i'm drinking on the beach right now

Monday, July 28, 2008

while you are reading this i'm currently lying on the beach in aruba (gotta love post options on blogger). i'm staying at the rui palace come visit!

so i will have no blackberry, no email, no google reader, no gchat, no voicemail and no internet.

a true vacation from all forms of communication.

honestly i'm not sure how i'm going to feel about being completely disconnected from the world.

guess we will just see if i start to twitch.

now don't miss me too much while i'm gone - to my bloggers friends, i know you have plenty of other blogs to read in my absence - but my non blogger friends...


read some of the other fabulous bloggers while the plum is on vacation, i promise you will enjoy them, probably even get hooked like i have!

have a good week, i'll be back next monday! xoxo


Friday, July 25, 2008

i had to drop some things off to a client for work this afternoon. FIELD TRIP!

the sun was shining, windows down, sun roof open and then sublime came on my sirius.

it was the perfect drive.

my coworker and i then rolled up to chipotle to pick up lunch for the office, music blaring, rockin' my shades.

today is a good day already...

not only do i have the entire next week off of work for a much needed vacation but i have actually crossed 90% of my work to do list off (i still have a few hours to complete the final 10%!) - so no worries.

so as i sit here munchin' on my lunch i'm quite content, but still anxious for that 5 o'clock whistle to blow.

i recommend you all listen to some sublime summertime (aka doin' time), open a window and smoke a joint.

no, i didn't say that. shame shame i know your middle name. i meant drink a beer - how about that?

happy friday internets!

p.s. this is my 200th post - go plum!!!

prunes of the week 7.22.08

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

so i haven't done a prune of the week post since may. i guess i haven't had that many things to rant about due to my general jolly disposition.

yeah, that's about to come to an end.

ya'll ready for a good old fashioned rant?

here goes.

-i just got home from tanning because my "office white" skin has got to get a little color prior to my aruba trip next week. so i'm at the salon counter and the bad highlights salon girl looks at me and asks if i wanted to buy lotion. "no thanks" i said "i'm fine". she then straight faced looks at me and responds, "if you don't buy lotion you will get skin cancer". WTF? how do you say something like that?!??! i'm already hypersensitive to the topic and i did not need some bimbo making idle threats. no thanks tanning salon.

-after work today i also got a trusty oil change. where i got in a friendly disagreement with the attendant who told me that i needed a new air conditioner filter. i passed stating that i only have 10100 miles on my car and my owners manual states that i don't need one until 15000 miles and i would look into purchasing one on my next oil change. but he didn't let up, telling me that my owners manual was wrong and that i just didn't know better. no thanks dude.

-i have to pack enough clothes for over a week while throwing a wedding into the mix, i think this may be impossible.

-i need to do 273 loads of laundry and clean my entire apartment before i leave and instead of doing so i'm sitting on my deck stressing out and typing this little post.

-since my vegan 30 days is officially over today (yay me! see ya extra lbs!), i am going to try to ween myself back on to "normal" food and off of the random ciggies. the fact that i was really good about what i was eating but felt the urge to smoke again to stop myself from cheating during this month was horrible. no thanks smoking.

-i must admit that i am enjoying facebook even though at times i think it's the devil's playground - much like my freshman year dorm room - but that's another story. i'm asking why must the targeted advertising on the site hit so close to home? my two favorite ads from today - "are you 28 and looking to stay slim?" and "almost 30 and wondering if you are ever going to find a man?". GAH!!! are you there god, it's me, alexa, please, pretty pretty please with a cherry on top stop these ads from gracing my computer screen. no thanks reminders.

-if i hear one more of my guy or girl friends bitch about hating being single but then say they "aren't ready for a girlfriend/boyfriend" i am going to promptly kick them in the shins.

-people that are sexist

-when i got to work this morning and unpacked my laptop bag i noticed that the remote control to my living room tv was in the bag. i chuckled, set the remote on my desk and went about my business. well you can guess where the remote is - still on my desk. bummer for me because i can't turn on my dish cable without the specific remote. no thanks tv.

-i have a really bad eye prescription. so i just ordered new contacts last week and for a years supply (1 pair per quarter) the grand total is $325!!! and that is after insurance. c-ya extra vacation money.

i have promptly decided that today is just one of those days and i will listen to monica over and over again while ignoring all my phone calls.

