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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

just got home from my weekly dinner with wonger and bird. tonight's choice, johnny mango's in ohio city - a pitcher of sangria and some happy beans later we were happily full and giddy.

bird had to go play volleyball (she's so involved) and wonger and i headed to our pseudo backyard the prosperity social club in tremont for another cocktail. i love that patio, seriously.

anyways sitting at these two establishments in the summer outside i couldn't help but notice all of the tattoo art around me. you'll find that in those neighborhoods and i can't help but stare/admire.

i love checking out tattoo's, i wish i could have a lot more than i do.

currently i have two, but i want twenty-two.

can someone please invent a tattoo ink that allows the tattoo to disappear in five years? cause that would make me really happy.

but i digress...

so my two tattoos.

my first one is pretty damn embarrassing.

i'm 19, and it's the summer in between my freshman and sophomore year of college. i'm at my best friend of the past 5 years swimming pool laying out.

well actually we were stoned* (sorry mom).

and during our baked stage we thought it would be a great idea to go get matching, wait for it.....friendship tattoos.

i know, i'm an idiot.

but my naive 19 year old stoned self thought it was a fabulous idea and we should walk to the tattoo parlor at that very moment. which we did.

we decided on a chinese symbol for friendship (looks like this) on our right hip. if we only knew how cliche we were being.

so after my friend and i got the tattoo we almost instantaneously stopped being friends - about two months after we got the tattoo. we got in a random fight, i went back to school and that was that. she's now married with children and when i do see her it is fine, we are adults now!

but with one dumb spur of the moment decision i have this thing permanently on my right hip.

i'll wait for you to stop laughing at my misery.

thankfully though the tattoo is more often that not always covered up.

except when... well you know.... when i'm you knowing**. (sorry again mom)

when a boy is lucky enough to actually see the "friendship" tattoo i have been known to make up different meanings for the tattoo. why? because i can.

possible meanings:
-keep going, you're almost there!
-someone's getting lucky

at least i can laugh about it right?

now my second tattoo i LOVE. it is on my left wrist and 80% of it is covered by my watch daily. it's for me, not everyone else to see.

it's an exact drawing of the cross that my father wore around his neck everyday. it is a nice reminder of him.

first tattoo bad, second tattoo good - i always do end up learning from my mistakes.

so does anyone have any fun tattoo stories?

but please, PLEASE don't tell me you have a tasmanian devil or a tweety bird.

*jenna, i know you are reading this - just say no to drugs!!! unless you are with me
**jenna, boys have cooties, don't touch them until you are married. or until you perform the circle-circle-dot-dot cootie shot


  1. My friend has the Koolaid Man on her thigh. AND SHE WASN'T EVEN DRUNK WHEN SHE GOT IT.

  2. I guess the best tattoo stories come from my ex-boyfriend that "knew" how to tattoo people. He had popeye on his arm (ugh) and he gave his friend a lopsided cross on his chest.

    I've always wanted a tattoo, but I can't decide on anything and I just imagine how bad it will like in 40 years. Maybe someday I'll just buck up and do it.

  3. I have a- wait for it- tramp stamp. And even if I could think of something to cover it up wit it would still be a TS. Just a different one. At least I can't see it so I usually forget it's there.

  4. Here are two good ones:

    1. In college I got a cute little tattoo of two interlocking hearts on my foot and I love it. The guy I was dating at the time decided he wanted to get one that had the same meaning as mine and got the Japanese symbol for love in the EXACT same place. We broke up two months later. Now that dumb ass is stuck with a tattoo that will always remind him of me. Me - I love mine!

    2. A friend of mine got wasted in Florida, wandered from the group and ended up back at the hotel the next day. Upon waking his arm hurt and he looked down to notice a tattoo of tweety bird driving a tank and smoking a cigar on his right bicep.

    And I agree, they need ink that disappears after 5 years - how great would that be?

