blog day!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

this weekend so far has included happy hour at the blind pig, cocktails at the harbor inn, and some salami rose with a side of someone in mexico stealing my debit card account number. the first three things - awesome. the last thing, not so much. at least i didn't lose any money - thanks key bank for seeing that i wasn't in mexico city trying to give a dumpy hotel $1000 out of my checking account!

this weekend also brought me a new roommate steph! nate my summer fun roommate i'll miss you, but you're one floor above me now so visits are a must.

last night was a chill night with my girls with dinner at the beav's with poo poo and the giff - scary movie included. currently i'm doing laundry and getting ready for the indians game at 1pm, it's a perfect end of summer day in the cleve and i can't wait to start my sunday funday. beer me.

so enough about me, here's a little about you my fellow bloggers!

Blog Day 2008

today is blog day!! something that i learned about from jenn at free and flawed and i thought it would be a great way to spread the word about some of my favorite blogs. these recommendations are blogs that i have been reading for awhile but i want you all to read and add to your reader too!

the rules are as follows:

1) find 5 new blogs that you find interesting
2) notify the 5 bloggers that you are recommending them as part of BlogDay 2008
3) write a short description of the blogs and place a link to the recommended blogs
4) post the BlogDay post (today, august 31st)
5) add the BlogDay tag using this link and add the link to the BlogDay website

so check them out! : )

angilio loud and proud - love this girl (ang*)! first off she is from the cleveland-ish area, went to my alma mater university of dayton, and i got to hangout with her during my last visit to chicago. trust me, add her to your reader!

long winded and proud - addy (now adriana) is a california girl who always speaks her mind, whether it is ranting on her other blog, i shake my fist at you, or talking about throwing a party there is always something interesting to read, go check out her new acquired shiner! heehee

encounters of the humankind - this cleveland grown blog is written by -A, and what i most enjoy about her blog is that she is always engaging the reader to relate their own experiences to her own. plus she works in the PR/marketing industry in cleveland which is always a plus in my eyes.

life on mars - this lady has the BEST FINDS - from quirky to down right absurd, to tasteful decor recommendations to the latest fashion buys that she just must have, there is always something interesting to look at, especially if it involves bacon. seriously though, the time she has to scour the internet for the stuff she posts about is way over my internet time allowance. thank god i found her instead!

i could kill her - i have recently found this hilariously dark and witty blog and quickly read about 75% of the archives. i mean the last post alone was titled, "i can't stop thinking about barack obama's penis!" that right there should be enough to want you to click through to the site. this blog makes me laugh - A LOT and i'm sure you all will too, especially if you like all sorts of inappropriateness like i do.

have great rest of the weekend all! see ya all on the other side of the weekend!

tears of a clown

Friday, August 29, 2008

i've cried too many times in the past two days than i'd care to admit (don't worry, i'm fine). but of course in my usual style i will find a way to make fun of myself for it.

i'm good at being self deprecating, so i'll stick with it.

i have decided today that there are two main types of criers.

there are the beautiful women who still look fabulous even when they are "crying". their eye makeup never smears, they daintily will have one gigantic crocodile tear roll down their cheek, then their strappingly handsome male companion ever so gently blots away the single tear. "there, there, oh fair one. it will be alright." "thanks", she replies, "i feel so much better now."


then there is me.
first there's the burning sensation that starts in the back of my eyes. then my lip starts to quiver - immediately my inner monologue is saying, "don't do it, there's no crying in baseball, don't do it!"

next i bite my lip. trying feverishly now not to let my voice crack (if i'm speaking). but a time inevitably comes when i can't fight the tears back, they are going to flow and i better brace myself.

my eyes
get bright red, so will my noise and my lips. yes, my lips even get red. i will of course not have a tissue around and will end up wiping my tears (usually black from makeup) with my shirt. i will most likely still be trying to talk to someone about why i'm crying and i will let out a bit of a sigh, perheps even a small yelp or a catch of my breath.

yes, i'm THAT kind of crier.

sexy huh? who wants to make out?

you do! awesome! i promise i only cry at sad movies, when i stub my toe, at weddings, when i get mean anonymous comments, when the bottle of wine is empty, at work, when i look at my credit card bill, before - during - and after sex, on new years eve, when it's last call, when i can't find my zoolander dvd, when my flower pots die, when the nordstrom's shoe sale rack doesn't have my size, when my contact falls out, when i have no service on my bberry, and when the candle burns out.

the above list? i made it up, i only cry at two of those things. i'll let you use your imagination as to which two i actually cry at.

so what kind of crier are you? or don't you cry at all?

don't sniff the sharpie

Thursday, August 28, 2008

first off thank you all for your comments and feedback on my last post regarding politics. also, thanks for playing nice.

all of the comments were very informational and i'm hoping that over the next couple of months i will be able to make the most educated decision i can.

thanks again.

so earlier in the summer sissy and i were driving to canton from cleveland and she was going through the cd case in my car. i hadn't looked at it in ages because 1. i have sirius and 2. i have about a 5 minute commute to work and i don't really listen to much music in the car.

