chronicles of narmia

Sunday, July 13, 2008

what a great weekend, although i think it is going to be a bit hard to get up for work on monday.

friday night bird, misty and i headed to
southside right after work. no changing, no thinking just going.

lots of white wine on the patio and a plate of hummus later i get a little text from my favorite cleveland male blogger narm of
white-collar redneck. if you don't read him you're an idiot, he's hilarious.

so narm was at
harbor inn talking about me with dan and wanted to see what i was up to for the evening.

really i think, he just wanted his prize t-shirt. but who cares what it wanted, yay for blogger meet ups!

we made plans to meet up in a couple of hours back at harbor inn because he had to go home and get pretty for me.

too bad i still looked like a scrub from work. enough wine makes you think you look fine though.

meanwhile bird, misty and i wandered around the
tremont art hop where i bought a hot new pair of earrings by judy from banyan tree. i've had them on all weekend - love.

when it was time to head to harbor bird was my wingman, literally this time.

funny thing though. when bird and i walked into the bar it ended up not being a first meeting for bird and narm.

apparently bird had crashed on narm's couch with
some friends awhile back. i'll leave it at that ; )

so random, yet it fit somehow.

once i give narm his awesome cleveland's a plum t-shirt he immediately puts it on. so proud he is.

i then decided that we needed to document his cleveland's a plum t-shirt wearing.

i present to you, the chronicles of NARMia......

narm is so nice, taking pictures for girls at the bar. such the gentleman

here's narm being an awesome bar bowler in the plum t-shirt

narm using the urinal. i'll leave it at that...

after all the awesomeness that occurred when two of the hottest cleveland bloggers alive combined their powers i was tired. man it's hard to go out on a friday. oy. thanks for hanging out with me though narm, we must do it again.

saturday morning i got up and CHOPPED my hair off into a hot little bob. i'll post pics as soon as i take one a like : )

saturday night the family and i had a wedding in canton for my cousin mark [that's four thus far in 2008]. it was fun.

i loooooooooooooooooooove weddings.

if you don't sense the sarcasm in that last sentence you need to catch up.

today i also had a baby shower for a good family friend of the family. the shower was great, everything was so cute and totally babylicious. i want one.

after the baby shower i went and saw hancock with the fam. *crickets*

on a vegan note this weekend was my hardest yet as a 30 day vegan. all these events that i'm going to and not eating anything is tough. i think not eating meat puts me in a crabby mood.

but i'm not quitting! i'm sticking to it - i just miss the meat.

happy monday all, hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. I really did just crash on the couch!!! After an all day drinking fest everyone else hung out and had a few more beers, while I saw a couch and passed out within seconds.

    So hilarious that it happened to be Narm's couch though!!

  2. I was at Harbor Friday night too...slugging PBR and dancing rather awkwardly with a chair (or so says the cut on my shin from when it "stepped on my toes")...

  3. I can attest to the fact that Bird passed out in the midst of a drinking frenzy. We were all still in party mode and she stuck her flag on my couch and claimed it as property of Bird.

    Definite good times on Friday. I hope Lebron isn't jealous you were out drinking with me.

  4. wtf?!?! teets, you were there too?? we could have had a convention with the three of us all in one place.


    too bad we don't know what you look like bill!

  5. I love when the world gets a little smaller. And blogger meet-ups? So much fun! When are you heading 5 hours west to Chicago?!

    BTW, I'll wave to you as we're driving through Cleveland next weekend. In the middle of the night. On our way to the beach!

  6. I cant believe you've been to 4 weddings already.

    I dont think I have been to four of them my whole life...

  7. you just miss the meat... that's what she said?

    sounds like a fabo weekend. yay for bloggy meetups! and good for you with this whole vegan thing! i give you heaps of credit for sticking with it!

    thank GOD cocktails are vegan-friendly.

  8. Yes...safely semi-anonymous from random internet searchers.

    But if you ever see some tall guy randomly dancing, that's me (such as in between the tables at the Harbor Inn with a chair).

  9. You didnt like Hancock? I thought it was pretty good! What the heck, bar bowling! I havnt seen that since the 80s at the VFW with the family. Jealous!!!!!

  10. Blogger convention can only be 4 or more.

    I made up the rules.

  11. I'm going to need a plum shirt now.

  12. Were you sitting outside at all?
    Bill (Teets) and I were there also- he was the one dancing/bleeding...

  13. How fun! I wish more bloggers were in Florida--I want a Florida bloggers meet up!

  14. "I just miss the meat."

    Wow. That's a mouthful.

    Glad you have a good weekend. And thanks for the cheese throw.

  15. Sometimes I think weddings are the work of the devil.

  16. Sounds like a fab weekend! Minus the wedding. Hee..Hee.. And I must have missed you talking about becoming a Vegan. Good luck! I tried not eating meat and lasted about 2 months. It wasn't bad, just all my meat eater friends were so not supportive. Always tempting me! I caved.

  17. I can't wait to see your hair, and I am so in awe of you sticking with the vegan diet! During special occassions I always slip on a diet!

  18. I made the bloggg!!! haha....even though you were oober cranky we did have lots of fun trying to get the twins to dance. love yahh lexaa!

  19. you seriously are one busy busy lady. sounds like a fun weekend though! :)

  20. Wow! You always have fun, busy weekends. I love it!

    I cannot wait to see a photo of the new haircut -- it sounds CUTE!

  21. um, next time you frequent the harbor, lemme know, i could fall from my balcony, dust myself off then stumble down the street and meet ya all up for a drink. total time: 3 minutes

    btw, don't get dan started on the patron shots!

  22. Hey!

    We've been meaning to tell you how lovely your blog is :)

    And, thank you for the comment on our post about last Friday evening -- who knows, we might have unknowingly bumped into each other at Banyan Tree. . .whenever I'm in that boutique, temptation surrounds me [sigh]

    For now, here's to another fun and random Friday! Cheers*


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