Tuesday, July 1, 2008

after attending last nights gladiators playoff game win at the Q with georgia peach, her nameless husband and donkers and with it being donkers birthday and all (plus i'm still recovering from the long weekend), let's just say it was a bit hard to get out of bed this morning.

i could not wake up.

i slept right through my alarm. i wasn't late for work or anything. i still woke up in time due to my trusty setting of the clock 20 minutes ahead of the "real" time. but this sleeping through the alarm has been happening a lot lately. it's obnoxious.

but i'm going to go ahead and blame the alarm clock.

i have a pretty standard clock radio that has a couple of additional wake up options such as a church bell chime, a buzz (not the good kind) and ocean waves. i have tried them all.

now while all of these sounds may wake up some people they just aren't cutting it for me.

seriously, who can wake up to ocean waves?!?!

and the church bell chimes, are probably the loudest most obnoxious sound ever (worse than the sound of my voice even), and instead of waking me up i end up just turning the whole thing off and going back to sleep.

the buzz worked for awhile till my body got so used to the sound that my arm would just hit snooze automatically and i would never really wake up.

this buzz phenomenon has now happened with the radio too.

i have my wake up station set to NPR. not because i enjoy listening to the content in the morning but because for the most part it is always going to just be talking. very consistent. where if i have a radio station on you never know what you are going to get, much like a box of chocolates.

so unfortunately now, my body has gotten used to the NPR alarm and my inner lazy sleeper brain who doesn't want to get up flings my arm directly to the snooze button, while the other side of my brain who knows i have a crap ton of work to do and would love to actually go to work NOT with wet hair and no make-up on loses the battle to the lazy sleeper 4 out of 5 work days.

i don't know what to do.

do i just need to get a new alarm clock - one that maybe sings disney tunes or rocks out to van halen?

because me hitting snooze 6 times in a row whether it is consciously or subconsciously just isn't working out.

any tips?

how easily do you get up in the morning? what or who is your alarm clock, does it work?


  1. I've gotten used to my snooze also, I'll auto-snooze for an entire hour and then wake up naturally anyway. Not cool.

  2. I don't use an alarm clock but considering I don't care what time I get to work, perhaps that's not going to work for everyone else.

    But on weekends when my Kramer Alarm might be on snooze, dogs won't let me sleep too long...

  3. I think I said outloud for everyone in the office to hear "who wakes up to OCEAN WAVES?"

    I have had to put my alarm clear across the room because I had the tendency of just turning it off instead of just snoozing. Now I have a buzzer so loud it scares me half to death and i'm forced to get up to turn it off.

  4. You have to move the alarm clock far enough away that you have to actually get up out of bed to turn it off. That works for me.

    I am A Helper.

  5. I use my blackberry as my alarm. I usually put it on my bookcase so I actually have to get up to turn it off. I typically don't have any problems waking up though. I also turned the snooze option off on my phone. That way even if I tried, I couldn't.

  6. I'm pretty consistent with waking up in the morning.. to a point where I rarely even need the alarm anymore. On the days that I do - I am HORRIBLE with the snooze button, for real.

    My mom's trick, btw, is to set her alarm on the opposite side of the room, forcing her to get up to turn it off.

  7. Alexa, you need Clocky!

    He runs away from you so you HAVE to get out of bed to turn off the alarm. LOL

    Me, I use my annoying cell phone ringer. I'm a light sleeper though. I wake up when birds chirp ten miles away.

  8. I set my alarm for 7 and don't get out of bed until 815. If the snooze goes off every 9 minutes then it means I hit it about 52 times.

    I'm not good at math

  9. I get up to an alarm buzzer. First time. No snooze. Sweets hates it. Uses his radio alarm (set to NPR). I used to hate the radio (because who wants to be singing Tiffany all day), but actually don't mind NPR. So, now, somedays, I'll wake up to that instead.

  10. I'm with you...who can wake up to Ocean waves?!?!?

    I wake up naturally...unless I am hungover, in which case- very little is going to get me up regardless.

  11. I have a CD of birds chirping.

    Kidding. i have a mix CD of rap songs and I put it on really, really loud. I push the snooze button approximately 4000000000 times.

  12. i used to put my alarm clock further away than arms reach so i'd have to get up to turn it off. that worked for a while. nowadays i get up pretty easily to my cell phone alarm, so it's not too bad.

  13. i use my cell phone to "alert" me to get my arse up. my old option was putting the alarm clock across the room. again, moving my arse to shut it off seems to get my brain thinking stop being such a lazy piece of crap!

  14. I use my cell phone. The alarm on it goes off every 5 minutes and it's annoying to hit the "off" button because you actually have to flip it open and find the stupid button. So rather than doing that, I let it go off twice (hitting snooze, of course) and then finally roll out of bed.

  15. I'm such a light sleeper, I wake up to my brother's alarm on the other side of the house.
    I've been having trouble getting up lately because during the summer he doesn't need an alarm.
    I use my cell phone and hit snooze about three times and then wake up.
    BTW, my brother's alarm is HARDCORE GANGSTA CHRISTIAN RAP.

  16. I, too, use my cell phone. It has annoying rings, and when I get used to one I can change it. I used to set my alarm to the radio, but then I started to just sleep through it and have weird dreams about whatever they happened to be talking about that morning. It was bizarre.

  17. Getting out of bed in the morning is my least favorite part of the day. My alarm used to be set to the beeping mode, but I would nearly fall out of bed startled every morning, so I switched to classical music. It's rarely jarring and the jock's voice is really mellow. I don't know how effective it is though, because I slept in nearly an hour last Friday.

    Not good.

  18. put the alarm clock on the other side of the room. so you have to physically get out of bed to turn it off. when i was in high school and my dad came to wake me up, he wouldn't leave my room until I was standing and walking to my bathroom.

  19. Have a baby. I haven't deep slept in four years, I always feel I have to be "ready".

    What? You aren't ready to have a baby?


    No one listens to my suggestions!

  20. I sleep with a noise machine and alarm clock and I love falling asleep to the waves. I find it very soothing. But I'm very disciplined with the snooze button for now.

  21. I can sleep through 79 snoozes or so in a morning. Mornings and I just are not friends.

    I have an alarm clock for deaf people, and I have good hearing. It flashes, vibrates, and has a variety of tones to choose from. Something about getting my ass shaken out of bed makes it a bit more difficult to go back to sleep.

    Hi, my name is Sophie--I wake up with a vibrator.

  22. Umm, I definitely, definitely know how you feel. I have learned how to turn off all the alarms I have ever had in my sleep. And have conveniently slept through numerous important things in my life.

    The only recommendation I have is setting your alarm across the room so you physically have to get out of bed to turn it off. That has helped me a bit..

  23. NRP? You mean NPR?

  24. As soon as my alarm clock goes off, Louie (my German Shepherd) so kindly walks all over me to wake me up. Good Dog. You should get a dog you animal lover!

  25. my cell phone alarm goes off 5 times, and the last and 5th time the snooze is never ending. I do this for an hour and a half and still manage to sleep in.

    I hate mornings.

  26. Okay... so I am seriously going to recommend SkyMall to you, because they have all sorts of badass alarm clocks... like one that flies around the room and one that rolls around on wheels so you have to get out of you bed to turn it off.

    Skymall has EVERYTHING.


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