poor trophy

Monday, July 7, 2008

going out hard three nights in a row may have been fine for the 22 year old alexa, even the 25 year old alexa - but the 28 year old alexa? not so much.

the vegan 28 year old alexa. she doesn't eat enough to be drinking what she does.

ok, i'm done talking in the third person, that's just obnoxious.

so the update on my vegan 30 days is that it is going surprisingly well.

it's been two weeks since i started and i have lost ten pounds. TEN POUNDS! it's awesome.

i was really proud of myself this weekend b
eing at home and not cheating once. at the wedding reception though the only thing i could eat was the dinner salad - so i drank my dinner. vodka, it does a body good - i'm thinking that's why i grayed out by the end of the night. oops.

so onto the recap
, mostly in pics cause i'm lazy tonight.

so thursday night sissy!, MOB, beaver, foxxy, wonger, bird, alymcjew, georgia peach, dr wild, rab, meiser and i all headed to fahrenheit in tremont for dinner.

shockingly this was my first time there
and i don't know what too me so long to get there. this place was awesome. great decor and and a fabulous new summer menu - i was so excited to have my one non vegan meal for my birthday dinner there.

when we walked into the place i was surprised by not one but two bottles of pink prosecco waiting on the table for me from my dear dear friend poo poo. anything bubbly to drink makes me happy - thank you poo poo. i wish you were there with us.

also, alymcjew made me vegan cookies. seriously, so a
mazing of her even more so because i knew it was not an easy feat. thanks aly!!

now this is where i get mad at myself for not taking a group picture. ugh. oh well.

everyone got tons of varieties of food but the most popular choices were the pizzas and scallops with gnocci and mushroom. i chose the latter. the dish was beyond d
elicious and i will be going back to get it again. the beet salad was tasty as well.

the best part though was chef rocco hooking us up with not one complimentary dessert for my birthday but TWELVE.

TWELVE complimentary desserts. one for each of us. from cookies and milk, chocolate lava cake, macadamia cheesecake and butterscotch mousse (our favorite, see right) - we got hooked up.

it was oh so nice of fahrenheit to do, thats what i call excellent service.

i guess one can't resist a table full of hot girls.

dinner we walked across the street to the flying monkey where we met up with more friends (boys were now allowed) and we took over the patio.

drinks and shots were bought and i had a blast. isn't that the point?

MOB, beaver, foxxy and myself - yay UD girls!

on our way home (thanks gus bus and wonger for driving), sissy and i found a couple of bowling trophies in the back seat of wonger's car. why there were in the car i'm not sure but we put the poor guys in some naughty positions. i think they actually enjoyed it though.

i hear this is a new style of bowling - everybody's doing it.

look ma! no hands!

three's company. the little guy wanted to get involved too.

so i'm thinking that the above pictures prove that i am still a child - well i'm still a child after a lot of cocktails on my birthday.

i have an excuse. sorry mom.

friday night sissy and i headed home to canton for some family time. too bad i promptly went to my friend keter o's house. there is something about going to a keg party with my north canton friends that makes me happy.

lthough i did almost kick a dude in the shin because he was bad talking cleveland. you don't do that around me. no way.

of course the boys played a ridiculous amount of poker while the girls drank wine. pretty standard. mishler, biscuit, j-birdie and i had girl time and before i knew it i may or may not have drank too much wine. oops. it was still my birthday weekend right?

while everyone was late night pizza eating i was eating animal crackers. somehow i found this very ironic. the temporary vegan girl munching on animal crackers.

i thought i was hilarious chanting "don't eat me, don't eat me!". emphasis on thought.

saturday my mom, sissy and i had a wedding of a very good friend of the family (the son of one of my mom's best and oldest friends). it was a great wedding with tons of dancing and catching up with friends and laughing.

bridesmaid leah and scott posing in their matching outfits. very prom 1997 - love it.

it was weird seeing some of the "kids" i once babysat for drinking. i may or may not have been contributing to their cause though. oops everyone was with their parents, i'm in the clear ; )

check out my hot momma's - mary jo, diane, my mom and heidi - these ladies have been friends for almost 50 years. 50 years!

after the wedding we headed over to my cousin's house for an OPA! party and this is where everything gets a bit fuzzy. i guess i ended up at keter o's house again and thankfully sissy came and picked me up. no need for drinking and driving.

sunday my sissy and i headed over to our yiayia's (grandma) house for breakfast. we sat and visited and watched casablanca. it was a pretty close to perfect morning.

after breakfast we went to see get smart. which pretty much just solidified my girl crush on anne hathaway. i want to be her friend. go see the movie though, it was very cute.

ok, so this recap here?

waaaaaaay too long. i'm bored just typing it out.

if you made it through though, i congratulate you.

back to regularly scheduled posting tomorrow. phew.

have a good one kids.


  1. Yeay weekends! That's so awesome about the 10 pounds! I have a girl crush on Anne Hathaway too... what a cute movie that was.

