i love wednesday

Thursday, July 10, 2008

i should be out and about downtown tonight instead of sitting on my comfy red chair watching my life on the d-list, maybe i'll move to the deck.

it's a beautiful night in cleveland and literally ten feet outside my apartment door a fabulous downtown cleveland alliance event is going on - thursday night live has brought basketball courts, cornhole and badminton to w 9th. and the bars on my street are also having tons of drink and food specials.

while i was walking home from my parking lot i was looking around like wow, i live here?!?! this is so fun!

so instead of walking right into my apartment i looked for my friend who works for the dca and made him give me a sweet thursday night live t-shirt.


so now i'm home - one box of vegan mac and "cheese" and one free t-shirt later still very very tired.

what? what's that you say? why am i so tired?

ok, ok, i'll fill you in.

last night myself, georgia peach, wonger and murph headed to half price sushi night at sushi rock for 5:30 dinner reservations. i know 5:30 is early for dinner but we wanted to get moving, we are old.

after about 324 orders of tofu/avocado rolls and two bottles of wine later we headed to d'vine wine bar, picking up the giff and liz along the way. we scored a big circle patio table - cause that's how we roll.

d'vine is where the giff, georgia peach and i found our new favorite summer drink. the sparkling strawberry. um, yum. it's strawberry infused vodka topped with sparkling wine. to die for.

i want one everyday this summer. let's see if i can accomplish this.

[side note: im now sitting on my deck typing this post oh so very journalistic like in pajama pants and a t-shit when a bug landed on my arm. very dainty like i attempted to flick the little booger away. instead i ended up murdering the bug on my arm. ew bug guts. end side note]

when we were cut off decided to leave we knew that the night just couldn't end. where to next? map room (for the 1,239 time why doesn't map room have a website?!?!)

we met up with the usual boys, nameless husband, donkers and tj and we quickly became the official "welcome to the map room" welcoming party.

now murph doesn't hang out all that much with me and the downtown family so she hadn't met donkers yet. or so she thought.

upon meeting him she whispered to me, "i know where i know him from! he has hooked up with at least two of my friends"

of course he has.

obviously i couldn't keep this tidbit a secret so i clued donkers in on what we were giggling about.

he immediately blushes and asked what their names were.

murph: kate _____ and kelly______
donkers: *blank stare*

donkers: do you have any pictures of them?
murph: no, but maybe you have their phone number and you just forgot you did?

(going through his phone with the numbers murph gave him)
ok, i have 4 kate's and 5 kelly's but none of the numbers match with yours

me: you are such a player donkers! you get girls numbers for sport
murph: actually, he just points to his apartment across the street at 2:30am and the girls follow, i've seen it happen in real life.

me: (to donkers) murph already knows your game and she doesn't even know you!
murph: you're like the map room consolation prize, the parting gift.

at this point i think you could have heard me laughing on the east bank of the flats.

after we throughly called donks out on his shit he chugged a beer and got a new girls number put in his blackberry that he will never call.

for as much crap as i give donkers the dude does crack me up, and as he stated to me last night in a buzzed state, "you're my buddy alexa. like the type of buddy that if a guy was ever giving you a hard time at a bar i would totally kick his ass."

HA! gee thanks.

so i'm across the street from my apartment at this point in time one would think my night is over right?


next stop my FAVORITE dive bar in cleveland - harbor inn. (btw, where were you narm??). wonger, murph and i met up with our SCENE writer friends. well mostly i just caught up with Dan at the bar.

getting second and third place on the erotic photo hunt megatouch was good enough for us and we headed home.

do you all now get why i'm tired today? oy.

lessons i learned
-tofu is good
-infused strawberry vodka is delicious
-so co and lime shots are horrible
-harbor inn has a sweet new patio
-motorcycles like to stop at talk to chicks in cars
-advil before bed really does work (thanks allison m)


  1. i'll take harbor inn anytime, how can you go wrong with dan?

    who is stalking whom?

  2. You're such a trooper. Tomorrow is Friday night, my friends birthday, and I'm already way too tired to go out.

    I'm such a freakin baby.

  3. Why did you not let me in on this Advil before bed secret?!? I felt HORRIBLE all day and finally came out of my cold sweat stage at the Indians game after some waffle friends and a corona.

    I learned that that martinis have defeated me - and if I am going to indulge in my favorite strawberry cocktail I must forgo the other 3 glasses of wine...
    And whenever I suggest we take soco and lime shots it's ONLY because I am not in my right mind and I need to be shot down. I never want to take shots when I haven't had a martini and mohito too many! (although props to Dee at the Maproom who does make THE best Mohitos!)

    Oh what a summer evening! ::)

  4. what a hilarious and fun night! i love those random weekday nights that few like weekends. it makes the rest of the work week that much more bearable.

    i think next time i come home you're gonna need to show me how to party in cleveland. i've only done it a few times and generally, i just cant wait to get back to chicago. but your stories are amazing...maybe its not that bad of a place after all ;)

  5. Wow vegan Mac & cheese? What does that taste like? What's even in there? OMG So Co and lime shots? That might kill me and strawberry infused vodka does sound lovely.

  6. I am jealous of your proximity to a downtown area with cool bars and fun things going on. Sometimes I hate the suburbs!

  7. I need this strawberry drink in my life.



  8. Oh, I love/am jealous that you live downtown in a happening city. Our downtown? Totally not happening even though they're trying to revive it. *sigh*

    Also, that drink sounds delish! And if I had been in your shoes last night, I would have passed out on the couch..

  9. I love those random drunk summer drinking nights. It makes you feel like you're in college again and then you remember while you're sitting at work (and quite possibly STILL drunk) that it was soo much easier when you could take a nap during the day.

    Do you know what also has been a proven hangover cure?? A can of Coke. It can't be diet. Just drink a Coca-Cola and you're be great!

  10. going to Bar Cento tonight- never been there- what do you think I should get???

  11. How come that pointing across the sreet thing hasn't worked for me? He must do it with a certain panache...

    This is going to be a LONG day at work.

  12. Sunnsyide pizza- yes!!!
    That is what I was drawn to- yum!

  13. Girlfriend, I get tired just reading about your escapades. And these are mid-week escapades nonetheless. You are a rock star for living the life! Happy weekend!

  14. I like the re-cap at the end, because it always helps to have a second reminder about the advil before bed rule.

  15. What exactly is Vegan Mac & Cheese?

    is it fake cheese?

  16. yea, going out on a school night is way hard for me. zzzzzzzz but i can totally hold my own on the wknd.

  17. everyone has a man-whore friend... they make the night interesting

  18. I love how eventful your life is! I think if we lived in the same town we would have serious liver problems.

  19. I want the damned drink now.

    Like, bad.

  20. I'm posting that cookie recipe on my blog tomorrow, so go check it out. Turns out, everyone wants it and it's just easier to post it in one place.

    I hope your friends love them!!!

  21. Didn't realize our city could be so cool. I should just suck it up and move downtown already.

  22. hmmmm... I love Kathy, sushi, and wine....I think I'm in love with you...

  23. I don't think 5:30 is too early for dinner, at all! In fact, I'd prefer to eat around that time.

    I still love apple-infused vodka. YUM!

  24. Advil before bed is my lifesaver. I have a gigantic bottle with the easy twist off cap for those with arthritis but it really works out well for drunks who need to drop about 6 advils before they go to bed. AKA - ME


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