  5. i do not have a tattoo but i know this guy who has a tattoo on his bum that says "vegas fo sho". i am not kidding. diva use to date him. i have seen it.

  6. you crack me the hell up - and I PROMISE your tat is not nearly as embarrassing as my first one.


    oh, and as embarrassing as mine might be - I still LOVE IT. ha!

  7. Could be worse. . .

    A roomate from college got a tatoo on her pelvic bone that read "Joey's" (her serious bf of a couple years) written in cursive with a little heart to the right of it.

    Of course, she eventually broke up with Joey, got another tatoo to cover up his name -- to which she got a chinese fish symbolizing freedom. At least she was able to explain the(se) tatoo(s) as "Freedom over Joey"


  8. I love your asterisks! Your second tattoo DOES sound neat. I love that idea. I don't have any tattoos, but my friend DOES have two circles and two dots tattooed on his arm. Yes. The cootie shot. He's forever immune.

  9. I have a tattoo of a dove on my right shoulder.

    That is not that point though. The point is you totally reminded me of the cootie shot and for that I love you.

  10. What the hell is the circle-circle-dot-dot cootie shot?

  11. I am ink-free. But, when my brother wanted to get his tattoo, a friend wisely advised him to wait a year. And if still wanted the tattoo, he could get it then. So, he waited. And eventually got it. I'm hoping he doesn't regret it. After all that thought.

  12. I'm tattooless mainly because needles make me pass out. But an ex-boyfriend of mine (who also did the Chinese character thing) told me he wanted to get a tattooed wedding ring when he got married. You know, to show how permanent the covenant was. He's since gotten married, but I've yet to discover if he's got a tattooed ring sitting under his real one.

  13. I like other people's tattoos because that means I can just look and refrain from doing it myself.

  14. I have a couple embarassing tattoos as well...

    and unfortunately, I am stuck with them. I went to a consult to get them lasered off...

    over $5000.

    I was sad.

  15. I got one when I was living in South America. It's on the back of my leg near my ankle. I'm okay with it -- not thrilled. But it is a great memory.

    I've been considering getting a second one for over a year now, but just can't commit.

    Thought you might get a kick out of this site:

  16. Never got one. I've thought about it but I can never pick one thing to focus on so I end up not getting.

    The BF has some chinese symbol on his ankle because he was 17 and drunk in Toronto with his friends. Needless to say, they all have the same stupid symbol. One of their friends passed out on his stomach, so he has it on some random location on his back. HA!

  17. I don't have one, mostly because I can't stand needles, but I may someday suck it up and get a tiny tiny one of word "faith" in Italian on the inside of my wrist. Same concept as yours - covered by my watch most of the time, and 100% for me.

    I knew a guy in HS that wanted to be one of the "popular" guys. The popular guys kind of made fun of him by calling him "MC Luna" (I don't know why, they were all dumb). So, on our class grad trip to Mexico, this kid got drunk and got "MC Luna" tattooed ALL ACROSS HIS BACK. In Old English font. IDIOT.

    Yeah, so I'll be thinking long and hard before I get a tattoo.

    P.S. Sean's stepmom is a GREAT tattoo artist who specializes in covering tattoos up, if you ever want to come to CA.

  18. You need a REAL good "FLOGGING for this BLOGGING".

  19. P.S.S. I just saw your mom's comment and have decided I love her.

  20. I've been seriously considering a tattoo for about a year now. It's just that I want it to be everything I want it to be, you know? I go look at tattoo websites almost daily and have yet to find anything that really and truly catches my eye that I think I could live with forever and ever.

    That, and I work for a plastic surgeon who would probably fire me if he knew I even got one. Even if he couldn't see it.

    Maybe I'm just a chicken.

  21. haha thanks lex for those two little life lessons. =]

  22. I would so want a Kool Aid Man tattoo on my face.

    OH YEAH!