END RANT - well that was just exhausting.

i love pittsburgh, but i still hate the steelers

Monday, July 21, 2008

i created a facebook account a mere four hours ago and im already sucked in. god help me.

anyway, i know it is monday night and i am just now posting about the rest of my weekend after the cradle robbing incident, but i've been busy ok?

pittsburgh on saturday for my bestie teen's birthday was well, AWESOME. it was way less drama filled then last years festivities, cough cough.

i have also realized that limo buses are waaaaaaaay cooler than a plain 'ol taxi and that p-burgh girls like to wear booty shorts.

booty booty booty rockin' everywhere!

teen, me and diva - my favorite UD burgh girls EVER

what was also excellent about the p-burgh trip was that i got to see my bestie from high school, al-dog!! her and her husband mike just moved to the burgh from arlington, va and i love it because they are that much closer to well, ME!

al-dog and her hubbie, MOTORBOAT!!!!!

this looks like a hold alexa up photo if i've ever seen one

so i woke my butt up semi early on sunday because i had to drive back to the cleve in time for the taste of tremont! diva, i'm sorry i didn't get to see your condo, that just means i have to come back and visit sooner!

so i WAS going to go to taste of tremont with court but she bailed on me, bad court, bad ; )

but not to fear bird, muffin, captain and i had more than enough fun with ourselves.

so because it was oh, 116 degrees out we headed over to the treehouse to sit inside and people watch.

we even came up with a great drinking game where every time we saw someone with a tattoo somewhere on their leg we had to drink.

if we saw a toddler with a tattoo on their leg we had to finish our beer.

no full beers were drank, thankfully.

but there was a huge vegan "chocolate" covered frozen banana eaten by yours truly. i wanted to take a picture but it would have looked a bit well, dirty - and this girl is an angel.

after dancing to a waaaaay fun band playing on treehouse's patio bird sulik and i stopped at southside for some hummus.

at this point it was sleepy time, just like it is now.

night kids xoxo

if loving him is wrong...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

yesterday morning i was going to write an entire post about how i wanted to stalk ryan sheckler this weekend while he was in cleveland for the dew tour.

yes, i know he is 18 - TEN years younger then me - but who cares?

i can be a cougar. rraaaaarrrrrwwwww!

i can't help it that his baby blue eyes and boyish good looks get to me.

maybe if he wasn't so damn adorable on his mtv reality series life of ryan i wouldn't have this obsession.

well last night i got to see his baby blues in the flesh.

after a fabulous spicy dinner at ty fun with wonger and miss mel we walked around tremont shopping and what not when we talked about going to see a movie.

we decided to go see the dark knight on it's premiere weekend, a half hour before it started.

you may be thinking, but what about tickets?!?!

well this is downtown cleveland kids - not the suburbs - and we were going to tower city for a show. we were thought there was no way in
hell we were going to have to wait or have it even been close to being sold out.

we were right. we walked right in and the theater wasn't even full.

ok so, back to ryan scheckler.

when we headed back to the warehouse district after dinner to park and walk to tower city, miss mel and i were stopped on the corner of st clair and w 6th turning right by metropolitan.

VERY slowly due to damn traffic.

i look out my window to the right and i see these kids - skater kids i should say.

and there is the one and only ryan schekler and his friend tony waiting to cross the street with their boards.

obviously i yell out the window, "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ryan scheklerrrrrr", waving like a school girl.

he looks up, laughs and says, "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" right back to me.

then i may or may not have gotten out of the car and gave him a high five.

it was awesome.

back to the dark knight - obviously i am going to tell you to go see it because it was friggin' awesome.

my coke - cherry - coke icee was also awesome.

so heath ledger was brilliantly crazy and i got sad watching him. i also wanted to be the middle of a yummy sandwich made up of christian bale and aaron eckhart.

there were plot twists that i didn't expect and my hands were definitely over my eyes more that five times throughout the movie.

all in all it was a fabulous evening with friends and a celebrity encounter - works for me!

and now it's time to go drive to pittsburgh for teen's birthday extravaganza.

in retrospect

Thursday, July 17, 2008

a great fellow blogger brookem recently posted a 6 month check up on her new years resolutions.