but that wasn't always the case -
back in the day i was ALL about the mix cd's.

sissy decided that we needed to listen to my old mixes and it would be like a trip
down memory lane listening to all the songs.

she was right.

since our little car ride i have found myself listening to some of those old CD's more frequently. you know how you end up listening to mixes and or songs waaaaaaaaaaay too much and you need to just not hear the songs for a year or two till you love them again? well, i think i can listen to these songs again.

also, last week my west coast blogging FRIEND and i were chatting about early 2000's songs and how awesome they are (obviously) - i promised to share, and now i'm delivering.

this may very well end up a weekly feature for me - until i run out of old mixes at least.

so this first one was made on november 17, 2002 which is exactly what is written in sharpie on the disc.

i had recently finished college in may and i had just got home from a summer/fall of working on mackinac island in michigan - trying ever so hard not to grow up and get a real job. i was a bit of an idealist in those days, and this mix will always remind me the island and wrapping up college.

[i found all the songs on except for a hip hop version of crash by DMB and a jimmy fallon you can't touch this song that i wish i could find on you tube to share but i can't, oh well]

this mix simply says May 2003 party mix in black sharpie on it.

i vividly remember making this mix while i was still living in canton. my mom was going out of town for the weekend and i was obviously going to throw a party. how very mature of me right?

well i hope a few of these songs made you laugh at my ridiculously random music taste. or you at least had a funny memory of dancing on a table screaming, "bringgggggggg. meeeeeeeeee. tooooooooooooo. liiiiiiiiife! wake me up inside!" i mean not that i have ever done that...

have a good thursday!

what would dumbo say?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

i'm channeling my inner dan mega blog style on this one.

so i'm a blogger (duh)

i'm also a young professional woman who reads her fair share (read: a lot), of blogs.

but it just feels like all the blogs i read are pro-obama, which is fine, i'm not hating here. i actually think he is a very, very smart man and may end up being just what our country needs, BUT....

my question is, am i the only republican 20 something blogger?

cause it sure feels like i am.

discuss. nicely.

a is for awesome and alexa - coincidence? not likely!

Monday, August 25, 2008

i grabbed this meme from brandy because well i also think this type of post is exactly what is needed for a monday.

here is me as of 10:48pm on monday august 25th 2008 - i mention this because my answers could very well change come monday august 25th 2008 at 11:07pm.... i'm just saying.

A Attached or Single? well, i'm attached to my laptop, blackberry, my friends and family. hmmm, maybe that's why i'm single.

B. Best Friend? i'm disgustingly lucky in the best friend department, let's just say i could have about 12 bridesmaids - just check out some of my plum heads of the week.

C. Cake or pie? i'm going to go with pie on this. hartville kitchen coconut cream is my favorite, damn those amish can bake!

D. Day of choice? this can vary depending on my plans for the week but as a general rule i'll go with thursday for my monday thru friday choice.

E. Essential item? my keychain/wallet combo thingy - it goes everywhere with me. i'm also a big fan of estee lauder more than mascara, mac lipglass explicit and chanel summer plum glossimer.

F. Favorite color? black, i'm greek i was born in a black onesie.

G. Gummy bears or worms? sour gummy worms - um, yum.

H. Hometown? canton, ohio. home of the professional football hall of fame and marilyn manson.

I. Favorite indulgence? expensive handbags. it's a sickness, it started a couple of years ago with my first botkier purchase - a marc jacobs, chole and linea pelle later i'm currently crushing on this bag in purple.

J. January or July? obviously july, specifically july 2nd - my birthday!

K. Kids? yes please! three boys if i could have my way.

L. Life isn’t complete without? love, music, family, good food and wine, movies from my childhood and laughter - lots of laughter!

M. Marriage date? i'm not even allowed to bring dates to my friends weddings let's get over that hurdle first.

N. Number of brothers and sisters? one younger sister - my sissy!

O. Oranges or Apples? BOTH

P. Phobias? birds, man am i afraid of birds! they are the rats of the sky i tell you, rats of the sky.

Q. Quotes? i don't do quotes.

R. Reasons to smile? the fact that i'm going to the toronto international film festival with my mom and cousins. i will be sitting in the same movie theater as brad pitt and george clooney!! OMFG. now i just need to get off work....

S. Season of choice? i like them all for different reasons. i really get excited for the next season, whatever it may be.

T. Tag 5 people: i'm going to go ahead and tag your mom and your mom's mom on this one. if you want to do it - do it : )

U. Unknown fact about me? i love video games i'm honestly afraid to buy a wii because i think i would never stop playing. i can also spend hours on playing the most random mindless online games. they are so damn addicting!

V. Vegetable? spinach - popeye told me so. some olive oil, garlic and fresh spinach sauteed with some lemon juice is the best.

W. Worst habit? my lack of capitalization on this blog, but i promise i do know how to correctly capitalize. that and using my cellphone under the influence - ask maxie about some of my voicemails.

