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Monday, August 4, 2008

i'm back bitches! at least in the physical sense.

i landed at the canton/akron airport at midnight last night, went to my mom's slept for about four hours, got ready for work and drove to cleveland.

i'm not tired at all.

the above statement is a lie.

my work email is in the triple digits and let's not even start with my good reader!

you can see for yourself...

979 unread items?!??!?!

damn you guys have been busy in the blog world this week!

excuse me while i dig myself out of the giant internet hole i have created for myself.

i'll post an aruba recap tonight (if my eyes stay open)


  1. 979, that's impressive! I think the most I've been up to is around 800. It's amazing how many people blog while you're away! :)

  2. i'm so glad you're back. Now i have someone to gossip with about my horrible ways, LOL

  3. I can't even count to 979. You are ridiculous - and Mel has been hitting up the Harbor without us - we can't stand for this.

  4. I hope mine never gets that out of conrol....

  5. Hey look...I can see my blog...on your reader...

    glad your back though.

    We'll be expecting stories.

  6. Awesome! That's a lot of reading! But I'm sure your time away was worth all the catching up you'll have to do...

  7. I think you should read the blog directly under the header "A look at what's new"... just saying. Looks like an interesting blog... LOL!

    Oh, and Welcome Back!!!

  8. welcome baaaaack! omg, nine hundred and some new items? honey, just click "mark all as read". haha can't wait to hear about your trip!!!

  9. Dude, best of luck with that one. You should just let it go so you can officially get to 1,000!

  10. I'm with you... I had 900+ in my reader when I returned from a 10 day vacation last week and I still haven't caught up. I'm still going through them a week later and I'm only down to 400 or so. I guess it's a good problem to have!

  11. When I got back from vacay the other week ... my Google Reader said 1000+. Apparently it stops counting at 1,000. And it took me days to get it below 1,000. Ridiculous! I say MARK ALL READ and start your week fresh!

  12. When you subsribe to a million blogs its bound to happen. Just read mine. That;s all you need.

  13. Dammit. What the hell is this Google Reader? I just caught on that I see updates in my tool bar on Firefox. Crap. I'm always behind. This seems to be something I could definitely become obsessed with.

    And yes, Harbor is waiting for me again...

  14. Yeah, that's when I give up and mark all as read. It's old news by now anyway!

  15. welcome back...

    yeah, by the way I figure it, you have about 7 hours of Internet reading just to get caught up to this present moment.

    sure, i start going to harbor inn and everyone wants to hang there.


  16. Woah! That's ridiculous! Good luck catching up -- being behind on my reader stresses me out. I can only imagine..

    How was the vacay?

  17. and i thought i had a lot of blogs in my reader, haha.

    welcome back! :)


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