i love pittsburgh, but i still hate the steelers

Monday, July 21, 2008

i created a facebook account a mere four hours ago and im already sucked in. god help me.

anyway, i know it is monday night and i am just now posting about the rest of my weekend after the cradle robbing incident, but i've been busy ok?

pittsburgh on saturday for my bestie teen's birthday was well, AWESOME. it was way less drama filled then last years festivities, cough cough.

i have also realized that limo buses are waaaaaaaay cooler than a plain 'ol taxi and that p-burgh girls like to wear booty shorts.

booty booty booty rockin' everywhere!

teen, me and diva - my favorite UD burgh girls EVER

what was also excellent about the p-burgh trip was that i got to see my bestie from high school, al-dog!! her and her husband mike just moved to the burgh from arlington, va and i love it because they are that much closer to well, ME!

al-dog and her hubbie, MOTORBOAT!!!!!

this looks like a hold alexa up photo if i've ever seen one

so i woke my butt up semi early on sunday because i had to drive back to the cleve in time for the taste of tremont! diva, i'm sorry i didn't get to see your condo, that just means i have to come back and visit sooner!

so i WAS going to go to taste of tremont with court but she bailed on me, bad court, bad ; )

but not to fear bird, muffin, captain and i had more than enough fun with ourselves.

so because it was oh, 116 degrees out we headed over to the treehouse to sit inside and people watch.

we even came up with a great drinking game where every time we saw someone with a tattoo somewhere on their leg we had to drink.

if we saw a toddler with a tattoo on their leg we had to finish our beer.

no full beers were drank, thankfully.

but there was a huge vegan "chocolate" covered frozen banana eaten by yours truly. i wanted to take a picture but it would have looked a bit well, dirty - and this girl is an angel.

after dancing to a waaaaay fun band playing on treehouse's patio bird sulik and i stopped at southside for some hummus.

at this point it was sleepy time, just like it is now.

night kids xoxo


  1. yeah facebook is def addicting!
    looks like a great time!

  2. YAYYY facebook!!!

    I hate reading about your life because it's so much more interesting than mine.

    le sigh.

    Okay, so I don't really hate it. But it makes me cry myself to sleep at night.

    Okay, that's a lie too.

  3. Welcome to the dark side that is Facebook membership! It will try everything in it's power to consume your life.

    Looks like Pittsburgh was amazing!

  4. Facebook is a gateway social network - be careful.

  5. Arlington is where I work! HA! Small world!

  6. Facebook took my soul. I still like it though :-)

  7. i didnt get face book i set up an account but im a myspace girl all the way i think...

    omg, hummus. i had this for the first time 2 wknds ago and its my new favie!!!!!

  8. That was a cute pic of you.

  9. I love the facebook, and especially the scrabble on the facebook.

  10. woot woot, facebook friends!

    you always sound like you have the best weekends. great pictures too!

  11. As usual it was a blast having you in town. Come back and visit again soon so you can actually see my new house this time. Teen and I will wear more booty shorts for you! Love ya

  12. you're JUST joining facebook? where have you been girl!?

  13. facebook is on level number 6, among the 7 layers of hell. Welcome! You're now sucked in and can never escape it's addiction!

  14. you motorboatin son of a bitch.

  15. An angel with a motorboating pic on her blog? Sure keep telling yourself that!

  16. i so would have stalked you if i'd known you were in town...

    in a not creepy way of course...

  17. Facebook is for losers. People spend way too much time on Facebook and MySpace because they have nothing better to do.

  18. Yeah I get addicted easily to Facebook, I can't help myself! Love the motorboat picture, that is hilarious.

  19. Welcome to the totally addictive world of Facebook!!

  20. haha, love the pictures. looks like a great night out.

    and welcome to facebook, i'm so addicted :)

  21. rs27 stole my Wedding Crashers comment.

    Damn him.

    He's funny first!

    Okay, well...let's see...

    "Call me...kitty cat!"

    It wasn't as good, was it?

  22. I'm impressed that you held out so long for the FB. It's really awful and amazing at the same time...


  24. i went to a wedding this weekend where we made a drinking game for the reception dj: every time he said "of course" or "you know" we had to drink. we each went through like 4 drinks just during the dinner portion.


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