i thought this was a fabulous blog idea and i immediately went to my first ever blog post dated january 2, 2008 (yeah i'm still a newbie), to remind myself what i wrote.

it seriously feels so long ago that i made the list because so much has changed - like people actually reading my blog now! well all 48 members of my family do.

upon looking at my 2008 resolutions i realized that my list sucked! i should have gotten way more creative, guess i'll have to save that for 2009. it is what it is though and i still need to check in on the list.

so here are my 2008 resolutions in no particular order with half way through the year updates:

"work out and eat right (this has been my go to resolution since around 1990)"
-well the working out thing happened for a little bit. i joined the downtown ymca and had a personal trainer
-i haven't been to the gym in months, $40 down the tube each month - FAIL
-i have 8 personal training sessions waiting for me, already paid for. maybe i should use them huh?
-eating right has only recently been happening for me
-vegan eating is still awesome and working, 15 pounds down

"stop buying designer bags (this is going to be a tough one)"
-i have bought ONE designer bag (my gorgeous red chloe) in the last 6 months, but it's an improvement people!
-it's still a FAIL though
-but in my defense how could i not buy the bag when i had customer service like this???

"stop instantly judging people (this is going to be a REALLY tough one)"
-HUGE FAIL need to work on it
-who was i trying to kid in making this?

"let the past be the past and instead of dwelling on it learn from it (this one is going to be easy)"
- i was right from the beginning, this one WAS easy
-success! boys shmoys

"put the cellphone away when i have had too many glasses of pinot noir (my roommate has a similar no drunk texting resolution that i think is brilliant)"
-um, i think this is a half win half fail for me.
-instead of drunk texting i have been drunk emailing from my blackberry - oh the shame.
-but i haven't really had any interesting boys these past 6 months that i wanted to make stupid drunk texts/calls to. must work on that!

"START MY BLOG!!!!!!!"
-obviously 6 and a half months later i'm still trucking away, GO ME!

so there you have it - i bet the majority of my friends and family that have been reading the plum from day one are pretty shocked i have kept this little piece of the internet going for as long as i have.

here's to another 6 months - cheers.

what's your 6 month update? would you give yourself a pass or fail grade?

everyone is leaving

so i just walked in the door from the map room and i can honestly say that cleveland has officially been taken over by the ast dew tour that's in town this weekend.

talk about some skater hotties.

you will find me wandering around downtown this weekend looking for my sk8ter boi. oh wait, i'll be in p-burgh, guess i'll just have to go out again tomorrow night.

so the downtown cleveland crew is pretty standard on a wednesday - you know who the neighborhood people are. but tonight there were packs of vans wearing, flat hat sporting and tattoo rockin' boys out and about.

i was enthralled by an asian skater dude with no shirt on gliding down the middle of w 9th street over and over and over again. i thought it was cool, everyone else - not so much. damn my yuppie friends.

so the whole reason for going out tonight was that a lot of my med school friends are going or are already gone on away rotations for the summer and early fall. my neighbor and partner in crime georgia peach is even leaving!

what am i going to do? who am i going to hang out with? all my downtown friends are leaving!!


but while the med school kids are only leaving temporarily my dear friend captain joe p tone is leaving indefinitely to take a position at an alt weekly in denver.

tuesday night we had a going away party for captain joe at prosperity social club in tremont. (btw, that place is friggin awesome! GREAT patio and it was surprisingly busy!)

mel, captain joe, bird, wonger and gus bus

it was sad saying bye to captain joe because we have all had so many good times together but i wish him nothing but luck and happiness!

of course bird and i got him a cleveland's a plum t-shirt as a going away present - he can't forget cleveland!!!!

but on a happy note we are getting a group together to go visit him in denver in december for his 30th birthday! which i am beyond excited for because i have never been there - awesomeness.

so even though a lot of my friends are going to be MIA for the next couple of months i'm lucky enough to have my weekends full of events and trips (p-burgh, aruba, chicago)

guess i'm just looking for week night friends ; )

would you rather wednesday

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i'm working on a real post for later today.

so in the mean time check out maxie's blog i hate so much because little 'ol me has taken it over for the day while miss maxie is on vacation.

i have come up with a couple of pretty interesting questions for her weekly would you rather post.

it may or may not involve cyber sex.

i'd go check it out if i were you.

go, i'll time you!

