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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

when i was younger i was a pretty smart kid, at least on paper i was.

i'm actually documented on vhs reciting the pledge of allegiance at the age of two thanks in part to romper room, which i watched everyday as a child. "bend and stretch, reach for the sky!"

side note: while looking for romper room on you tube i came across this 1980's nickelodeon tribute video. oh. my. god! if you ignore the cheesy music in the background it's a perfect tv representation of my childhood! PINWHEELS! end side note.

anyways, back to the me being smart part - so i could read and write simple words while in preschool. my name, my little sister's name, stuff like that.

one day sissy and i were playing in the finished basement of the house i grew up in. the house was historic, built in the early 1900's and the basement was covered in exposed brick - a really old porous and jagged like brick.

sissy was 3 and i was 5ish and were playing in the basement, watching nickelodeon and coloring.

well i suddenly decided that i wanted to color on the brick wall. i can't be confined to a stinking piece of construction paper! pish posh.

i colored away writing out alexa and nicolette (my sissy's name) multiple times on each brick. i also drew flowers, lines and shapes. it so happens that the brick i was coloring on was also the brick that surrounded the built in tv nook in the family room portion of the basement. i thought that that way my mom would never not be able to see my pretty pictures.

fast forward about 20 minutes when my mom had finally seen what i was doing.

"KDHNDIHFRKJSDbloodymurderLKJVIDFIWHEWKDbloodymurderAIHDIOFHKFS!!!", said my mom.

i yelped, promptly putting the crayons in my sister's hand crying that she was the artist. not me! i was the good daughter!

problem was, sissy couldn't write her name - she was only 3.


this was the one and only time my mouth got washed out with soap for lying. this moment will forever be ingrained in my brain. i seriously still get a bit of a twitch when i see green palmolive soap - which is probably why i use dawn to this day. ha!

lesson learned: don't draw with crayons on brick walls and say that your sister did it when she can't write.

other more important lesson learned: crayon doesn't wash off of brick.

it stays there, FOR-EV-ER.

all my pretty pictures, alexa and nicolette were still etched onto that brick wall in my 5 year old handwriting clear as ever till the day we moved out of that house when i was 17 years old. no joke.

i just hope the new owners appreciate the palmolive that had to be consumed to provide them with that crayon art. i think they should save those bricks forever, maybe they'll be worth something someday when i become famous for being cast on bloggers gone wild: 20SB edition.

peace, love and awesomeness.


  1. I'm pretty sure crayon does come off somehow. Maybe your mom secretly decided she wanted to keep it there. :o)

  2. When I was a little older than 5 1/2, we learned in school how to melt crayons between wax paper with an iron and cut them into leaf shapes. It was so much fun that I had to try it at home.

    With my Mom's brand new steam iron.

    It went over really well. Especially since she didn't notice until she ironed a blouse. Her favorite.


  3. Instead of Blogger's Gone Wild lets do a Real World spin-off called "The Real World Wide Web - When people stop being polite, and start being whatever person they have made up for the internet."

  4. you're such a dork-- at least you didn't draw penises or anything. the kids that live in my mom's rental house drew all these sex figurines on the wall. it's really attractive.

  5. I guess that's why the powers that be are now in the process of banning crayons from schools. I once had a box that melted all over the backseat of the car. So sad.

  6. I once told my mom a bird flew into the house and knocked over a vase I broke.

    Nevermind that we had screens on all the windows...

  7. Ha ha. That's cute.

    I once lost one of our house keys trying to sneak out of the house in high school to see my boyfriend. My mom thought someone tried to break into the house and had all the locks changed.

  8. Nickelodeon has gone really far downhill since we were kids...

    It's sad really.

  9. Why were we ever afraid of soap? And who thought that was punishment? I don't think I ever got soap in the mouth. I'm sure I was threatened with it though.

