if loving him is wrong...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

yesterday morning i was going to write an entire post about how i wanted to stalk ryan sheckler this weekend while he was in cleveland for the dew tour.

yes, i know he is 18 - TEN years younger then me - but who cares?

i can be a cougar. rraaaaarrrrrwwwww!

i can't help it that his baby blue eyes and boyish good looks get to me.

maybe if he wasn't so damn adorable on his mtv reality series life of ryan i wouldn't have this obsession.

well last night i got to see his baby blues in the flesh.

after a fabulous spicy dinner at ty fun with wonger and miss mel we walked around tremont shopping and what not when we talked about going to see a movie.

we decided to go see the dark knight on it's premiere weekend, a half hour before it started.

you may be thinking, but what about tickets?!?!

well this is downtown cleveland kids - not the suburbs - and we were going to tower city for a show. we were thought there was no way in
hell we were going to have to wait or have it even been close to being sold out.

we were right. we walked right in and the theater wasn't even full.

ok so, back to ryan scheckler.

when we headed back to the warehouse district after dinner to park and walk to tower city, miss mel and i were stopped on the corner of st clair and w 6th turning right by metropolitan.

VERY slowly due to damn traffic.

i look out my window to the right and i see these kids - skater kids i should say.

and there is the one and only ryan schekler and his friend tony waiting to cross the street with their boards.

obviously i yell out the window, "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ryan scheklerrrrrr", waving like a school girl.

he looks up, laughs and says, "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" right back to me.

then i may or may not have gotten out of the car and gave him a high five.

it was awesome.

back to the dark knight - obviously i am going to tell you to go see it because it was friggin' awesome.

my coke - cherry - coke icee was also awesome.

so heath ledger was brilliantly crazy and i got sad watching him. i also wanted to be the middle of a yummy sandwich made up of christian bale and aaron eckhart.

there were plot twists that i didn't expect and my hands were definitely over my eyes more that five times throughout the movie.

all in all it was a fabulous evening with friends and a celebrity encounter - works for me!

and now it's time to go drive to pittsburgh for teen's birthday extravaganza.


  1. at least he's legal...

    ain't being star struck fun?

    have fun in Pitt? can't you really do that?

    lemme know when you show the harbor some love on a weeknight, i'll join up.

  2. No no no no no NOOOOO!

    I cannot sit idly by letting you think that this is okay. It's not the age that's wrong, it's the fact that he's not good-looking. I'm all for the occasional, hypothetical cradle-robbing, but in this case? Not okay.

    Save it for the Efron or something.

    I still love you though if for no other reason than the high five.

  3. I disagree, Ben. He's way cuter than Efron. (Who's funny looking in my opinion.)

    I was at Tower City yesterday. The end.

    I totally cover my eyes ALL THE TIME when I'm watching scary movies. No Country For Old Men? Was seen from behind my fingers.

  4. You know he loved the high five.
    And Christian Bale sandwich? Um, yes please.

  5. At my daughter's gymnastics place the teenage guys come in and do all kinds of flips and stuff....without their shirts.

    "mmmmmm look at that...oh shit, I bet he is 16....."

    I now require them to wear their age somewhere I can see it.

    Like their ass


  6. Not only is Ryan hot, but he's legal. That's enough for meeee

  7. He is a very nice, looking, of-legal-age man. Meow. I would go cougar for that, or one of the two legal Jonas boys.

  8. ha! my roommate watches that show!! you are a couger and i love it!

  9. I HIGHLY disagree with Ben above. He is very good looking and very legal. I see nothing wrong with this. :)

  10. Ryan Sheckler?!? Agreed, he's so cute on Life of Ryan! You're always involved in the most random events in downtown Cleveland...we should hang out sometime!

  11. You are too funny! I can totally see you jumping out of the car to high five him!!!!

  12. Awww man.....

    I come here looking to read something funny and get pictures of some naked boy.

    I am uncomfortable now and you're to blame.

  13. hes legal. It was fate, and you should've scooped him up and took him home and married him.

  14. Is a high-five like 2nd base?

  15. There is NOTHING wrong with a little cradle robbing. If the opportunity came about I would be all over those boys from Gossip Girl.

  16. haha -- that is too cute about the 18 yr old ;)

    And, about The Dark Knight. . .did you not think it was at least 30 minutes too long?? Jose and I are going to post a review within the next day or so -- we'll try not to be too hard on it, perhaps our expectations were a little too high*


  17. I LOVED the movie! SO AMAZING.

    Haha, Ryan Shekeler. I'm not into him, even though he's a cutie. Nick Hogan is a little more my type... But still too young!

  18. omg I love Ryan Shekeler as much as you do!! he's such a little cutie. and I'm only 23 so its not that much older than him :)

  19. um yeah he is sort of cute, you're not alone there, haha.

    and seriously, i wish there was no line for the dark knight, haha. it's been a little ridiculous in la. but oh so worth it.

  20. I love him too.
    You are not alone.

  21. I'm going to be honest -- I've never heard of that kid before. Hmm. But I really hope that you high-fived him. Seriously. If I could have done that Friday with Brett Favre (BRETT FAVRE!), I totally would have.

    Also, I'm jealous that you and everyone else in the blogosphere went to see TDK. The line for it in Memphis when we went to see Mama Mia was ridiculous Saturday afternoon.

  22. damn it, i was hoping you'd post the butt crack photo from banyan.

  23. I just found out who he was after scoping him when flipping channels the other day. niiiiice.

    Love that you high5ed him. Rock on.

    Personally, I freak whenever it comes into question if any of my crushes (RL or Celeb) are younger than me. Even 2 monthes weirds me out... like Shia Labeouf


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