a public service announcement for the ladies

Monday, July 14, 2008

i'm all about a girl rockin' some cleavage in a tasteful way.

if you got it flaunt it, right?

honestly i know for a fact that my girls have gotten me a thing or two in the past decade.

i'm not proud of it, but there are some dirty old men out there.

i'm also all about a short skirt or shorts with heels.

if you got legs you better know how to use them.

but there is a great rule of thumb that i follow and want to share with you all that lets one still be sexy but not whorish.

if you are showing tasteful cleavage then you need to have on pants or a longer skirt.

if you are showing legs then you must cover up your cleavage.

simple concept - now follow it people!

if a woman follows the above rules she will more often than not be always able to balance her sexiness with the right amount of tact and class.

exceptions to the rule where the cleavage and the legs need to both be covered:

1. if you are going on a job interview it is inappropriate to wear too short a skirt or show cleavage

2. if you are in church - cover up!

3. if you are at a funeral - cover up!

4. if you are meeting your boyfriends parents/grandparents for the first time
5. if you are under the age of 18

as the profound ludacris said, "i want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed"

yeah! yeah!

ladies, just don't put it all out there for the world to see!

it's beyond embarrassing to see some of the girls walking around my neighborhood in the summer on friday and saturday nights out. it's like they have no respect for themselves.

put the lucite heels away!

oh and don't even get my started on the tweens.

i wonder if i could pass out flyers with my rule written on them and try to clean up the clubs. ha.

who am i kidding, there will always be girls out there rockin' the T & A.

girls - are you feeling my rule and thought process? or do you think i'm a prudish nut?

boys - you just want me to shut up don't you?
or do you think i'm spot on?

chronicles of narmia

Sunday, July 13, 2008

what a great weekend, although i think it is going to be a bit hard to get up for work on monday.

friday night bird, misty and i headed to
southside right after work. no changing, no thinking just going.

lots of white wine on the patio and a plate of hummus later i get a little text from my favorite cleveland male blogger narm of
white-collar redneck. if you don't read him you're an idiot, he's hilarious.

so narm was at
harbor inn talking about me with dan and wanted to see what i was up to for the evening.

really i think, he just wanted his prize t-shirt. but who cares what it wanted, yay for blogger meet ups!

we made plans to meet up in a couple of hours back at harbor inn because he had to go home and get pretty for me.

too bad i still looked like a scrub from work. enough wine makes you think you look fine though.

meanwhile bird, misty and i wandered around the
tremont art hop where i bought a hot new pair of earrings by judy from banyan tree. i've had them on all weekend - love.

when it was time to head to harbor bird was my wingman, literally this time.

funny thing though. when bird and i walked into the bar it ended up not being a first meeting for bird and narm.

apparently bird had crashed on narm's couch with
some friends awhile back. i'll leave it at that ; )

so random, yet it fit somehow.

once i give narm his awesome cleveland's a plum t-shirt he immediately puts it on. so proud he is.

i then decided that we needed to document his cleveland's a plum t-shirt wearing.

i present to you, the chronicles of NARMia......

narm is so nice, taking pictures for girls at the bar. such the gentleman

here's narm being an awesome bar bowler in the plum t-shirt

narm using the urinal. i'll leave it at that...

after all the awesomeness that occurred when two of the hottest cleveland bloggers alive combined their powers i was tired. man it's hard to go out on a friday. oy. thanks for hanging out with me though narm, we must do it again.

saturday morning i got up and CHOPPED my hair off into a hot little bob. i'll post pics as soon as i take one a like : )

saturday night the family and i had a wedding in canton for my cousin mark [that's four thus far in 2008]. it was fun.

i loooooooooooooooooooove weddings.

if you don't sense the sarcasm in that last sentence you need to catch up.

today i also had a baby shower for a good family friend of the family. the shower was great, everything was so cute and totally babylicious. i want one.

after the baby shower i went and saw hancock with the fam. *crickets*

on a vegan note this weekend was my hardest yet as a 30 day vegan. all these events that i'm going to and not eating anything is tough. i think not eating meat puts me in a crabby mood.

but i'm not quitting! i'm sticking to it - i just miss the meat.

happy monday all, hope you had a great weekend too.