X. X-ray or Ultrasound? is this the only x question that the author could come up with? i'm going to go with xylophone, just cause.

Y. Your favorite food? cheese. anything involving cheese. oh and garlic, lots of garlic.

Z. Zodiac sign? cancer

karamu, fiesta, forever

Sunday, August 24, 2008

this weekend was good, i even think i got out of my funk a little bit - but with no help from the jerky anonymous commenter who has been stalking my blog. but thanks for the hits dude, it's good to know that by tracking your ip address through statcounter i can tell that my blog is the first thing you check in the morning, it takes up part of your afternoon and then rounds out your evening. you're averaging about 20 visits a day - seem to be bordering on obsession, maybe you should look into that?

anyways friday night wonger and i had a fabulous shopping trip at beachwood mall then headed back downtown to get dinner and see pineapple express. the movie was really good for the first 45 minutes or so but then it got reaaaaaaaaaaly looooooooong. i could have edited the shit out of it - or maybe i just needed to bring my old batty to the theater with me.

saturday morning headed to canton to get my hairs cut then went shopping with j-birdie to pick out the make-up for her wedding in october. i'm going to be the best make-up artist ever! i even found a cute dress in the process too.

saturday night was keter-o's and j-birdies couples shower in canton. i've really been digging the couples shower and or night showers these days. they're fun, because it's just a big get together with friends, which works for me!

here are a few pics of the party...

a nice late night group shot. a family that parties together stays together

the boys - boogs, young, keter-o and oakes. it's a full out bromance with these guys

the fake pass out picture tradition must continue with toots, j-birdie and biscuit

the party started at 5:30pm and we didn't leave till 2am not forgetting to mention a late night poker playing after party. oy.

sunday was (still is) that couch day i've been needing. i'm still in canton at my momma's house and we have enjoyed our movie and pizza day. thus far we have watched in bruges and evening both movies that i would recommend.

and now it's, bedtime. hope everyone had a great weekend! : )

ball of funk

Thursday, August 21, 2008

i'm in a funk. and it's not the cold medina or bunch kind.

i think i need to channel my inner monica again in times like these.

now i don't want to be a brat because i know people can read things that i put on this blog and think that i don't have it too shabby - and i don't.

but just because things are good "on paper" doesn't mean that they are good in your heart or your head.

this summer has been insane, i've been doing doing doing, going going going with my agenda always booked. i wasn't in cleveland six weekends in a row...

and i'm sick of it - i'm wearing myself thin. it's almost like i'm too busy to live.

i think i just need to be.

now the last thing i want is my friends to read this and think that any of this past summer has been unenjoyable because it hasn't been - it's just been a lot all piled up week after week. my best friends can see that.

NEED some serious me time. i need to sit on my couch all day if i want, i need to watch tv for an entire sunday - not leaving my apartment. i need to watch a real world marathon, in my sweats while not wearing a bra, eating ice cream with my phone completely off.

i'm tired of being obligated to do things.

i want to not think about bills, my yearly work review next week, or the fact that i don't even have a realistic crush. but let's be honest here, not having a boy around is definitely making some things hit a lot closer to home.

maybe i'm just bored with it all.

perhaps i should move, but could cleveland's a plum be written from another city? don't think so, but still.

gah, this post is officially annoying me but i can't help it right now. at least tomorrow is friday and i have a fun couples shower to attend (sans couple) on saturday and maybe sunday i'll talk my mom into a double header movie marathon day. see, i'm already thinking positive.

thanks buddy for listening to me vent on gchat today and poo poo for just being poo poo.

box of 64

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

when i was younger i was a pretty smart kid, at least on paper i was.

i'm actually documented on vhs reciting the pledge of allegiance at the age of two thanks in part to romper room, which i watched everyday as a child. "bend and stretch, reach for the sky!"

side note: while looking for romper room on you tube i came across this 1980's nickelodeon tribute video. oh. my. god! if you ignore the cheesy music in the background it's a perfect tv representation of my childhood! PINWHEELS! end side note.

anyways, back to the me being smart part - so i could read and write simple words while in preschool. my name, my little sister's name, stuff like that.

one day sissy and i were playing in the finished basement of the house i grew up in. the house was historic, built in the early 1900's and the basement was covered in exposed brick - a really old porous and jagged like brick.

sissy was 3 and i was 5ish and were playing in the basement, watching nickelodeon and coloring.

well i suddenly decided that i wanted to color on the brick wall. i can't be confined to a stinking piece of construction paper! pish posh.

i colored away writing out alexa and nicolette (my sissy's name) multiple times on each brick. i also drew flowers, lines and shapes. it so happens that the brick i was coloring on was also the brick that surrounded the built in tv nook in the family room portion of the basement. i thought that that way my mom would never not be able to see my pretty pictures.

fast forward about 20 minutes when my mom had finally seen what i was doing.