  23. i want a tattoo SO BADLY but i can't think of anything significant enough that i'd be ok with it for the rest of my life.

    i'm with you, i would ADORE a 5 year limit on tattoos. sounds like a lot of people would ;-)

  24. you have one on your wrist!!!?? that's where ive been thinking of getting one for a bit now! im a spec hesitent, not because of the pain (okay, maybe a spec for the pain- how bad was it?), but i wonder if i ever leave jobs and finally get my ass into nursing (one day!) if employers would care? i dont want to have to wear a bandaid to cover the thing up every day. and where i want it is like, right above my watch... so, hmm. thoughts?

    oh, and i have two also. one was a similar situation as your first- got it with a friend back in the day. it's a tramp stamp (before it was called that?) of a little flower. it's meaningless to me now, really. then i have a small heart that one of my best friends drew for myself and her and another friend. we all have the same one on our foot!

  25. Wow tattoos while stoned? Awesome. We must discuss more this weekend. I do not have tattoos because I'm a wuss about needles. Fail.

  26. i seriously wish there were tattoos that would fade away in five years because then i would definitely get one. i'm just too chicken and indecisive.

  27. I have too many freckles to need a tattoo but I do like to hear the stories behind them.

    Also, i love your Mom's "Flogging for this Blogging" comment. Hilarious!!!

    See you at brunch:)

  28. I am the person who goes for moral support when other people get tattoos. Because I am lame and afraid of needles.

  29. What is it with being 19 and getting tattoos? I got my tramp stamp last year. It was some sort of spur of the moment thing. I don't dislike it, but I don't LOVE it.

    I loved the "Flogging for this Blogging" comment.

  30. Your tattoo stories are way more interesting than any of mine. I don't have any, but I DID photograph a friend of mine getting stars on his shoulder. He wrote an article for the paper about it, and we used the photos. It was interesting.

    Also, another one of my friends got an American flag tattooed onto one of his butt cheeks. I haven't seen it, but I hear the ladies love it...

  31. On your hip? What happens if you really get fat? or if you ever get pregnant? It will all be stretched out and disfigured. How ugly will that be for someone who thinks they are beautiful.....

  32. By the way, do you do anything besides eat and drink ALL THE TIME? Isn't it time to grow up and do other things besides talk about all the bars you go to? Just a thought

  33. Another anonymous commenter with a shitty, boring life.

    Hey, "anonymous" don't you have anything BETTER to do with YOUR life than to troll blogs and post nasty comments.

    Ahem, just a thought.


  34. BTW, I have a couple great tattoo stories. Me thinks I'll blog about them today. :-)

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  36. I knew a guy (in the 90s, granted) who had a No Fear tattoo!! How epically bad is that?!

  37. I don't have any tattoos, because I've always wondered what will happen when I'm older and I don't want to have it anymore. I know, I know, I clearly am not adventurous.

  38. You already know what I'm getting - I just have to bother more Greeks for more translations. I'm waiting until next spring to actually get it.

    "You are what you choose to be" - on my hip.

  39. I SO agree with your mother!

  40. Wow! People LOVE talking about tattoos. Great comments above.

    I have two tattoos. The first is a dragonfly I got my second year of college. It's fairly small and on my hip bone. I designed it when I was 18 and waited a year before I went to the parlor to get it. It represents to me freedom. I still love it.

    The second is a lotus in the same color scheme as the dragonfly. This one has a little bit of a deeper meaning. After I was sexually assaulted, I started going to group therapy. One of the girls who is now one of my close friends told us a story about how the lotus is a flower that grows only in swamp water. It represents something beautiful blossoming out of something terrible. I waited 8 months before getting the tattoo on my neck. The placement has meaning, too: I chose there because though I may not always be able to see my strength, it will always be there. Plus, I can cover it with my hair when I need to go to work.

    Both my tattoos I got for me.

  41. I've been wanting a tattoo for years. I know exactly what I want too - just a small star. I just can't figure out where... across foot, inside wrist, behind ear... oi.

    Can't be anything too prominent. They made me take out my eyebrow piercing when I got this corporate job. I still miss it.


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