i love wednesday

Thursday, July 10, 2008

i should be out and about downtown tonight instead of sitting on my comfy red chair watching my life on the d-list, maybe i'll move to the deck.

it's a beautiful night in cleveland and literally ten feet outside my apartment door a fabulous downtown cleveland alliance event is going on - thursday night live has brought basketball courts, cornhole and badminton to w 9th. and the bars on my street are also having tons of drink and food specials.

while i was walking home from my parking lot i was looking around like wow, i live here?!?! this is so fun!

so instead of walking right into my apartment i looked for my friend who works for the dca and made him give me a sweet thursday night live t-shirt.


so now i'm home - one box of vegan mac and "cheese" and one free t-shirt later still very very tired.

what? what's that you say? why am i so tired?

ok, ok, i'll fill you in.

last night myself, georgia peach, wonger and murph headed to half price sushi night at sushi rock for 5:30 dinner reservations. i know 5:30 is early for dinner but we wanted to get moving, we are old.

after about 324 orders of tofu/avocado rolls and two bottles of wine later we headed to d'vine wine bar, picking up the giff and liz along the way. we scored a big circle patio table - cause that's how we roll.

d'vine is where the giff, georgia peach and i found our new favorite summer drink. the sparkling strawberry. um, yum. it's strawberry infused vodka topped with sparkling wine. to die for.

i want one everyday this summer. let's see if i can accomplish this.

[side note: im now sitting on my deck typing this post oh so very journalistic like in pajama pants and a t-shit when a bug landed on my arm. very dainty like i attempted to flick the little booger away. instead i ended up murdering the bug on my arm. ew bug guts. end side note]

when we were cut off decided to leave we knew that the night just couldn't end. where to next? map room (for the 1,239 time why doesn't map room have a website?!?!)

we met up with the usual boys, nameless husband, donkers and tj and we quickly became the official "welcome to the map room" welcoming party.

now murph doesn't hang out all that much with me and the downtown family so she hadn't met donkers yet. or so she thought.

upon meeting him she whispered to me, "i know where i know him from! he has hooked up with at least two of my friends"

of course he has.

obviously i couldn't keep this tidbit a secret so i clued donkers in on what we were giggling about.

he immediately blushes and asked what their names were.

murph: kate _____ and kelly______
donkers: *blank stare*

donkers: do you have any pictures of them?
murph: no, but maybe you have their phone number and you just forgot you did?

(going through his phone with the numbers murph gave him)
ok, i have 4 kate's and 5 kelly's but none of the numbers match with yours

me: you are such a player donkers! you get girls numbers for sport
murph: actually, he just points to his apartment across the street at 2:30am and the girls follow, i've seen it happen in real life.

me: (to donkers) murph already knows your game and she doesn't even know you!
murph: you're like the map room consolation prize, the parting gift.

at this point i think you could have heard me laughing on the east bank of the flats.

after we throughly called donks out on his shit he chugged a beer and got a new girls number put in his blackberry that he will never call.

for as much crap as i give donkers the dude does crack me up, and as he stated to me last night in a buzzed state, "you're my buddy alexa. like the type of buddy that if a guy was ever giving you a hard time at a bar i would totally kick his ass."

HA! gee thanks.

so i'm across the street from my apartment at this point in time one would think my night is over right?


next stop my FAVORITE dive bar in cleveland - harbor inn. (btw, where were you narm??). wonger, murph and i met up with our SCENE writer friends. well mostly i just caught up with Dan at the bar.

getting second and third place on the erotic photo hunt megatouch was good enough for us and we headed home.

do you all now get why i'm tired today? oy.

lessons i learned
-tofu is good
-infused strawberry vodka is delicious
-so co and lime shots are horrible
-harbor inn has a sweet new patio
-motorcycles like to stop at talk to chicks in cars
-advil before bed really does work (thanks allison m)

to add or not to add ads

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

while sitting on my deck across from the plain dealer pavilion and listening to the awesome band chicago rock out i am pondering a little something random.

so my non blogging friends and family always ask me when i am going to put advertisements on my blog.

like a
ll the time.

they always ask what's the point of blogging if you aren't going to make money off of it?

let's just say they don't get it (blogging), and leave it at that for now.

i didn't start this blog to make money, i don't think any blogger really does.

