when the yuppie turns emo

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

in 730 days it will be my 30th birthday.

if you do the math on the above that makes today my 28th birthday. happy birthday to me... and lindsay lohan.

i'm going to be celebrating this evening with doing approximately three loads of laundry. and if i'm feeling extra spicy i might go walk to public square for the downtown cleveland firework show.

the fireworks after all are all for me. every single one.

especially the ones that are supposed to look like hearts but end up looking more like an oddly shaped oval.

that is
my special oval, think of me next time you see it.

i had so many happy ideas of what i wanted to do for my fabulous 28th birthday post but i'm feeling slightly melancholy at the moment so my wittiness is fleeting.

although i may only be doing approximately three loads of laundry tonight on my birthday. my real birthday party will be going on tomorrow when myself and 12 of my girlfriends head out to "a restaurant" (no stalkers) in tremont where we will drink lots of wine, do lots of shots and participate in tons of shenanigans - but that party is tomorrow.

and for now i just need some time to reflect on these last 28 years, and to see where i'm at with it all so far...

-i have the best family in the world (but i still miss my dad)
-i have more friends than i girl could ask for, i'm beyond blessed (but i want a
-i'm beautiful and healthy (but i want to be 3 sizes smaller)

-i have "an addicting good personality" (but damn i can be an evil bitch)

are you sensing a trend?

now i doubt i'm the only person in the world who thinks these things about themselves sometimes but it's hard ALWAYS staying positive and smiley. who doesn't want more?

i think i need to read
the secret again.

this funky mood will pass by tomorrow night when i'm with all my friends and my sissy so i'm not worried. maybe i'm just crabby today because i can't eat any birthday cake. haha!

ugh, this post is so emo and very unlike me. GROSS.

i need to listen to some vampire weekend right now, they always make me happy.

so what did you get me for my pretend e-birthday present? ; )


so i wrote the above post late last night to schedule post this morning. and in case any of you all care i'm in a waaaaaaaay better mood.

but i felt that the above post was worth keeping cause those are still real feelings. thankfully i still LOVE my birthday, i was nervous for a hot sec. i can't wait for dinner tomorrow!

so far my roommate nate gave me a bottle of yummy wine, the georgia peach decorated our apartment hallway with a happy birthday alexa sign, AND my office got me flowers instead of the cookie cake because of the whole vegan thing.

all of the above? awesome : )


    Hope you have lots and lots of fun tonight (tomorrow?? I'm confused now) with your friends.

  2. Happy Birthday Lady!

    Do you love the make believe Mercedes I got you in your favorite color?

    Look in the glove compartment.

    It's Brad Pitt's cell phone number.

    You're welcome.

  3. YAY for Birthdays!! Even more YAAAYS for feeling better!

    Wish I lived closer - I'd totally tear it up with you tomorrow (cuz - duh - i am so cool i can invite myself to things...)


  4. Happy Birthday!!! I give you the ability to change your thoughts for your birthday, and make them happy ones. Wait....everyone has that.
    Ok..I give you cheese that's edible now, because its vegan...I dunno how that'll happen but thats why its a pretend gift. play along

  5. For your birthday I got you this super nice, expensive comment. It is one of a kind and no one else will ever have it. It set me back a little but I thought it was worth it.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would give flowers and ice cream.

    Flowers because I heard that girls like them and ice cream because ice cream makes everyone happy.

    Glad you're in a better mood!

    take a shot for me.

  7. Dear Miss Lexi Poo Poo~
    Happy Birthday my special friend! I am sad I won't be there to get shitty with you, that's always a good time. I love you tons. You are a great friend and you get more beautiful and mean more to me every year! Let's grow old together ok? Oh, we already are, tee hee. I'm older so I am allowed to say that.

  8. Alexa Happy Birthday My special little lady. Just remember Happiness is a mind set!! Cant wait for the dinner tomorrow.

  9. Happy Birthday!

    I bought you a pretend cannoli. Because that sounds yummy. :)

  10. For your birthday I got you this super nice, expensive comment. It is one of a kind and no one else will ever have it. It set me back a little but I thought it was worth it.

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Not so one of a kind now! I need to get back to work.

  11. Happy birthday!!! I'm a cancer baby too -- it explains so much, right?

    There are some vegan cake recipes out there. I don't know how good they are, but you gotta have some kind of birthday treat.

  12. Happy Happy Birthday!!!

    Remember to start with straight shots and then pop bottles!

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

    I am pretened sending Yummy cupcakes your way. Someday when you visit LA I will take you to get the real ones! (Then you can share in the amazing cupcake crawl)

  14. Happy Birthday!!!

    It's natural to feel a little blue on your birthday, but cheer up. This is your day. And tomorrow...tomorrow is your night!

    I'm sending you vegan friendly cup cakes. They're real, I swear! My friend made them for me and they're remarkably good. So here you go. This cupcake is for you.

  15. Oh, here's the cookbook we used, I think: http://www.amazon.com/Joy-Vegan-Baking-Compassionate-Traditional/dp/1592332803/ref=pd_lpo_k2_dp_k2a_3_txt?pf_rd_p=304485601&pf_rd_s=lpo-top-stripe-2&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=1569242739&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=0EXPRS21JN41WKV0ESKW Yay!

  16. I hope I see your drunk 28-year-old ass out. I may be heading down there.

  17. Happy Birthday!!

    I've giving you e-twizzlers, e-hugs and e-balloons!

  18. Happy Birthday!

    I got you this delicious pound cake.

    But I ate it.

    I'm a terrible person.

  19. Happy Birthday...I offer up unlimted # of Porterhouses for the next month...

  20. Happy birthday! Today is my half-birthday (remember those?) so I think it's pretty special. :) Seriously, though -- have a GREAT day! Hoping #28 is your best yet!

  21. Happy birthday, girlfriend! I actually wrote myself a note to send you an email ... and quite clearly didn't look at my calendar this morning. I suck. But your birthday shouldn't. Hope the day continues to go well. You deserve to be pampered by your friends!

  22. happy birthday! Now go get drunk and blog about it the next day for our enjoyment.


    my imaginary egift to you is in the form of an enormous bottle of vodka, to be used in the game of landmines :-)

  24. happiest of happy birthdays!

    hope you have a most fabulous day :)

  25. HAPPY BIRTHDAY... good to have a birthweek instead of a birthday... i mean after all, aren't you worth it!

    I love blogging for a reason you mentioned... after you look back at something you wrote, you actually think did I write that?

    again, Happy Birthday, have a tequila shot for me!

  26. HAPPY BIRTHDAY girlie! hope you have a fantabulous celebration tomorrow!

  27. Happy Birthday Buddy! did you like my signing at 730am!!!! At least you will have clean underwear for your birthday dinner! Love ya! Wish I was there but we can celebrate your birthday on my birthday in the Burgh.

  28. Happy Birthday honey - please be careful while walking so you don't bite it again. And so what if you and Lilo share a birthday, you didn't get busted with coke and end up in rehab. Maybe?

  29. Happy Birthday darlin!

    Yes, everysingle one of those fireworks is for you! ENJOY!

  30. Happy birthday my dear! (I'm about ten minutes until lateness, by my accounts... eep)

  31. OK. I know I'm late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it's been a lovely one and that tomorrow night is wonderful.

    Because now that you mentioned that the fireworks are all for you, I'm going to think about it. And every firework I see this weekend is going to remind me of you. ... Is that weird?

  32. wow your blog gets a serious amount of comments in a short period of time lol

    Happy birthday. The picture made me laugh a lot btw.


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