a public service announcement for the ladies

Monday, July 14, 2008

i'm all about a girl rockin' some cleavage in a tasteful way.

if you got it flaunt it, right?

honestly i know for a fact that my girls have gotten me a thing or two in the past decade.

i'm not proud of it, but there are some dirty old men out there.

i'm also all about a short skirt or shorts with heels.

if you got legs you better know how to use them.

but there is a great rule of thumb that i follow and want to share with you all that lets one still be sexy but not whorish.

if you are showing tasteful cleavage then you need to have on pants or a longer skirt.

if you are showing legs then you must cover up your cleavage.

simple concept - now follow it people!

if a woman follows the above rules she will more often than not be always able to balance her sexiness with the right amount of tact and class.

exceptions to the rule where the cleavage and the legs need to both be covered:

1. if you are going on a job interview it is inappropriate to wear too short a skirt or show cleavage

2. if you are in church - cover up!

3. if you are at a funeral - cover up!

4. if you are meeting your boyfriends parents/grandparents for the first time
5. if you are under the age of 18

as the profound ludacris said, "i want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed"

yeah! yeah!

ladies, just don't put it all out there for the world to see!

it's beyond embarrassing to see some of the girls walking around my neighborhood in the summer on friday and saturday nights out. it's like they have no respect for themselves.

put the lucite heels away!

oh and don't even get my started on the tweens.

i wonder if i could pass out flyers with my rule written on them and try to clean up the clubs. ha.

who am i kidding, there will always be girls out there rockin' the T & A.

girls - are you feeling my rule and thought process? or do you think i'm a prudish nut?

boys - you just want me to shut up don't you?
or do you think i'm spot on?


  1. oh i absolutely agree! a little cleave is damn straight a good thing, as are showing off the gams. but, it's one or the other, and it's in moderation on both counts. sexy should be classy. period.

  2. I'll show both if I wanna, thank you very much.

  3. Women don't listen to this, in fact don't wear any clothes. Its ok, we'll still like you!

    The fact that you just used that exact quote from Ludacris jumped you infinty places in my book

  4. Amen sista!

    I am 110% with you on this one.

  5. ALEXA! Shhhh - someone might hear you! Don't ruin my summer - I need this.

  6. I definitely, whole-heartidly agree with these rules!

    You should spread these around, especially to tweens and anyone under the age of 18. It's really creepy what kids are wearing these days. I mean, I didn't own a thong until the age of 16, and these girls are starting out with those at like, 10. Ick.

  7. I totally agree. It's about being sexy while still being classy.

    Unfortunately I have neither to flaunt, so my tactic is be as loud as possible. It doesn't work.

  8. I agree with the rules.

    Incidentally, I've never felt comfortable showing cleavage in public.

  9. I think its how you carry yourself. And, behave. You could be dressed like a nun and still be a skanky hoe. Or, dressed in a short skirt and cleavage baring shirt, and project sophistication.

    It's all about confidence w/in yourself.

  10. I concur wholeheartedly... with both you and Ludacris!

  11. for gods sake, cover up!

    Preach it, sister.

  12. just popped over from Abby's blog.
    your is lovely!

  13. It makes sense to me...

    and I can't speak for all men but, I think classy is sexy.

  14. This rule is so important. It's like baseball. If you're an umpire and you're calling the high strike, you can't also call the low strike. Same concept. Give a little, take a little. Same with makeup. Only one area of the face should be dramatically highlighted. Everywhere at once is overkill.

  15. You are right on mark. I am all about tact and class. You can be sexy without having your stuff all hanging out. It's also in the way you carry yourself.

  16. I whole heartedly agree with you. Though, I tend to cover all ... and am really self conscious when the girls try to show themselves to the world!

  17. but...but..but.. dressing tacky is SO AWESOME! like. seriously. I hearts it.


  18. Shit...There goes my wardrobe.

  19. I agree 100%. It's just so...tacky!

  20. I try not to show both. I agree, it is a little risque (read:s slutty).

    And the tweens? Ugh, don't get me started.

  21. I agree with brookem. Sexy should ALWAYS be classy.

    Well, unless you're wearing 4 inch stripper heels and an almost see through teddy, and there's a gorgeous sweet boy anxiously waiting for you to emerge out of your bedroom in said outfit. But even then, keep a tiny bit of class ;)

  22. I went to the fair in my city on Sunday night with a bunch of family members. There was a lady there wearing a pink sundress (if you could call it that--it was more like a beach coverup. EVERYTHING WAS SHOWING). My uncle kept staring, and said "I'd like to thank her doctor." Obviously he wasn't staring hard enough because he laughed when I said "You sure you don't want to thank her piercer instead?"

    She needed to cover up.

  23. You're right on.

    Either do the top OR the bottom. Not both.

    Maybe I'm a prude, too.

    Or just a woman who realizes she's not 16!

  24. Wait..so what did you say after cleavage?

  25. I am with you!
    By the way, just stumbled upon your blog. As a Clevelander myself, you give me great ideas for what to do with my weekends!

  26. This is cardinal. Luckily I only have one of these so I tend to err on the short skirt side rather than the cleavage side. Or the sternum side, in my case.

    When my ass falls, I'm going to be in serious trouble.

  27. dude I totally agree
    if I'm rocking the cleav I'm always wearing long pants
    it just makes sense

  28. i completely agree, so many skankafied ladies out there, it's just so sad sometimes.

  29. Fashion should be all about balance and boob/leg cleavage is a perfect example :-)

  30. Agree you can't have boob and leg clevage rocking at the same time. That's like handing it out for free and no one respects you if you do that.

  31. all i have to say is the first day of college...

  32. Hooray for cleave!

    I'm sorry, but you passed up on a CHOICE blog entry title:

    CLEAVEland's a Plumb!

  33. Yessss!
    We need to get you a speaker to the high school students, Alexa!!

  34. OH I FEEL YOU.

    i am such a crotchety old woman when i go to concerts now, because i am APPALLED at what the little 13 yr old girls are wearing. i think i have literally tut-tutted out loud. I TUTTED. THIS IS NOT GOOD.


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