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Thursday, July 3, 2008

for my birthday outing tonight with my friends and sissy there are a few things that WILL NOT be happening...

i will not be wearing a princess crown

i will not be wearing a boa of any form or in any color

there will not be a sash alerting the crowd of cleveland that it is in deed my day

i will not be forced to do 28 shots (although i did do 21 on my 21st, i'm awesome like that)

my birthday entourage will not be wearing matching t shirts that they don't like

we will not be wearing whistles announcing that it's my birthday

i will not be driving

there will be no tears

there will be no feathers or sequins

i will not step foot into bar flyy

no one will know it is my birthday unless i tell them

i will not be wearing a mini skirt and tube top because, "i mean it's like my birthday and i can like totally dress as slutty as i want!"

i will not fall on my ass flashing everyone my "brittany" because i will be wearing underwear

i will not be bringing a water bottle filled with vodka out to the bar to do shots in the bathroom to you know "save money"

i will not be wearing a trucker hat

things that WILL be happening on my birthday night out...

i will laugh till i cry

my voice will elevate to ridonkulous heights

my left eye will start to droop ever so slightly

i will think i lost my blackberry when in all reality it will be in my purse

someone will buy me a shot and i will take it

i will look hot in my birthday outfit - classy hot though- like i wanna take you home to do naughty things with you AND take you home to meet my parents

i will chair dance and dance dance - you know the difference right?

i will have fun

i will drink lots of wine and stoli blueberry not together of course

i will take lots of pictures that no one will ever see

there will be drunken phone calls and texts

my sissy and i will probably fight about something small and stupid

my memories my gray out

i will have high five at least 9 people

i will be thankful for the wonderful people around me celebrating

[ to my way awesome blosse who all wished me happy birthday yesterday thank you!!! it made me all warm and fuzzy inside and then i realized i was being sentimental and quickly made fun of someone in my office ; ) ]


  1. I hope you make it to at least 10 high fives.

  2. Damn! Does that mean I have to return the hot pink boa with sequin fringe!

  3. I can TOTALLY see you getting super super super loud -- as you should!



  4. Glad to know WHEN you fall down drunk you won't be flashing anyone.

    I hope I get one of those high fives!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Go Clevelanders with Birthdays this week!

  5. So there WILL be tears if you are laughing till your crying! Wish I could be there. Hope I can be one of your drunken phone calls/texts.
    Phil sends his love too. He remembers when you were just 26! My how you have grown.

  6. Awww! That sounds like an amazing birthday! HIGH FIVE!

  7. Do I have to wear underwear or does that list just pertain to you?

  8. I'm very glad that you didn't promise not to fall on your ass. You just promised not to flash your cooch.

    Also, stoli blueberry? Best. Thing. Ever.

  9. LOL, I love your list! Thanks for the happy birthday wishes! Sounds like we're both going to have fun tonight!
    :) Becky

  10. I love your lists! I hope you have a great evening :)

  11. What happens when you post lists like this AND let your friends who are going out with you tonight read it is ... they try to make you accomplish everything on your DON'T list. Well, except drive, of course.

    Have fun!!!

  12. um I'm sorry but bringing a water bottle full of vodka is CLASSY and I will never, ever grow out of that one.

  13. i think 28 shots is totally doable! Go for it!

    Happy happy birrrrrrrthday!

  14. I like it when your eye gets lazy!! Ha ha ha and you can cross one thing off.. Were not gonna get in a fight.. Well be too busy drinking! Yay!!

  15. Have a blast tonight! I will take a shot in your honor.

  16. wear underwear and take advil before u go to bed.

  17. sounds like the making of a fabulous birthday.

  18. first, did you get wet at the fireworks? i was bummed the display wasn't so much from my place... they really do know how to make the top of the terminal tower colorful...

    second, can anyone really resist barflyy? i mean, c'mon!

    third, keep those birthday vibes flowing... have a great extended birthday tonight!

  19. remember our fight...."do you love him?" hahaha!!! Wait, I know you don't remember....neither of us do!

    Wait...that wasn't your Birthday was it?

  20. happy belated birthday!!!

    and look, america gave you a long weekend as a gift this year.

  21. Damsel in DigressJuly 3, 2008 at 5:20 PM

    happy belated birthday, alexa.

    hope you have fun tonight.

  22. I think you can make it to 10 or even 11 high fives. AIm high! Oh I love going out and celebrating birthdays. You go girl.

  23. Have tons of fun, lady!

  24. I'm hoping for TWELVE high fives.

    Have fun!!

  25. Sounds fabulous! Have a great time!!! :-)

  26. I hope you survived!!!! Happy Birthday! But I kind of voted for the princess crown. ;)

  27. yay! i hope it was FANTASTIC! and i hope we get to see SOME pictures at least :-)


    (Yes, late - but I've been moving and without internet, give me a break, okay?) :)

    Glad it was fab.

  29. how exciting! I'd totally wear the crown, though. and not just on my birthday either. LOL


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