ball of funk

Thursday, August 21, 2008

i'm in a funk. and it's not the cold medina or bunch kind.

i think i need to channel my inner monica again in times like these.

now i don't want to be a brat because i know people can read things that i put on this blog and think that i don't have it too shabby - and i don't.

but just because things are good "on paper" doesn't mean that they are good in your heart or your head.

this summer has been insane, i've been doing doing doing, going going going with my agenda always booked. i wasn't in cleveland six weekends in a row...

and i'm sick of it - i'm wearing myself thin. it's almost like i'm too busy to live.

i think i just need to be.

now the last thing i want is my friends to read this and think that any of this past summer has been unenjoyable because it hasn't been - it's just been a lot all piled up week after week. my best friends can see that.

NEED some serious me time. i need to sit on my couch all day if i want, i need to watch tv for an entire sunday - not leaving my apartment. i need to watch a real world marathon, in my sweats while not wearing a bra, eating ice cream with my phone completely off.

i'm tired of being obligated to do things.

i want to not think about bills, my yearly work review next week, or the fact that i don't even have a realistic crush. but let's be honest here, not having a boy around is definitely making some things hit a lot closer to home.

maybe i'm just bored with it all.

perhaps i should move, but could cleveland's a plum be written from another city? don't think so, but still.

gah, this post is officially annoying me but i can't help it right now. at least tomorrow is friday and i have a fun couples shower to attend (sans couple) on saturday and maybe sunday i'll talk my mom into a double header movie marathon day. see, i'm already thinking positive.

thanks buddy for listening to me vent on gchat today and poo poo for just being poo poo.


  1. so since when is that ryan skater guy not a realistic crush?

    take some "me" time... everyone needs it once and a while. And you have been crazy busy-- every time we talk you're doing something awesome, but I know that can get tiring.


  2. I refuse to let you leave the Land of Cleves. You are a celebrity! Who would swear on TV and force newspapers to take pictures of them?

  3. I know what you mean. "Me" time is so, so important! I hope you get the time you need!

  4. Ha, Touche Maxie!

    Take a day, that couch rocks. Just dont watch The Real World - they totally suck now. Unless you can get old seasons on DVR? Is that possible? Wow if it is! There are 3 days next weekend too! Pehaps one of the can be a "Plum" Day? Love you Lexi Poo. As they say in Pretty Woman, Take care of you!

  5. I love you.


    And anytime you need an ear - I'm all about it.


  6. Treat yourself to doing absolutely *nothing*

    You soo deserve it.

    I have faith that your world will look a lot brighter come Sunday evening :)


  7. it happens to everyone. you need some me time! i have dates with me all the time. almost once a week! i rent movies, or watch my fave tivod shows. and well, drink wine.
    youre the most important person in your life so you should be the happiest!

  8. New York is nice, at least that's what I hear.

  9. The fact that I haven't seen you nearly enough this summer can't help the funk! :)

    You should put on your hoodie - with the hood over your head, get some Chubby Hubby, and snuggle up with your comfy blanket! I promise to make sure Wrigley isn't home alone so he won't disturb your 'me' day!!

    You'll have to remind me of your 'me' time when nameless is gone all month and I am at your apartment too much! :)


  10. Take a weekend off to recharge first and see where it gets you. I have to do that every so often when I've been going nonstop -- I'm doing it this weekend, in fact.

  11. Sometimes Marc Jacobs bags or in your case Chloe bags are just a filler to convince ourselves that we don't need to have too many real feelings because we are afraid of being hurt, being along and being abandoned. I have been busy you forget to live and feel but you have done it by choice, it is okay, just to relax and say NO I don't need to be out all weekend :) Good luck

  12. If you leave without a Carl Monday autograph, heads will roll

  13. if only you could hold my hand...

  14. Cheer up, Alexa! I love your blog! I understand about the no "me" time. From March until the middle of July, I honstly had something going on every single weekend. It was nuts! And I didn't write in my blog (which I LOVE doing) from March until this week. Talk about letting time slip away! Don't move away from Cleveland. You're one of the 10 people I know! :P Let's do lunch to celebrate our 1 Years!

  15. Um, anonymous? I can't tell if you were trying to help or be nice but your passive aggressive, backhanded sympathy is neither. Just go somewhere else.

  16. When I hit this wall it is a sure sign I need to hunker down, eat chocolate and watch some good old movies. IT IS OK to do that! Take time for yourself. That always helps and if the nagging feeling is still there, then reevaluate.

    My momma told me many great things, but one of the best was never to make a decision when I am tired, sad or hungry. It has paid off well for me!