  10. i remembered todays special, YCDTOT, pinwheel, and danger mouse. Remember lancelot links? The monkeys that moved their mouths and people talked? I loved that show!

  11. Haha this reminds me of when I was 2 and decided to leave my mark on my parents hallway wall with crayon. Apparently that shit doesn't come out of painted drywall either. Because 12 years later, when we returned to the house we hadn't lived in for TEN YEARS, the crayon marks were still there.

    I still think the new owners of the house just loved my artistic abilities THAT much

  12. "You want a smore?"

    "Some mroe what? I haven't had anything yet."

    "No smalls a Smore"

    Yes and yes

  13. I loved to watch romper room. Being the youngest kid I was the one that always got blamed for everything. No fair.

  14. I have to say, I didn't even know crayon COULD color on brick, so, you totally get points for inventiveness and creativity!

  15. Awesome. I remember getting my mouth washed out with soap... I don't remember what I did, but I'm sure it was equally as offensive. I love that you tried to blame your sister who couldn't write. :-)

  16. i was a boring good kid and never drew on anything but paper, as far as i know. my SISTER, however, wrote a huge E on her closet door (for elizabeth) when she was sent to her room one time. her story was that it was "already there" when my mom came up and freaked out about it. good story, eliz... ;-)

  17. That video was awesome. I LOVED David the Gnome! Also, great Sandlot reference.

    That's such a cute story about you and your sister. As the older sibling, we're always caught lying around we? I pushed my baby brother once and while my mom asked why he was crying, I said he was stupid and walked into the wall. I probably didn't use the word stupid. But still!

  18. Aww, I loved nickelodeon as a kid. Yay. :)

    (Only I totally watch Avatar with my little brother. I'm a dork.)

    When I was six or so, some kids vandalized our fence. I told my mom that I had seen the kids spraypaint the fence because I thought I would be a hero, and the lie grew more and more elaborate. I think my mom knew I was lying from the start, but that didn't stop me from feeling guilty for like three years afterward.

  19. I drew on the keys of our piano. With permanent marker. That doesn't come out either.


  20. Could you think you were any smarter? OMG get over yourself!

  21. Am I missing something? I don't get that comment.

  22. I also learned the hard way that permanent marker doesn't come out of tile! Are we supposed to know these things at an early age!

    I bet the wall is very purty!

    Can't wait for sushi tonight!

  23. Amazing! I hope the Palmolive taught you to be a better liar.

  24. we wrote crayon on my walls in college and thank god that came off otherwise they're be some really interesting things to explain to the people that came to clean the rooms, haha.

  25. i love that video! i wasnt allowed to watch "you cant do that on television" as a kid. i feel like i told you this recently, maybe?

    anyway, i love your crayon story. and the title of this post!

  26. I love this! I had NO idea crayon didn't wash off of bricks. Hrm. Interesting.

    I remember as a child telling my sister not to draw on the walls with crayons. (I was the good kid, obvs.) She didn't listen. I think we both got in trouble.

  27. I ALWAYS waited for the lady on Romper Room to see me through her magic mirror thing at the end.

    Every day I thought to myself "today is the day she'll see me!" and I waved and jumped up and down.

    She never saw me.

    What a bitch.

  28. I was never into Romper Room but I do have horrifying memories of being slapped on my wrist for being bad and/or having soap in my mouth. I still shudder at Dove bar soap.

  29. Who IS Anonymous???? I may not always agree with the things my niece does and writes, but the mean spiritedness of Anonymous is TRULY getting to me!

  30. Remember in college, on graduation day, when you were trying to write "college" on our kitchen wall? That was awesome!

  31. We were on holiday one time and the three of us kids had a room together with a carry cot provided for my 1 year old sister. One day we woke up to find lots of ninja turtles drawn on the outside wall of the cot, with 'the artist's name' Ellie next to them. Hmm, the one-year-old drew turtles and then wrote her name? My brother was totally busted. No soap for him though I'm sad to say... ;-)


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