i read a lot of blogs (A LOT), and i always take notice if a blog has ads on it. it seems that the majority of the blogs i read that have ads on them are either a member of the blogher ad network or power blogger and have google adsense.

i'm a dork and am always curious to ask the author how much money they actually get and if it is worth it or not.

then there is the other side of the coin where i see some of the more "popular blogs" who get 8 bazillion comments per post and they don't have ads. which makes me think that if there was money in it they would be doing it too.

i guess i'm just confused by it all. it doesn't take much though.

so do you wanna know a random secret?

i always click on ads when i visit my favorite blogs.

you're welcome for that ten cents people.

a bit of my thought process:

are adding ads to a blog selling out? i don't think so

do they mess up my layout? maybe

does it hurt? probably not

i like money. although i doubt i'll be getting much money from placing ads i'll take what i can get.

though it may not look like it a put a lot of time into blogging, i do - so why not let my blog buy me dinner?

now obviously i'm no perez hilton who makes tens of thousands of dollars on ads per DAY. although on a side note, here's a pic of my friend kyle and perez that kyle just sent me today. kyle and another friend of mine gil hung out with perez while they were in vegas this past weekend. totally jealous. end side note.

perez makes money from his blog. and apparently wears his sunglasses at night

i get a surprisingly big amount of unique visitors a day so it could be worth it. ahhhhhhhh who knows, it's all relative right?

so i guess i'm asking you fellow bloggers. is it completely pointless to puts ads on my blog? be honest.

those of you that do have them is it worth it?

i need someone else to think for me today.

poor trophy

Monday, July 7, 2008

going out hard three nights in a row may have been fine for the 22 year old alexa, even the 25 year old alexa - but the 28 year old alexa? not so much.

the vegan 28 year old alexa. she doesn't eat enough to be drinking what she does.

ok, i'm done talking in the third person, that's just obnoxious.

so the update on my vegan 30 days is that it is going surprisingly well.

it's been two weeks since i started and i have lost ten pounds. TEN POUNDS! it's awesome.

i was really proud of myself this weekend b
eing at home and not cheating once. at the wedding reception though the only thing i could eat was the dinner salad - so i drank my dinner. vodka, it does a body good - i'm thinking that's why i grayed out by the end of the night. oops.

so onto the recap
, mostly in pics cause i'm lazy tonight.

so thursday night sissy!, MOB, beaver, foxxy, wonger, bird, alymcjew, georgia peach, dr wild, rab, meiser and i all headed to fahrenheit in tremont for dinner.

shockingly this was my first time there
and i don't know what too me so long to get there. this place was awesome. great decor and and a fabulous new summer menu - i was so excited to have my one non vegan meal for my birthday dinner there.

when we walked into the place i was surprised by not one but two bottles of pink prosecco waiting on the table for me from my dear dear friend poo poo. anything bubbly to drink makes me happy - thank you poo poo. i wish you were there with us.

also, alymcjew made me vegan cookies. seriously, so a
mazing of her even more so because i knew it was not an easy feat. thanks aly!!

now this is where i get mad at myself for not taking a group picture. ugh. oh well.

everyone got tons of varieties of food but the most popular choices were the pizzas and scallops with gnocci and mushroom. i chose the latter. the dish was beyond d
elicious and i will be going back to get it again. the beet salad was tasty as well.

the best part though was chef rocco hooking us up with not one complimentary dessert for my birthday but TWELVE.

TWELVE complimentary desserts. one for each of us. from cookies and milk, chocolate lava cake, macadamia cheesecake and butterscotch mousse (our favorite, see right) - we got hooked up.

it was oh so nice of fahrenheit to do, thats what i call excellent service.

i guess one can't resist a table full of hot girls.

dinner we walked across the street to the flying monkey where we met up with more friends (boys were now allowed) and we took over the patio.

drinks and shots were bought and i had a blast. isn't that the point?

