to add or not to add ads

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

while sitting on my deck across from the plain dealer pavilion and listening to the awesome band chicago rock out i am pondering a little something random.

so my non blogging friends and family always ask me when i am going to put advertisements on my blog.

like a
ll the time.

they always ask what's the point of blogging if you aren't going to make money off of it?

let's just say they don't get it (blogging), and leave it at that for now.

i didn't start this blog to make money, i don't think any blogger really does.

i read a lot of blogs (A LOT), and i always take notice if a blog has ads on it. it seems that the majority of the blogs i read that have ads on them are either a member of the blogher ad network or power blogger and have google adsense.

i'm a dork and am always curious to ask the author how much money they actually get and if it is worth it or not.

then there is the other side of the coin where i see some of the more "popular blogs" who get 8 bazillion comments per post and they don't have ads. which makes me think that if there was money in it they would be doing it too.

i guess i'm just confused by it all. it doesn't take much though.

so do you wanna know a random secret?

i always click on ads when i visit my favorite blogs.

you're welcome for that ten cents people.

a bit of my thought process:

are adding ads to a blog selling out? i don't think so

do they mess up my layout? maybe

does it hurt? probably not

i like money. although i doubt i'll be getting much money from placing ads i'll take what i can get.

though it may not look like it a put a lot of time into blogging, i do - so why not let my blog buy me dinner?

now obviously i'm no perez hilton who makes tens of thousands of dollars on ads per DAY. although on a side note, here's a pic of my friend kyle and perez that kyle just sent me today. kyle and another friend of mine gil hung out with perez while they were in vegas this past weekend. totally jealous. end side note.

perez makes money from his blog. and apparently wears his sunglasses at night

i get a surprisingly big amount of unique visitors a day so it could be worth it. ahhhhhhhh who knows, it's all relative right?

so i guess i'm asking you fellow bloggers. is it completely pointless to puts ads on my blog? be honest.

those of you that do have them is it worth it?

i need someone else to think for me today.


  1. Personally I don't like ads or text ads. I'll only do sponsored posts or write articles... :)

    I don't like the clutter it would add to my already almost-over-cluttered blog

  2. Unless you get 10,000 hits a day + you won't make any money. I do the Blogher ads for more site traffic but that's it. I think the most $ I ever made off my blog came in the form of a flat iron worth $200.

  3. Chef's Widow hit the question of profitability requiring thousands of unique visitors a day...

    ...but just as important is the fact that you can't usually pick the ads that run on your site.

    What it would mean to you if your site suddenly had ads for Scientology, free iPods, mortgages, new smiley face icons or similar things on it? Would that change the way other people view what you write? Would it change the way you feel about your blog?

  4. Hmmm. I am curious about this topic too - I don't get enough hits to seriously think about it yet, but I would like to know what people actually can make from it. I happen to think they're sort of intrusive a lot of the time, but hey. If you can make money without compromising your personal space, why the heck not?

  5. I've been asked too, to put ads on my page.


    You can't sell out to the man!

    Unless... of course... I knew for a fact I'd be making cheddy. A substantial amount.

    Because we're not stupid. :)

  6. i thought about it once, but quickly dismissed the idea. I'm not in it for the money, but in it just to share thoughts, experiences and maybe reach out to others.

    its a decision you'd have to make for yourself i'm afraid

  7. I agree. I'd only do it if I made a good chunk of change. Five dollars a month for an ugly ad on my page? No thanks.

    That being said, I'm pretty good at overlooking the ads on other sites. Ones that are nice looking and not ridiculous (shoot the balloon and win a wii, an iPod and a date with Obama) don't bother me at all. Though, the google adsence ones always make me wonder whether or not they get the traffic to make it worth it.

  8. I actually signed up for adsense the other day because well... I <3 money.

    It sucks because they don't really tell you how much you're going to make. It's kind of like "sign up, put ads on your page and find out!"

    So yea, I'm anxious to see what people say.

  9. Dude! Perez looks pretty nifty right there!

    Re: the ads? I just don't feel right doing it. I don't knock others for it -- but it's not my shtick. :)

  10. I wish I had ads on my site, but it doesn't work because I'm hosted by Wordpress, and they don't let you. If I ever get the motivation to host on my own, I would in a heartbeat. But for now, I'm all about keeping it easy for myself. But make money if you want to, girl!

  11. I just started putting ads on my site. Mostly out of curiosity. I started with Google's AdSense, but felt they were terribly ugly ... and to be honest, if I saw them on someone else's site, I'd never click on the ads. They remind me of "how to make $10,000 a month from working at home for an hour a day" ploys. About a week ago, I started up with BlogHer ads (though, for the record, they are technically closed to accepting new blogs for advertising ... though they'll still let you apply). And I'm going to see. If I gain new readership through the ads, then I feel I've accomplished my goals. The money? Let's just say I'm not expecting to lose my day job anytime soon. And regarding the content of the ads ... BlogHer allows you to state which types of ads you don't want on your site. Kinda nice.

  12. I definitely didn't get into blogging for money -- I liked having a community of friends that I could reach out to any time of the day or night. It's been so helpful as I've been in the middle of my big relocation without a lot of friends around.

    I did add the ads with the idea that if I could make a little money, then great. (I do have a dream of being a professional blogger, but I doubt my current blog is going to get me there). I really don't get a lot -- a couple bucks a month -- and don't get paid til I've reached $100. So unless my blog gets featured on the Today show or something, it's not lucrative (but thanks for clicking!!)

