous?). all in all a great thursday night out.

i came home and packed a suitcase extremely buzzed up for my weekend in canton (again!) for the cousin's birthday party extravaganza and my church's greek fest. opa!

have a great weekend everyone : )


  1. Your blog got you mojitos?
    Damn! That is impressive!

  2. Mmmm mojitos! I think I may need to have a make-your-own mojito bar at my birthday party this year!

  3. How fun! My blog needs to start getting me drunk!

  4. whoa whoa i want free shit b/c of my blog!

    also... people actually go to see solange knowles? wtf?

  5. I really need to start exploring Cleveland a little more. Your stories always make me jealous and then I realize I live a block away from you.

  6. You're *kind of* big deal, eh!?

    Nice job.

  7. Sounds like a fabulous mid-week outing! And from what I hear (because Perez Hilton knows all), the Solange Knowles CD is supposed to be pretty darn good!

  8. how do you get invited to these things?! sounds like fun. im jealous.

    have a great time this weekend!

  9. Love, Love Mojitos. You get invited to the best parties. I really miss the parties of my old job!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. okay that sounds so incredibly fun and delicious and did i say fun? i'm so jealous! but at least you had a great time.

    have a lovely weekend in canton :)

  11. You and the Georgia Peach look very cute! I'll have to second all the previous commenters and say I am very jealous - it sounds like it was fun.

  12. I love, love, love MOJITOS! They should right a song about them, like the margarita song. There should be a mojito song!

  13. Dude that is awesome that you got to check that out! very jealous. My parents love mojitos but I'm a late adapter. My friend got a mojito kit once and made bad ones so I had a rough intro to them.

  14. Oh, mojitos. They sound dangerous and delish at the same time.

    It sounds like y'all had an amazing time! Hooray for people watching and summer openings and mojito making!

  15. I want to make my own mojito! I'm glad you had such a fun time!

  16. How cute was the guy who made you laugh while you were people watching?

  17. Lex!! the partyy was sooooo funn =]
    ..oh and your rhyme for dads thing was awesomeee by the wayy


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