is your refrigerator running?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

.....well why don't you catch it? yeah i went there.

have you ever wondered what was on my refrigerator?

admit it, i know you think about it everyday - you crazy internets.

well now you can finally see my refrigerator for yourself.

i'm guest blogging over at EP's place stylish handwriting.

so click on through, check out my refrigerator and tell me what's on yours.

have a great rest of your weekend - i'm off to a wedding!!


  1. I would totally do this but I just cleaned off my refrigerator last week when we had an appraiser come to the house.

    So, mine would be boring to you ;)

  2. You know what's in my fridge too since you instinctly open it every time you come over:) I know we can't get our day started until you open my fridge, take a look and then close it back gingerly without realizing what you're doing.

    Have fun at the wedding! We'll be back tonight neighbor!

  3. Thanks for the congrats on my teaching job... Crazy excited and can't wait to get started...

    So glad that I popped in on this post...

    Reminded so much of being a child and doing that fun prank phone call.. Yeah, I did it and then laughed myself silly with my best friend, Lynn. We thought that noone had ever hear that one.. Great memory.. Kayce

  4. Ugh if you saw my refrigerator you would think I'm insane. Large quantities of the same foods, yogurt, eggs, chicken, etc. I'm not insane, just mindful of my time to prepare dinner. Have fun at the wedding.

  5. Alexa, I posted my fridge doors to add to your Fridge Meme.

    Next time, let's do what's INSIDE the fridge. Then, I think more people would be seriously freaked out. LOL

  6. ohhh fun, im goin to read!

  7. OH man it must be nice having a refrigerator, maybe I'll put magnets on my car!

  8. i commented on your guest blog entry. btw, what hijinx happened during the big birthday night out. i thought that would have certainly been blogworthy.

  9. this seriously was the weekend of weddings, sheesh, haha.

  10. Our refrigerator still producing struggling voice, thanks its not summer:)


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