  2. As a vegetarian, I'm desperate to find out how much cheese-weight I'm actually carrying. If I could come up with enough recipes to eat vegan for even two weeks, I'd probably wither away.

    ...must try.

  3. Many comments of course. I'm like live blogging my reading of this entry.

    - 10 pounds is freakin AWESOME. amazingness :-) I think you've sent it over to my way because I've been totally pigging out on Hummus, but oh well.

    - how the hell did you end up with 12 free deserts?! that is amazing. You always get free stuff

    - seeing those trophies made me spit out my coffee. high-larious

    - your momma is really pretty! in fact all of those ladies are all decked out and stylish... here? people over 40 have teased hair from the 70's/80's and... well some day you will just have to come see.

  4. I also watched Casablanca Sunday morning (on Turner Movie Classics?)

    I don't think Bob enjoyed it as much as I did.

    I'm glad you had a great weekend! :)

  5. Ugh my 28 year old self can't take it either! But here's to us for trying!

  6. 10 pounds is amazing!! Way to go in sticking with vegan, girl! I've tried, but just don't have the will power to give up fish - I love me some sushi. What are your tricks to sticking with it?

  7. After trying your tofu I know why your diet is going so well, it's surprisingly delicious!! - but not quite as succulent as the scallops at Fahrenheit- amazing!!

    Glad to have you back in the Cleve!

    So what are we doing tonight??

  8. Congrats on losing the weight!

    LOL, everyday when I read your blog I think- damn, it must be tough being on a vegan diet. I couldnt do it.

  9. what a great weekend!! i'm so impressed with the TWELVE free desserts! you hot ladies, you :-)

  10. Sooo that's why you want your hair like hers! Also, Tremont Scoops has vegan ice cream - their lemon sorbet (which I had last night) is dairy free and fat free too...and it's delicious!

  11. omg, i remember about five years ago when i did the vegan thing for about a year, it was rough, but i lost so much weight. now? i just limit myself to chicken and turkey every once in a while for the protein, but that's about it.

    oh, and i'm almost 24 and i soooo can't party like i used to. my god, it hurts the next day.

    looks like you had a blast though! :o)

  12. Girlfriend, it's like every week you've got something else going on. I get tired just reading about it! You're still kicking it in high gear for a late 20-something. By the time I was your age, I was usually in bed no later than midnight on the weekends. Yeah, I know how to rock.it.out.

  13. dude. you party like a rockstar. I need pointers!

  14. Congrats on the weight loss! Go you! :)

  15. I dunno if i could do vegan. I love my yogurt smoothies, and well...i love cheese.If I could I would marry it. Im sure it'd never hurt me.

    Loved the animal crackers, it is quite ironic. And good for you not having pizza. Saying no....to pizza? You deserve one of those bad-ass bowling trophies for that!

  16. Wow! Sounds like you had a pretty nice weekend. It must be tough going vegan. I'm surprised you're making it this long! I certainly could never do it. I have a friend who made a recipe for vegan red velvet cake. DELISH! And the restaurant you went to for your birthday sounds AMAZING! I'm jealous.

  17. Great pictures!

    10 pounds, eh? Good for you! Glad the vegan diet is working out!

  18. I love that Animal Crackers are vegan. And I'm glad the whole thing is going well for you!

    The bowling trophy pics were a hoot.

  19. I need to find me a chef rocco.

    Well not in that way.

    In the way of making me free stuff.

    Yeah thats it

  20. YEAA! You look fabulous! I would totally love to try the vegan diet, but I don't think I could do it. I need to like a week, then two and so on.

    You go girl.

  21. 10 POUNDS!?!? That's AWESOME, Alexa!!! Keep it up!

  22. okay i am so jealous of your 10 lbs! maybe i need to go vegan for a bit, haha.

    and love the pics, looks like you've been having quite the fun times lately :)

  23. I love the pictures! Beautiful ladies! :-)

  24. i made it all the way to the end of the post. is there some sort of t-shirt proclaiming that feat?

    chicago, my friend, is TONIGHT at the PDP. if the rain doesn't go away, i'll be forced to sit on the balcony to listen to them instead of heading out to the viaduct.

    rain got in the way for me for death cab for cutie too. mutha nature hates my music addiction.

  25. I couldn't pay attention to anything you wrote after 10lbs in 2 weeks! What the heck!

    I shake my fist at you steak and spinning class!!!

  26. This is why I need to go vegan - best diet EVER.

    Sounds like it was a fun birthday, nothing beats delicious AND free desserts.

  27. I've never seen bowlers in love.

    It's beautiful.

  28. You are stronger than I....no way could I go without eating meat. Looks like fun!

  29. It sounds like your weekend was incredible! And I'm totally jealous of the TWELVE desserts y'all were given. Awesome.

    Also, yay for you for losing 10 pounds! That's great!

  30. I am seriously impressed by your vegan willpower. I tried to cut out sugars for a week and failed miserably.


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