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Thursday, July 17, 2008

a great fellow blogger brookem recently posted a 6 month check up on her new years resolutions.

i thought this was a fabulous blog idea and i immediately went to my first ever blog post dated january 2, 2008 (yeah i'm still a newbie), to remind myself what i wrote.

it seriously feels so long ago that i made the list because so much has changed - like people actually reading my blog now! well all 48 members of my family do.

upon looking at my 2008 resolutions i realized that my list sucked! i should have gotten way more creative, guess i'll have to save that for 2009. it is what it is though and i still need to check in on the list.

so here are my 2008 resolutions in no particular order with half way through the year updates:

"work out and eat right (this has been my go to resolution since around 1990)"
-well the working out thing happened for a little bit. i joined the downtown ymca and had a personal trainer
-i haven't been to the gym in months, $40 down the tube each month - FAIL
-i have 8 personal training sessions waiting for me, already paid for. maybe i should use them huh?
-eating right has only recently been happening for me
-vegan eating is still awesome and working, 15 pounds down

"stop buying designer bags (this is going to be a tough one)"
-i have bought ONE designer bag (my gorgeous red chloe) in the last 6 months, but it's an improvement people!
-it's still a FAIL though
-but in my defense how could i not buy the bag when i had customer service like this???

"stop instantly judging people (this is going to be a REALLY tough one)"
-HUGE FAIL need to work on it
-who was i trying to kid in making this?

"let the past be the past and instead of dwelling on it learn from it (this one is going to be easy)"
- i was right from the beginning, this one WAS easy
-success! boys shmoys

"put the cellphone away when i have had too many glasses of pinot noir (my roommate has a similar no drunk texting resolution that i think is brilliant)"
-um, i think this is a half win half fail for me.
-instead of drunk texting i have been drunk emailing from my blackberry - oh the shame.
-but i haven't really had any interesting boys these past 6 months that i wanted to make stupid drunk texts/calls to. must work on that!

"START MY BLOG!!!!!!!"
-obviously 6 and a half months later i'm still trucking away, GO ME!

so there you have it - i bet the majority of my friends and family that have been reading the plum from day one are pretty shocked i have kept this little piece of the internet going for as long as i have.

here's to another 6 months - cheers.

what's your 6 month update? would you give yourself a pass or fail grade?


  1. the only new years resolution i made was to break my addiction to retail, and i think i did. now i'm only giving myself 2 months out of the year to shop for clothes... june (for summer) and december (after christmas day for sales and winter stuff). so far so good. i didn't buy anything till june arrived, and since june has passed i havent bought anything either... waiting till december. it's rought, but im sticking to it!

  2. Mmm - cautiously passing. I am meeting some of the big stuff, but have not been so good on the small stuff.

  3. Passing, but nowhere near an A on the getting into shape thing, sadly. I have definitely gotten off my ass, but I'll be damned if those pounds aren't stubborn bastards.

  4. Fifteen pounds! You're wasting away, girl!

  5. I stopped making resolutions. I don't need even MORE yardsticks to measure my failure because I have two kids who already do that for me on a daily basis.

  6. Does drunk texting old roomies that you love them count? Hee hee. I can't wait to see you!

  7. By Lex Lexy Loo!!

    I'll miss yoouuu!!

    I don't know what I'm going to doooo,

    Not seeing you for a week or twooo!

    (or 3, but that didn't rhyme. )

    I'll call you later!!

  8. My resolution has been the same for the past three years. Eat dinner before drinking. Sounds easy enough, not a lot of pressure there, but I still only manage about a 50% success rate. Meh.

    how do you manage to eat vegan all the time, I'd surely slip up after a night out on the town.

  9. I'm a genius who set herself up to win. My resolution was to have no resolutions. I shouted only drunkinly new years eve "I'm going to be happy another year" so far so good.

    One thing I've learned in this life, is that I don't want to give myself any reason to dislike me. I worked too hard to love myself to set myself up for failure. I sound so smart. I should write a book or something.

  10. Alexis!!! 15 Pounds!! That is freakin' awesome. I gave up on New Years Resolutions a long time ago, so I guess I give myself an "A" for not even trying!! :)

  11. Oops I said Alexis....I meant AlexAAAAA!!!! Maybe I should make the resolution to get people's names right!

  12. I didn't do a resolution this year other than "stick to what you've been doing and improve as best you can"

    I gotta say, I'm passing on all counts. Ha!

  13. I was sort of half and half on mine. And I would never try to stop being judgmental. It's what makes me me, and gives me so much blog fodder...

  14. I'd like to think that I'm not an absolute fail, but I'm definitely not half and half. Maybe 30-70. Gah. I'm a big FAIL.

  15. I don't do resolutions. So, therefore, I can't even rate myself. Hahaha. Though, I'm terribly failing at trying to lose weight before my wedding. Thankfully, I won't cry if I'm still pudgy come October. See how motivated I am?! ha.

  16. excuse me...15 lbs!??? what is on this vegan diet of yours? i think i may need to try it. seriously, i want a menu of what you eat :)

  17. you've done pretty damn good to me!

    oh god, and judging? i judge too. i judge the hell out of things and it's really something im trying to work on.

  18. This is the first year I didn't make any resolutions. I always try to come up with something creative and I drew a blank this year so in that sense I failed.

  19. The only resolution I made was to be better looking than the year before.

    I have failed

  20. I really didn't have any resolutions- but if I did, I'm sure I wouldn't have stuck with them.

  21. Yay for conquering two of the resolutions. As for the others, you have the rest of the year...

    I never write mine down anymore because I know I'm going to fail. How awful is that? Yeah.

  22. I'd say that if you make any sort of progress toward your resolution then it's a success not fail. Especially if you've only bought one designer bag!!

  23. What a fantastic idea. Great idea. :)

  24. pass/fail... hmmm i think im neither. i would give myself a B-. better than average, but needs improvement!
    im gonna do my recap tonight!!!!


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