"KDHNDIHFRKJSDbloodymurderLKJVIDFIWHEWKDbloodymurderAIHDIOFHKFS!!!", said my mom.

i yelped, promptly putting the crayons in my sister's hand crying that she was the artist. not me! i was the good daughter!

problem was, sissy couldn't write her name - she was only 3.


this was the one and only time my mouth got washed out with soap for lying. this moment will forever be ingrained in my brain. i seriously still get a bit of a twitch when i see green palmolive soap - which is probably why i use dawn to this day. ha!

lesson learned: don't draw with crayons on brick walls and say that your sister did it when she can't write.

other more important lesson learned: crayon doesn't wash off of brick.

it stays there, FOR-EV-ER.

all my pretty pictures, alexa and nicolette were still etched onto that brick wall in my 5 year old handwriting clear as ever till the day we moved out of that house when i was 17 years old. no joke.

i just hope the new owners appreciate the palmolive that had to be consumed to provide them with that crayon art. i think they should save those bricks forever, maybe they'll be worth something someday when i become famous for being cast on bloggers gone wild: 20SB edition.

peace, love and awesomeness.

my kind of town

Monday, August 18, 2008

i love my friends. period the end.

we are all very lucky to have each other although i do wish we all (9 of us) took a picture together though!

so one of the main reasons for this fabulous trip to chicago was the birth of shna's baby girl
amelia (only 5 weeks ago) and the fact that i haven't been to chicago in YEARS.

shna, pete, mistiburr (holding amelia), and muffin

we all rolled into chicago friday afternoon from all over the country (denver, LA, st. louis and cleveland), and headed right to shna's house where she had quite the spread set up for us at her and her husband's beautiful home. such the hostess. we all caught up, took turns fighting over who was going to hold amelia, drank a lot of wine, watched the amazing michael phelps and of course gossiped.

we tried to take it easy on friday night so around 1am we wrapped up the party and headed to bed. poo poo was nice enough to house myself, mistiburr and tigge
r, her husband was out of town so she had plenty of room. good times.

saturday during the day while my UD friends all shopped i participated in a fabulous blogger meet up - much to the harassment of my friends who just didn't understand that i was going to meet my friends from the internet. "so they are strangers? are you going to be abducted by the internet?"

they aren't strangers to me i said! guess it's a blog thing.

onto the blogger brunch meet up, i feel like i'm not going to do a recap justice in comparison to this recap and this recap so maybe you should just read theirs!

but i must say thanks to nilsa for being my very kind transportation and to kiss the cook for hosting the glorious brunch. to ang* for being well ang (xo) and to my two
new blogger friends elle michelle and rebeccac that were immediately added to my reader. IT WAS SO NICE MEETING ALL OF YOU!

you know that we all clicked when a "quick" brunch turned into almost 5 hours of chit
chat and lounging in the garden. we found out that we are all the oldest children and we all work in the marketing industry - whether it be PR, design, writer or accounts. i knew these ladies were just like me! : )

after the brunch i headed back to poo poo's condo to get ready for an evening out on the town.

the girls all met at poo poo's where we drank fresh bellini's, um yum.

muffin rockin' out her new LAMB's, mistiburr and holler!

after pre-dinner cocktails we walked over to japonais for dinner in the lounge. this place was fabulously delicious and i would go there again and again.

cheers ladies!

after japonais we went to RINO lounge for bottle service and shots. after we left RINO we hopped around to english, mother's (which scared me) and finally the hange uppe. i'd tell you more of what we did but, um. yeah.

i'd also like to post some more pics of the festivities, but, um. no.

poo poo and holler - hansel, so hot right now

tigger, pete and mistiburr - show me sexy.

hey pete and poo poo, who's the stud?

poo poo and phil the cat the morning after - i. can't. stop. laughing. at. this. picture.

if you're friends with me on facebook i'll upload the rest of the pics to there. this was a perfect weekend with my girlies (we missed you beav, MOB and foxxy!) and i'm thinking you can see why i had a little accident on the plane. oops.

shy town

Sunday, August 17, 2008

you know it's a good weekend when you get sick during the takeoff of your 2pm flight home from chicago.

i'm not a puker - but apparently i was today.

thank god for those little sick bags. never in my wildest dreams did i think i would EVER have to use one of those.

and of course in my grand fashion, when i was done (gross), the only thing i could do was laugh at myself.

muffin was in hysterics in the seat next to me too - even taking pictures! i must give some serious props though to maria the nice woman sitting next to me who completely understood where i was coming from.

the worst part was that because i got sick during take off, i had to literally hold my bag of puke for about ten minutes till i was allowed to get out of my seat and get rid of the bag.

seriously, how could i not laugh at myself?

i guess you can expect all of the above to happen when you are up till 5am. if i lived in a city where the bars are open to 4am i'd be doomed.

i'll post pics and a re-cap of the fabulousness tomorrow, but for now - BED.


pointing and laughing is good right?