MOB, beaver, foxxy and myself - yay UD girls!

on our way home (thanks gus bus and wonger for driving), sissy and i found a couple of bowling trophies in the back seat of wonger's car. why there were in the car i'm not sure but we put the poor guys in some naughty positions. i think they actually enjoyed it though.

i hear this is a new style of bowling - everybody's doing it.

look ma! no hands!

three's company. the little guy wanted to get involved too.

so i'm thinking that the above pictures prove that i am still a child - well i'm still a child after a lot of cocktails on my birthday.

i have an excuse. sorry mom.

friday night sissy and i headed home to canton for some family time. too bad i promptly went to my friend keter o's house. there is something about going to a keg party with my north canton friends that makes me happy.

lthough i did almost kick a dude in the shin because he was bad talking cleveland. you don't do that around me. no way.

of course the boys played a ridiculous amount of poker while the girls drank wine. pretty standard. mishler, biscuit, j-birdie and i had girl time and before i knew it i may or may not have drank too much wine. oops. it was still my birthday weekend right?

while everyone was late night pizza eating i was eating animal crackers. somehow i found this very ironic. the temporary vegan girl munching on animal crackers.

i thought i was hilarious chanting "don't eat me, don't eat me!". emphasis on thought.

saturday my mom, sissy and i had a wedding of a very good friend of the family (the son of one of my mom's best and oldest friends). it was a great wedding with tons of dancing and catching up with friends and laughing.

bridesmaid leah and scott posing in their matching outfits. very prom 1997 - love it.

it was weird seeing some of the "kids" i once babysat for drinking. i may or may not have been contributing to their cause though. oops everyone was with their parents, i'm in the clear ; )

check out my hot momma's - mary jo, diane, my mom and heidi - these ladies have been friends for almost 50 years. 50 years!

after the wedding we headed over to my cousin's house for an OPA! party and this is where everything gets a bit fuzzy. i guess i ended up at keter o's house again and thankfully sissy came and picked me up. no need for drinking and driving.

sunday my sissy and i headed over to our yiayia's (grandma) house for breakfast. we sat and visited and watched casablanca. it was a pretty close to perfect morning.

after breakfast we went to see get smart. which pretty much just solidified my girl crush on anne hathaway. i want to be her friend. go see the movie though, it was very cute.

ok, so this recap here?

waaaaaaay too long. i'm bored just typing it out.

if you made it through though, i congratulate you.

back to regularly scheduled posting tomorrow. phew.

have a good one kids.

is your refrigerator running?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

.....well why don't you catch it? yeah i went there.

have you ever wondered what was on my refrigerator?

admit it, i know you think about it everyday - you crazy internets.

well now you can finally see my refrigerator for yourself.

i'm guest blogging over at EP's place stylish handwriting.

so click on through, check out my refrigerator and tell me what's on yours.

have a great rest of your weekend - i'm off to a wedding!!

you did what, with who?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

for my birthday outing tonight with my friends and sissy there are a few things that WILL NOT be happening...

i will not be wearing a princess crown

i will not be wearing a boa of any form or in any color

there will not be a sash alerting the crowd of cleveland that it is in deed my day

i will not be forced to do 28 shots (although i did do 21 on my 21st, i'm awesome like that)

my birthday entourage will not be wearing matching t shirts that they don't like

we will not be wearing whistles announcing that it's my birthday

i will not be driving

there will be no tears

there will be no feathers or sequins

i will not step foot into bar flyy

no one will know it is my birthday unless i tell them

i will not be wearing a mini skirt and tube top because, "i mean it's like my birthday and i can like totally dress as slutty as i want!"

i will not fall on my ass flashing everyone my "brittany" because i will be wearing underwear

i will not be bringing a water bottle filled with vodka out to the bar to do shots in the bathroom to you know "save money"

i will not be wearing a trucker hat

things that WILL be happening on my birthday night out...

i will laugh till i cry

my voice will elevate to ridonkulous heights

my left eye will start to droop ever so slightly

i will think i lost my blackberry when in all reality it will be in my purse

someone will buy me a shot and i will take it

i will look hot in my birthday outfit - classy hot though- like i wanna take you home to do naughty things with you AND take you home to meet my parents

i will chair dance and dance dance - you know the difference right?

i will have fun

i will drink lots of wine and stoli blueberry not together of course

i will take lots of pictures that no one will ever see

there will be drunken phone calls and texts

my sissy and i will probably fight about something small and stupid

my memories my gray out

i will have high five at least 9 people

i will be thankful for the wonderful people around me celebrating

[ to my way awesome blosse who all wished me happy birthday yesterday thank you!!! it made me all warm and fuzzy inside and then i realized i was being sentimental and quickly made fun of someone in my office ; ) ]

when the yuppie turns emo

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

in 730 days it will be my 30th birthday.