  17. I know what ya mean!!

    This post hit home with me, for sure.

  18. anonymous person = tool bag

    Why you got to hate?..

    do something else with your time.

  19. Me time is important, you have to make time for it. I think I will be having some me time tonight. Not really by choice, but because I am a looser and have nothing else to do.

  20. I feel ya. I get hugely stressed out if I don't get one night a week to relax. I can imagine after the busy summer you've had people can understand that you need a weekend of movies in your pj's.

  21. When you are 28 and have never had a boyfriend then something is wrong. I don't want to hear no one is good enough because there are plenty of beautiful, smart women who have high standards and have had them. I was just expressing the fact that Alexa has issues ice cream and the couch won't fix. There is more to life than bars and food at her age.

  22. I need to channel my inner Adina Howard.


  23. Hey anonymous. Take it from another anonymous who isn't such a passive aggressive asshole. If you're reading Alexa's blog and you feel the need to bag on her life publicly, but without signing your name, she's clearly got a lot more going on in her life than you do. Coward.

  24. Hey-
    I'm at home, ON MY COUCH for at least 10 more weeks. It calls for double sweatpants, no makeup, ice cream eating tv marathons. We can even pop in an old NKOTB video if you want. ANYTIME!

    Love you!

  25. any body who takes the time to read Alexa's blog and then diss her because she writes about all the amazing places to go and eat in Cleveland needs to GET A LIFE. If you don't want to hear about her lifestyle, don't read the blog. But to take the time write a comment with the sole purpose of making her feel bad is pathetic.

  26. Ditto, Georgia Peach! As I already stated in the previous blog, this Anonymous person is just plain mean-spirited! If she/he is trying to give some good advice, they need to work on the delivery..........could they be jealous.....why else would they state some of the things that have been stated???

  27. Sometimes you just have go on strike from the rock star life for a day or two. :) Moving seems like a awfully rash solution to your problems. That guy you're looking for is out there somewhere. I hope you find him soon. :)

  28. You know you're really important when people leave you mean anonymous messages, right?? :)

    (And how helpful - when you come and express some pretty honest stuff, someone puts you down! Great!)

    Sorry for the abundant sarcasm. Seriously, though, I get you. I totally get you. And I'm glad you were able to be honest with yourself (slash us) about what you're feeling. I'm learning how to be okay with that too...

  29. Me time is definitely needed in this situation. And maybe taking that anonymous commenter out back for a good beat down.

    I definitely 100% know exactly what you are going through. My life has been way too hectic and it gets out of control to the point I retreat into my room and don't appear for a few days when i finally do get some space. I'm at the point where I am bored too and am planning on leaving NYC. I'm sure you'll get out of your funk too, I did (but still am itching to get out of nyc! thats a whole other issue for me tho!)

    and in regards to that wonderful anonymous blogger, settling for anyone is never a good thing. i have a feeling someones trying to justify settling for less than perfect. Something Alexa obviously is not willing to do.(and definitely shouldn't!)

  30. You deserve some me time. I feel like I could use some too.

  31. I'm totally with you on needing 'me' time. I was out of town 5 weekends in a row - 5 great weekends, but still - and all I want is some time at home. And I think I have a 'quarter-life crisis' about once a month... think we're on the same page with that!

  32. Me time is important. Take a little time off to catch up and spend some time alone. It's wonderful when you get the chance to do it.

  33. i hope that your funk gets better. i was just saying to my girlfriend tonight about how i was feeling so... go go go. lots of obligations and not enough me time, down time, time to just... BE. here's hoping you get some of that asap.

  34. Pardon the intrusion Alexa, but as a person who reads your blog and doesn't "know" you that well.....
    The mean Anonymous obviously is as transparent as a freshly cleaned window. Look how they attack you so strongly.... o cruely... then say WE don't need to have too many feelings (refering to the handbag statement) and then goes on to say I have been hurt before TOO... Had you said you had been hurt ? I dont remember that.... Anonymous OBVIOUSLY has been hurt and thinks he/or she has to hurt others even if in private to feel better about their own life. I just picture someone leaving comments in the dark then feeling so great, so empowered that they have left a negative impact on your little corner of the world. It reeks of low self esteem and jealousy. Its like the old saying people who say "I don't care" care the most. But anonymous should just study the morror, try to put a smile on his/her face and realize the great think about life is everyday you get a new chance to improve on your OWN life. They are so jealous of you it is becoming funny, the meaner the posts are getting the more you can tell he/she is thinking about you. Rock on Alexa in whatever fashion you desire.....


    Grab a goddamn life.


  36. How did I miss all of this anonymous action?



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