Friday, August 15, 2008

wednesday night some of my coworkers and i, (constance, misty and k$) all headed to progressive field for the indians game.

yes, they lost…

again. as you can tell from this pic to the right, i'm all sorts of distraught.

but i like to think of them in happier times, like last year.

it was a beautiful sunday-funday afternoon when the indians clinched the central division title in 2007. my friends and i were out in full force because not only was there an important indians game going on but it was the warehouse district street festival. (which is august 24th this year if anyone is interested in going!)

after consuming several adult beverage throughout the day, my group had all congregated at the blind pig to watch the end of the indians game.

we all know what happened in the end, they won.

so during the post game interviews we hear ryan garko saying that he is heading to liquid for the “afterparty” – muffin and my ears immediately perk up because we are only two bars down from liquid.

we decided to move the party to the patio and see if any of the players walk by.

low and behold garko and josh barfield stroll down w 9th and i obviously yell, “hi ryan garko!” he waves, blows me a kiss and tells me to call him. i may have made that last part up...

regardless we know that the player are in our neighborhood and we must find them.

without any hesitation muffin, court and i gather our things and head to liquid – too bad no one was at liquid. the players and their entourages were in a private section at fusion (it’s connected to liquid).

that’s fine, we can wait.

we belly up to the bar at liquid with about only 10 others. an adult beverage or two later the manager of the bar comes up muffin, court and I and let’s us know that they are going to open up ultra (the downstairs bar) for the indians players and their friends and if we were good and didn’t make a big scene we were invited to the party.

forautographswewillplaycool – PROMISE

iwhip out the lip gloss and try to purty myself up for the players. i look in my compact and shutter, realizing that i have been drinking all day and it was now approaching 8pm. oh well – bartender!

we had to wait till all the players went downstairs before we could enter. ugh, do they not know who I am? Whatever.

so once we got down to ultra we boogie-oogie-oogied and i made some small talk with the players.

things i noticed:
--asdrubal cabrera is very nice but wouldn’t tell me why he never took his necklace off.

--CC sabathia is ridiculously tall yet the jersey he had on literally came to his knees, it was like a dress and it was weird – he also was spilling champagne all over the place

--kenny lofton was an ASSHOLE! so not cool he totally fell of the pedestal I had him on back in the 90’s

--casey blake is very very handsome

--ryan garko is someone would i would be friends with if he wasn't a pro baseball player, so normal and laid back - he bummed a cigarette from me

where was grady you may ask? well grady sizemore deserves a bit more than a bullet point. because well i did what i do best in front of him, i made an ass of myself.

grady was in a roped off area at ultra and of course court, muffin and i were dancing as close to him as possible. remember up there where i said CC was spilling champagne all the floor? well as i was busting out my best version of sexy time dancing, my feet came out from under me and i fell flat on my butt. hard.

like my skirt was soaking wet with CC’s champagne.

grady stopped his conversation with his cute blonde of the hour and literally pointed and laughed at me. is pointing and laughing code word for wanting to make out?

didn’t think so.

my indians party needed to end on that high note. i left ultra in a blaze of glory and with a brain swimming with memories.

this stuff only happens to me. can i get some video cameras to follow me around please?

PG-13 means you have to be 13 to watch

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

when i was a kid, at the time i didn't think of my mom as being overly strict. she was stern and had her rules but i was a hellion always getting in trouble - she had to be on her toes.

but one thing that she was surprisingly strict about that i always sticks in my head is how i wasn't allowed to watch movies, tv shows or listen music that she thought was inappropriate.

--when i was in the 4th grade i was invited by a friend to a birthday sleepover for my friend stacey. we did the normal stuff, ate pizza, played games, watched a movie. the movie we watched was dirty dancing, i remember being so excited to see it. the next morning when my mom picked me up i told her what we did (like a good girl), and that i watched dirty dancing...

"WHAT?", she screamed getting out of the car and marching back into the house. she gave that mother a piece of her mind for showing a bunch of 9 year olds a movie that showed stealing, sex and abortion. i didn't know what that crap was at the time, i just liked the end dancing scene - duh.

--a year later i had just finished the 5th grade and my family and i were going to disney world for vacation. there was some sort of flight delay on our layover and it was going to be awhile before we would be able to take off again. the airline decided that they were going play pretty woman to help pass the time.

the movie started and my mom asked the stewardess if there was another movie they could play because her two girls were too young for the movie (this was before movies were edited). they said no. but she didn't take no for an answer - she went straight to the captain - which would never be able to happen in this day and age to plead her case. he saw her point and decided not to show the movie...

much to the dismay of the 200+ other passengers who now had no entertainment becausemy mom didn't want us to see julia roberts play a hooker with multi colored condoms who liked to floss. it's still a cinderella story at the end!

--i was in the 7th grade when sir mixalot came out with baby got back (i like big butts). 7th grade was also the year that my school, took a bus trip to washington dc to meet our congressman. on the bus trip me and my friends had our handy dandy boombox in the back of the bus (where the cool kids hang out), and we were singing along to the cassette tape version of baby got back.

we had listened to the song about three times when my mom walked towards the back of the bus and STOLE THE TAPE! she said the song was degrading towards woman and we were too young to listen to it. but what were we to shake our booty to now?????