if you do the math on the above that makes today my 28th birthday. happy birthday to me... and lindsay lohan.

i'm going to be celebrating this evening with doing approximately three loads of laundry. and if i'm feeling extra spicy i might go walk to public square for the downtown cleveland firework show.

the fireworks after all are all for me. every single one.

especially the ones that are supposed to look like hearts but end up looking more like an oddly shaped oval.

that is
my special oval, think of me next time you see it.

i had so many happy ideas of what i wanted to do for my fabulous 28th birthday post but i'm feeling slightly melancholy at the moment so my wittiness is fleeting.

although i may only be doing approximately three loads of laundry tonight on my birthday. my real birthday party will be going on tomorrow when myself and 12 of my girlfriends head out to "a restaurant" (no stalkers) in tremont where we will drink lots of wine, do lots of shots and participate in tons of shenanigans - but that party is tomorrow.

and for now i just need some time to reflect on these last 28 years, and to see where i'm at with it all so far...

-i have the best family in the world (but i still miss my dad)
-i have more friends than i girl could ask for, i'm beyond blessed (but i want a
-i'm beautiful and healthy (but i want to be 3 sizes smaller)

-i have "an addicting good personality" (but damn i can be an evil bitch)

are you sensing a trend?

now i doubt i'm the only person in the world who thinks these things about themselves sometimes but it's hard ALWAYS staying positive and smiley. who doesn't want more?

i think i need to read
the secret again.

this funky mood will pass by tomorrow night when i'm with all my friends and my sissy so i'm not worried. maybe i'm just crabby today because i can't eat any birthday cake. haha!

ugh, this post is so emo and very unlike me. GROSS.

i need to listen to some vampire weekend right now, they always make me happy.

so what did you get me for my pretend e-birthday present? ; )


so i wrote the above post late last night to schedule post this morning. and in case any of you all care i'm in a waaaaaaaay better mood.

but i felt that the above post was worth keeping cause those are still real feelings. thankfully i still LOVE my birthday, i was nervous for a hot sec. i can't wait for dinner tomorrow!

so far my roommate nate gave me a bottle of yummy wine, the georgia peach decorated our apartment hallway with a happy birthday alexa sign, AND my office got me flowers instead of the cookie cake because of the whole vegan thing.

all of the above? awesome : )


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

after attending last nights gladiators playoff game win at the Q with georgia peach, her nameless husband and donkers and with it being donkers birthday and all (plus i'm still recovering from the long weekend), let's just say it was a bit hard to get out of bed this morning.

i could not wake up.

i slept right through my alarm. i wasn't late for work or anything. i still woke up in time due to my trusty setting of the clock 20 minutes ahead of the "real" time. but this sleeping through the alarm has been happening a lot lately. it's obnoxious.

but i'm going to go ahead and blame the alarm clock.

i have a pretty standard clock radio that has a couple of additional wake up options such as a church bell chime, a buzz (not the good kind) and ocean waves. i have tried them all.

now while all of these sounds may wake up some people they just aren't cutting it for me.

seriously, who can wake up to ocean waves?!?!

and the church bell chimes, are probably the loudest most obnoxious sound ever (worse than the sound of my voice even), and instead of waking me up i end up just turning the whole thing off and going back to sleep.

the buzz worked for awhile till my body got so used to the sound that my arm would just hit snooze automatically and i would never really wake up.

this buzz phenomenon has now happened with the radio too.

i have my wake up station set to NPR. not because i enjoy listening to the content in the morning but because for the most part it is always going to just be talking. very consistent. where if i have a radio station on you never know what you are going to get, much like a box of chocolates.

so unfortunately now, my body has gotten used to the NPR alarm and my inner lazy sleeper brain who doesn't want to get up flings my arm directly to the snooze button, while the other side of my brain who knows i have a crap ton of work to do and would love to actually go to work NOT with wet hair and no make-up on loses the battle to the lazy sleeper 4 out of 5 work days.

i don't know what to do.

do i just need to get a new alarm clock - one that maybe sings disney tunes or rocks out to van halen?

because me hitting snooze 6 times in a row whether it is consciously or subconsciously just isn't working out.

any tips?

how easily do you get up in the morning? what or who is your alarm clock, does it work?