blog day!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

this weekend so far has included happy hour at the blind pig, cocktails at the harbor inn, and some salami rose with a side of someone in mexico stealing my debit card account number. the first three things - awesome. the last thing, not so much. at least i didn't lose any money - thanks key bank for seeing that i wasn't in mexico city trying to give a dumpy hotel $1000 out of my checking account!

this weekend also brought me a new roommate steph! nate my summer fun roommate i'll miss you, but you're one floor above me now so visits are a must.

last night was a chill night with my girls with dinner at the beav's with poo poo and the giff - scary movie included. currently i'm doing laundry and getting ready for the indians game at 1pm, it's a perfect end of summer day in the cleve and i can't wait to start my sunday funday. beer me.

so enough about me, here's a little about you my fellow bloggers!

Blog Day 2008

today is blog day!! something that i learned about from jenn at free and flawed and i thought it would be a great way to spread the word about some of my favorite blogs. these recommendations are blogs that i have been reading for awhile but i want you all to read and add to your reader too!

the rules are as follows:

1) find 5 new blogs that you find interesting
2) notify the 5 bloggers that you are recommending them as part of BlogDay 2008
3) write a short description of the blogs and place a link to the recommended blogs
4) post the BlogDay post (today, august 31st)
5) add the BlogDay tag using this link and add the link to the BlogDay website

so check them out! : )

angilio loud and proud - love this girl (ang*)! first off she is from the cleveland-ish area, went to my alma mater university of dayton, and i got to hangout with her during my last visit to chicago. trust me, add her to your reader!

long winded and proud - addy (now adriana) is a california girl who always speaks her mind, whether it is ranting on her other blog, i shake my fist at you, or talking about throwing a party there is always something interesting to read, go check out her new acquired shiner! heehee

encounters of the humankind - this cleveland grown blog is written by -A, and what i most enjoy about her blog is that she is always engaging the reader to relate their own experiences to her own. plus she works in the PR/marketing industry in cleveland which is always a plus in my eyes.

life on mars - this lady has the BEST FINDS - from quirky to down right absurd, to tasteful decor recommendations to the latest fashion buys that she just must have, there is always something interesting to look at, especially if it involves bacon. seriously though, the time she has to scour the internet for the stuff she posts about is way over my internet time allowance. thank god i found her instead!

i could kill her - i have recently found this hilariously dark and witty blog and quickly read about 75% of the archives. i mean the last post alone was titled, "i can't stop thinking about barack obama's penis!" that right there should be enough to want you to click through to the site. this blog makes me laugh - A LOT and i'm sure you all will too, especially if you like all sorts of inappropriateness like i do.

have great rest of the weekend all! see ya all on the other side of the weekend!


  1. you're in my blog day post!

  2. "i can't stop thinking about barack obama's penis!" hahahahahahahaha

    wow. i'm so mature.

  3. Thank you my love!

    Baby G gives you a big smooch. Can't wait to read more of your blog.



  4. awww we have such good taste! ;)
    thanks dear. have a great rest of your weekend. already looks like its been aweso.

  5. I linked to you in my BlogDay post. Love your site!

  6. Rock on! I'm honored - thanks girl!

    You've always been one of my favorites.

  7. found you from jamie at!

    glad i found ya!
    blog love your way.

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