--so you know how a parent can block out certain tv stations and protect it with a secret code? well my mom did just that with MTV. the channel was block all the way through high school for me. thank god for friends non-strict parents and the fact that i knew the secret code to the cable box so i could watch all the MTV and HBO i wanted. sorry mom.

fast forward to this past christmas. i thought it was a great idea to give my twin 12 year old girl cousins a few of my favorite childhood movies but in the dvd version for them to enjoy. one of the dvds i gave them was grease. i should have known this dvd was taboo when i saw natalie's eyes light up and ask if they could go in the living room and watch the movie now.

the twins mom immediately said no and said that they needed to keep the dvd aside for a couple of years before they could watch it. whaaaaaaaat? HUH?? i then concluded that there is a pregnancy scare, smoking, drinking and sex.

i guess i didn't get inappropriate theme radar detector gene from my mom. i can only imagine the kind of lock down she would have given me if i had access to the internet and a cellphone when i was under the age of 17.

but don't worry stepho, you were/are a good mom - and your kids didn't turn out too bad either if i do say so myself.

so did you have a strict upbringing or could you do whatever the heck you wanted?

slow down you crazy child

Monday, August 11, 2008

i'm tired of doing super long weekend recaps every monday, especially when i know that my measly typed words don't give nearly enough justice to the fun times and laughs that this weekend gave me.

i realized i still know how to do a cartwheel and a round-off which is something i learned about myself this weekend while pretending to be a gymnast on sunday.

i also learned that i can still drink and flip a mean cup of beer, that i know how to do the electric slide and that's i am blog famous.

or semi-famous per taawd's account - same thing.

i was recognized as the author of this blog friday night in real life.

a nice woman literally pointed at me and was like, "you write cleveland's a plum - you're alexa!"

my face turned red and i think i shrieked.

turns out she was a cleveland blogger too and writes life on mars, she emailed me today all apologetic like thinking she freaked me out by stalking my blog.

um no way, we all blog stalk - i would do exactly the same thing if i saw a blogger i read in real life. how do you think i met chef's widow?

so little did mars know that she had stumbled upon a fabulous cleveland blogger meet up consisting of myself, allison, mel and taawd while we were enjoying dinner and each others company at bar cento with the chef and his widow.

i can't say enough about how much i enjoy bar cento - it never fails to impress me with the service (go everest), the atmosphere, the music (who doesn't love the jackson 5?) and the FOOD, god you can't forget the food. so if you haven't checked out bar cento in ohio city by now you must taste the menu that got the joint best new restaurant 2008 from
northern ohio live magazine. congrats!

so it's always slightly nerve wracking meeting someone that you only know through the internet but mel and taawd were awesome (i already knew allison and chef and chef's widow), and even though taawd thinks i'm crazy in a good way i still like him. i like him and mel together even more. here's a pic of the group at cento via the widow's iphone.

after dinner we headed down the street to a party at one of allison's friends house where we met up with even more bloggers! my favorite narm (who was wearing my cleveland's a plum t-shirt - he's a super fan!) and blogging jason were both in attendance AND i got to finally meet allison's famous BF - or the cohabitant as i kept calling him.

awwwww, look at mr and mrs cohabitant! they match.

after too many games of flip cup i realized that i was not 21 and needed to go home asap. i may have realized this a little too late in the evening for my own good.

saturday morning i woke up early and headed to canton for my friend katie and mike's wedding! talk about a party i had so much fun - it was perfect and after emailing with katie today she thought it was too. have fun on your honeymoon mrs sturz!!!!

my nc besties biscuit, me and j-birdie - we apparently all got the memo to be colorful

toots, boogs and oakes - cans are classy

aubrey: left over prime rib anyone? tasty.

thank god mr and mrs sturz had stand ins...

the REAL mr and mrs sturz with their stand-ins. where's your hand mikey?!?!

after the wedding we headed to my favorite north canton bar the geisin haus to meet up with more of our friends. i really do miss going to that bar.

sunday morning i had a brunch birthday party for my 6 year old cousin graceyn at my uncle david and tia jo's compound house. it was the perfect day full of lots of good food, naps on the couch, watching the olympics, more food, playing poker and watching more olympics.

it was awesome.

just like the whole weekend - this weekend coming up i get to tackle chicago with the UD girls and some awesome, hilarious, amazing, stupendous bloggers! yay! happy nilsa? ; )

in honor of today

Friday, August 8, 2008

my dear friend beaver performing her kerri strugg olympic balance beam routine.

sans beam



i salute you

Thursday, August 7, 2008

i had to go to court this morning in brecksville. no i did not get arrested for stalking NBA players, i received a speeding ticket. again.

no big deal, i gets tickets all the time - but that's not the story i want to share.

while sitting in court people watching and waiting my turn i take notice of the cutest old man. he had to be in his mid to late 80's i thought, but he was dressed to the nines with this little hat. i instantly love him.

sidenote: i LOVE old people.

so, i'm watching all the cases before mine, mostly in amazement with how so many young punks were there in jeans treating the cops and court staff with no respect. kids these days.

when it was the old gentleman's turn at the podium,
he shimmies his was up to the stand (he's all of 5 feet), takes off his hat, and says hello to the mayor/judge.

the mayor/judge in brecksville announces to the court that this man is 87 years old and was allegedly going 75 mph in a 60 mph zone or something like that.

he also announces to the court that this man has NEVER in his 71 years of driving has received any type of moving violation.

