everyone is leaving

Thursday, July 17, 2008

so i just walked in the door from the map room and i can honestly say that cleveland has officially been taken over by the ast dew tour that's in town this weekend.

talk about some skater hotties.

you will find me wandering around downtown this weekend looking for my sk8ter boi. oh wait, i'll be in p-burgh, guess i'll just have to go out again tomorrow night.

so the downtown cleveland crew is pretty standard on a wednesday - you know who the neighborhood people are. but tonight there were packs of vans wearing, flat hat sporting and tattoo rockin' boys out and about.

i was enthralled by an asian skater dude with no shirt on gliding down the middle of w 9th street over and over and over again. i thought it was cool, everyone else - not so much. damn my yuppie friends.

so the whole reason for going out tonight was that a lot of my med school friends are going or are already gone on away rotations for the summer and early fall. my neighbor and partner in crime georgia peach is even leaving!

what am i going to do? who am i going to hang out with? all my downtown friends are leaving!!


but while the med school kids are only leaving temporarily my dear friend captain joe p tone is leaving indefinitely to take a position at an alt weekly in denver.

tuesday night we had a going away party for captain joe at prosperity social club in tremont. (btw, that place is friggin awesome! GREAT patio and it was surprisingly busy!)

mel, captain joe, bird, wonger and gus bus

it was sad saying bye to captain joe because we have all had so many good times together but i wish him nothing but luck and happiness!

of course bird and i got him a cleveland's a plum t-shirt as a going away present - he can't forget cleveland!!!!

but on a happy note we are getting a group together to go visit him in denver in december for his 30th birthday! which i am beyond excited for because i have never been there - awesomeness.

so even though a lot of my friends are going to be MIA for the next couple of months i'm lucky enough to have my weekends full of events and trips (p-burgh, aruba, chicago)

guess i'm just looking for week night friends ; )


  1. All these people leaving is a perfect opportunity to make new hot skater friends!!

  2. Denver in December will be amazing. So jealous! That's by far my favorite city ever. (Though I'm not sure I'd complain about pittsburgh, aurba, or chicago trips either). Have fun girl!

  3. You're making friends with the skaters, right? It's the surest way to meet YOUR sk8ter boi. Mmhmm.

    Also, Denver in December sounds fantastic! It's a beautiful place! Y'all will have fun.

  4. Alexa, I'll be your weekday drinking buddy! But that means I'll probably be crashing on your couch until work the next a.m.


  5. I think I'll be singing "Skater Boy" for the rest of the day. Also, I bought some in-season plums to bring to work this week, and they make me think of you, and Cleveland in general.

  6. If you'll be in Chicago I can partake in any day drinking buddyness. I speak facts.

  7. I'll miss you Lexy Lex Alot!!

    But I won't be gone that long, and you'll be beachin' it up for one third of the time I'll be gone. :)

    I went to Target today and they were already putting out back to school supplies! So I know that I'll be back educating America's youth before long...

  8. What's this about a Chicago trip? Dude, give me the deets stat. I don't want my calendar filling up! :-)

  9. Personally, I wouldn't let them leave. i'm not suggesting you break the law but you could detain them or something.

  10. Good luck with your skater hunt.

  11. Yay Denver! I think your friend will love it here. OK, I love it here and I guess I think everyone else must too.

  12. Hellllloooo!! I am still here!! We can hold hands and skip through the city, have staring contests and read our books on the deck. I cant wait. I am already having fun!!

  13. If I was anywhere close to Cleveland I would be a weekday friend, but I guess I'll just have to be a weekday friend in spirit.

  14. Wow - was that an Avril reference?

    Wait - I KNEW that was an Avril reference.


  15. MA PROOM!

    Yes, I will keep saying that.

  16. I will not be hanging out with you


  17. I would totally be your week night friend if I didn't live in CA.

  18. I would have felt like I had died and gone to heaven if I were in the middle of a bunch of hot skateboarders. Yum!

  19. all your friends have super cool nick names!

  20. i have never blogged, nor posted. but you got me this time.

    little do folks, like captain joe, know what they what they will uncover in believeland: wild greeks, jig dancing west siders, hebrew hotties, en vogue vitamin water vixens and so much more.

    don't think of these folks as leaving but just that they were lucky enough to catch you during their stay in our fine ass town!

  21. I'm with Nilsa- We need some Chicago dates!! And ditto to your skater yum. I think we're both on the classy side of the style chart...why are these alternative boys always so damn sexy???

    Sigh. That's a very old question.


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