  13. I used to have ads on my old blog. Since I post about drinking (ALOT) the google adsense ads would always be alcohol it was quite fun to see the liquor ads on my site.

    I just really dont care anymore. I just blog to blog...

  14. I'm neutral when it comes to ads. To be honest, I rarely notice them on blogs. I think that we're so inundated with ads that it becomes very easy to tune them out.

  15. interesting to hear what everyone has to say about this..

    i personally only find ads annoying when i'm trying to find actual blog info on a sidebar (like the author's bio, the archives, whatever) and i have to scroll down through like 12 pages of sidebar ads before getting to what i'm looking for.

  16. It's only worth it if you can make a substantial amount of money off of them, and you have to be BIG time for that.

    Not that you're not big time - you are in my world.


  17. i dont like ads, but its not my blog. Its yours and you can do whatcha want! I never click ads, because I'm terrified of viruses. I've killed two computers. lol.

    If it makes you ANY money its more than its making now......right?

  18. Are you sure that picture isn't from 1982?

    And if you want to slap some ads on there it ain't gonna stop me from reading so feel free to make a few clams!

  19. I'm not a fan of ads, and I feel like most "normal" bloggers won't benefit that much from displaying ads, either. It's like chump change, and you don't even get a check for what you made until you reach a certain amount of money. I don't think it's really worth it.

  20. I'm totally willing to whore my blog.


    Even for a nickel.

    Call me ad people!

  21. I never pay attention to people's ads. Ever.

    I wonder, too, about how much money people really make from ads.

    Eh, let us know. (Because so far, no one has divulged that information. C'mon, people!)

  22. I've never clicked on an ad once. Except for th Snorg Girl because I thought clicking on her would take me to her private e-mail.

    didn't happen

  23. i added google adsense to my blog when i was first building the framework last yr when i created my blog. since then i've never even checked the acct to see if it even gets any clicks. meh. it doesnt matter to me. its personal choice i guess... plus my blog doesnt even get that much traffic anyway. i say go for it... make a lil dough doing something you love if you can... why the hell not.

  24. I'm with you, I'm not sure which way to go on the issue. I'm sure if I had a kajillion readers every day, I'd definitely slap some ads on there. Right now, it just seems like too much work for a couple extra dollars per month.

  25. I don't have a problem with people putting ads up - why not make money doing what you love? But I don't think it's worth it unless you're getting a ton of visitors.

  26. I'm torn. A part of me would like the extra cash...even if it is only $5 a month. That should cover my vending machine expenses.

    On the other hand, I just don't feel right about it. I applied for BlogHer ads but found out that Wordpress doesn't let you add the code for the ads. Lame!

  27. I've been contemplating this as well. It's nice seeing everyone's reactions to the subject. I think it's an interesting thing to try, but i'm not banking on making a lot of money right now. Maybe one day, though? We'll see. Right now i'm ad free, but maybe one day if i'm bored, I might hop on the bandwagon.

  28. i have thought about this too and haven't really made a solid decision yet. maybe if i could declutter my blog a bit i would add some ads and see if it got me anywhere. otherwise i'm just content with blogging.

  29. Dude, I've been having the same struggle. I like the idea of picking my own ads though- and I think the only place that lets you do that is blogher and they aren't taking any applications right now. (or so their website says). I always am curious how much people make. I mean, if it's 32 cents a month, not cool. But $20? That's worth it!

  30. For me, if I hit a certain amount of readers I will add them, but that's because I'm a stay-at-home mom so making $5 off my hobby is $5 I didn't have before....

  31. I'm totally willing to whore my blog, too.

    Then again, my MySpace page has gotten something like 20,000 hits in three years (not a lot when you compare it to Perez or anything, but still), so I'm wondering how I could somehow profit from THAT.

    Blame it on the crappy economy! ;)

  32. I don't have a problem with them, and if you're getting enough people at your site to make you some money, do it and don't look back.

    Judging from the amount of visitors you sent to my blog the days after you guest posted, you'd probably have some good luck. (:

  33. yeah, i have wondered about this as well. though, id be the LAST person to know how to add all of that to my blog. i can barely change my header without needing a cocktail in hand. this seems over my head.

  34. The reason I have ads on my blog is to offset hosting costs and maybe to get a new design every now and then. Definitely not because I think they are going to make me rich and I can quit my job!

    BlogHer Ads are awesome because they pay out on page views rather than clicks. Of course, if you get clicks that's even better.

    I don't make a ton but I do okay and think having them is worth it because it keeps my blog pretty.

  35. I much prefer ads in the sidebar to sponsored content. Ads in the sidebar have no effect whatsoever on the voice of the author, and sponsored content does. I'm not here for that and I find it pretty easy to ignore sidebar ads. My ads certainly aren't going to let me quit my job anytime soon, but they do pretty much cover my portion of the cost of my health insurance, and that's definitely worthwhile to me.

  36. oh sure, you get me hooked on your blog and then you don't post for two days... :)

    thursday night live on west ninth tonight and happy hour. i'm headed across the cuyahoga for a couple...

  37. thanks for all the advice guys! for now i think i'm going to stay ad free but if blogher lets me sign up, i will in a heart beat.


  38. so you're the other person besides my husband that clicks on my ads - ha! Thanks to the two of you, I think I just broke $100 :)

    Save your time, it's not really woth it - unless you have a blog thatreaches the masses.


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