NEVER RECEIVED A TICKET! in 71 years of driving!!! NEVER?!?

i let out a pretty audible "awwwwwww" when i heard this. i even said to the prosecutor that was sitting by me, "you guys should let him go!"

and the court did just that.

the mayor stated that a perfect driving record like that doesn't come around very often and that it needed to stay perfect. cute little man for the win!

the old man stood on his toes (he could barely see over the podium) and saluted the mayor. he went into a monologue stating that he was a world war II navy veteran and that he is so proud to be an american for instances just like this.

and then he saluted the mayor again.

i almost wanted to stand up and cheer for him or give him a high five as he made his way down the aisle.

i hope he has a family out there that is very proud of him and his 71 year perfect driving record.

i mean really though, how is that even possible?!?!

am i the only one out there who has received 14+ speeding tickets in 11 years of driving?

excuse me while i go google radar detectors.

all the things she said, all the things she said

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

just got home from my weekly dinner with wonger and bird. tonight's choice, johnny mango's in ohio city - a pitcher of sangria and some happy beans later we were happily full and giddy.

bird had to go play volleyball (she's so involved) and wonger and i headed to our pseudo backyard the prosperity social club in tremont for another cocktail. i love that patio, seriously.

anyways sitting at these two establishments in the summer outside i couldn't help but notice all of the tattoo art around me. you'll find that in those neighborhoods and i can't help but stare/admire.

i love checking out tattoo's, i wish i could have a lot more than i do.

currently i have two, but i want twenty-two.

can someone please invent a tattoo ink that allows the tattoo to disappear in five years? cause that would make me really happy.

but i digress...

so my two tattoos.

my first one is pretty damn embarrassing.

i'm 19, and it's the summer in between my freshman and sophomore year of college. i'm at my best friend of the past 5 years swimming pool laying out.

well actually we were stoned* (sorry mom).

and during our baked stage we thought it would be a great idea to go get matching, wait for it.....friendship tattoos.

i know, i'm an idiot.

but my naive 19 year old stoned self thought it was a fabulous idea and we should walk to the tattoo parlor at that very moment. which we did.

we decided on a chinese symbol for friendship (looks like this) on our right hip. if we only knew how cliche we were being.

so after my friend and i got the tattoo we almost instantaneously stopped being friends - about two months after we got the tattoo. we got in a random fight, i went back to school and that was that. she's now married with children and when i do see her it is fine, we are adults now!

but with one dumb spur of the moment decision i have this thing permanently on my right hip.

i'll wait for you to stop laughing at my misery.

thankfully though the tattoo is more often that not always covered up.

except when... well you know.... when i'm you knowing**. (sorry again mom)

when a boy is lucky enough to actually see the "friendship" tattoo i have been known to make up different meanings for the tattoo. why? because i can.

possible meanings:
-keep going, you're almost there!
-someone's getting lucky

at least i can laugh about it right?

now my second tattoo i LOVE. it is on my left wrist and 80% of it is covered by my watch daily. it's for me, not everyone else to see.

it's an exact drawing of the cross that my father wore around his neck everyday. it is a nice reminder of him.

first tattoo bad, second tattoo good - i always do end up learning from my mistakes.

so does anyone have any fun tattoo stories?

but please, PLEASE don't tell me you have a tasmanian devil or a tweety bird.

*jenna, i know you are reading this - just say no to drugs!!! unless you are with me
**jenna, boys have cooties, don't touch them until you are married. or until you perform the circle-circle-dot-dot cootie shot

you say aruba, i say aruuuuuuuba

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

so i just went through all of my pics from aruba and i'm kinda disappointed! i think i was way too busy sunning myself and rocking out the beach that i didn't taken enough pictures!

i'm not complaining though, believe me.

work was crazy catch up and so was catching up with my reader, but as of 10pm last night my reader was clear!

so i surprised myself a couple of times this past week, i even did a little soul searching - it's good for you! for example i didn't get drunk once. NOT ONCE. which hilariously my mom gave me shit for. while she wanted to go bar hopping i didn't want to be social with anyone but her and my sissy.

she called me lame, i call me smart.

but because of my lack of partying i have never felt so rested from a vacation in all my life. not drinking rocks! well, it will until thursday night at least.

upon arriving on the happy island we checked into our resort and my mom, sissy and i got to take in our balcony view.

beach anyone? yes please.

coincidentally enough my cousins (grog, khaki, jenna and david) were also in aruba staying 3 resorts down from us for our first few days there. obvy this meant family fun time.

can someone say excursion?!?

we decided to head to the remote desert side of the island to search for the natural pool - while hitting a few other spots along the way.

david, jenna, sissy, grog and stepho (mom) on this fun little natural bridge thingy

we hopped into our two rented jeep wranglers not knowing really where we were going.

we got lost, a couple bazillion of times.

but the search for the illusive natural pool was worth the hunt. although we realized why this pool wasn't exactly marketed to tourists...... it is hard as HELL to find the damn place.

you have to do some serious bumpy and rocky terrain, huge inclines and follow barely there dirt

was i scared driving?

heck no, i laugh in the face of 4 x 4 off-roading. HA! HA! HA!

upon finally finding a mini sign stating that the natural pool is a 20 minute hike away we continue our journey - by car.

good thing, because that sign was a big fat lie.

we park the jeeps half way to where we
think the pool is but end up still have about a 3 mile very hilly hike ahead of us.

it was fine, going down. up? not so much.

finally we see the pool from a cliff. my mom and khaki decide they have had enough. we were supposed to be back at the resort by noon. it was now 2:30pm and we still had a hike to the pool.

at this point they (mom and khaki) decide to just cop a squat and let the rest of us go on ahead while they watched from their perch.

now my mom being the ever so technically savvy woman t
ried to capture our descent on my camera.


the following is my favorite video of my mom thinking that my camera is broken when in all reality it was just in video mode. plus, she curses in the clip and who doesn't giggle when their mom curses?!?!

i actually have FIVE more versions of the above video - just like this one. oh mommy, what would i do without you?

after we took a well deserved dip in the pool we had to hike back to the jeeps and make our trek back to the barely paved roads.

but not without a few bumps along the way.

one of our rented wranglers got a flat tire on the descent - oops

i told you it was rocky!

FINALLY we made it back to the resort just in time to head to flying fishbone for a seaside dinner. this place was awesome, seriously.

nice view eh? nothing like watching the sunset while dining on the beach - heaven

the next day my cousins headed back to ohio and my mom sissy and i did a whole not of nothing, in the best way possible.

we ate, a lot.

we gambled, a little.

but i have realized that you can never win two days in a casino. The first night we really gambled i spent about $60 but walked out with $140. awesome right? i heart black jack.

a couple of days later we gambled again, and of course the casino took all my winnings back. sons of bitches.

oh well, its all in the name of fun.

we also played the european/south american, american or honeymooner game.

european/south american qualities
-they didn't speak engligh (duh)
-the men wore tight jean capris
-the smoked, A LOT
-the women rocked out on the beach topless
-the women didn't care how many pounds over 200 they were they still had on bikinis. WHY?!?!

american qualities
-the men wore cut off t-shirts
-baseball hats
-usually over weight
-would yell at their kids a lot

honeymooner qualities
-they either looked miserable or in love
-the brides forgot that their wedding was over and were now allowed to eat again. plate of carrots anyone?
-they had radars on for other honeymooners just like them who there would sit and talk with them for hours
dissecting and comparing their perfect day

there are also two types of resort people. beach people and pool people.

i am a beach person - man, i don't like hanging out at the pool. i can do that in ohio.

the beach people are chill, reading their books and what not.

the pool people are crazy frat boys having their 23rd watered down margarita while peeing themselves sitting at the swim up pool bar.

i only got in the pool one time the entire time - i go to the ocean to pee thank you very much : )

vacation is hands down the BEST people watching.

i even enjoyed observing the poor high schoolers who were too old to really do the kid activities but too young to have any real fun. these kids would normally just sit in the lobby with their rented laptops pouting and being emo/hipsters.

onto some random pics.

um, so who cries from their balcony at a wedding for people that they don't even know? this girl!

i felt like i was eavesdropping the whole time.

me and my mommy at dinner one night

my sissy rockin' out her ghetto fabulous earrings. yes they are gold, and yes they spell out her name - nicolette - only her.

so yeah, that's the cliff notes version of my vacation. it was a wonderful time and i hope i don't have to wait too long to go back to paradise.

sidenote: congrats to my friend julie and her husband aaron, they got married the saturday before i left for aruba in a beautiful wedding! yay them!

oh and another sidenote: i am going to be in chicago next weekend visiting some friends. i have contacted a few of you chicago bloggers for a little lunch get together that saturday afternoon - let me know if anyone else will be around!


Monday, August 4, 2008

how am i supposed to post about aruba when the blogger image upload feature is down?

i have a sad face right now - very sad face.

at least the google message boards say they are working on the problem, hope it doesn't take too long....

because right now i have a very long vacation recap post all typed out and waiting for my pretty pictures to be added.

patience is NOT a virtue i have.


bon bini

i'm back bitches! at least in the physical sense.

i landed at the canton/akron airport at midnight last night, went to my mom's slept for about four hours, got ready for work and drove to cleveland.

i'm not tired at all.

the above statement is a lie.

my work email is in the triple digits and let's not even start with my good reader!

you can see for yourself...

979 unread items?!??!?!

damn you guys have been busy in the blog world this week!

excuse me while i dig myself out of the giant internet hole i have created for myself.

i'll post an aruba recap tonight (if my eyes stay open)