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Thursday, August 28, 2008

first off thank you all for your comments and feedback on my last post regarding politics. also, thanks for playing nice.

all of the comments were very informational and i'm hoping that over the next couple of months i will be able to make the most educated decision i can.

thanks again.

so earlier in the summer sissy and i were driving to canton from cleveland and she was going through the cd case in my car. i hadn't looked at it in ages because 1. i have sirius and 2. i have about a 5 minute commute to work and i don't really listen to much music in the car.

but that wasn't always the case -
back in the day i was ALL about the mix cd's.

sissy decided that we needed to listen to my old mixes and it would be like a trip
down memory lane listening to all the songs.

she was right.

since our little car ride i have found myself listening to some of those old CD's more frequently. you know how you end up listening to mixes and or songs waaaaaaaaaaay too much and you need to just not hear the songs for a year or two till you love them again? well, i think i can listen to these songs again.

also, last week my west coast blogging FRIEND and i were chatting about early 2000's songs and how awesome they are (obviously) - i promised to share, and now i'm delivering.

this may very well end up a weekly feature for me - until i run out of old mixes at least.

so this first one was made on november 17, 2002 which is exactly what is written in sharpie on the disc.

i had recently finished college in may and i had just got home from a summer/fall of working on mackinac island in michigan - trying ever so hard not to grow up and get a real job. i was a bit of an idealist in those days, and this mix will always remind me the island and wrapping up college.

[i found all the songs on except for a hip hop version of crash by DMB and a jimmy fallon you can't touch this song that i wish i could find on you tube to share but i can't, oh well]

this mix simply says May 2003 party mix in black sharpie on it.

i vividly remember making this mix while i was still living in canton. my mom was going out of town for the weekend and i was obviously going to throw a party. how very mature of me right?

well i hope a few of these songs made you laugh at my ridiculously random music taste. or you at least had a funny memory of dancing on a table screaming, "bringgggggggg. meeeeeeeeee. tooooooooooooo. liiiiiiiiife! wake me up inside!" i mean not that i have ever done that...

have a good thursday!


  1. I have been elevated to friend status! Take that haters!

    Oh, there were no haters? Nevermind then.

    the sad part is that I have all those songs on cd.

    Where's your head at at at at at. Wheres your head at. That's my favorite.

  2. Ahahaha I love seeing Snow on playlists. Note, I said SEEING him there...not actually listening to him.

  3. why do you have avril lavigne on your party list? she's a downer...

    I'm with Ben... I also enjoy a good bit of informer on my mixes. I always try to sing that song but I get to the fast part and just mumble.

    p.s. I haven't thought about "when's the last time" in um... forever. I will be listening to it immediately.

  4. Wow! You are making me feel old. 29 is around the corner, but now I feel even worse. When I think about some of those songs, I would say that they were about 2-3 years old. Not Five!!!! Getting old sucks.

  5. Don't lie, Alexa - I saw you on W. 6th singing Evanescense on tabletop just last week.

  6. Love the nostalgia that an old mix cd or mix tape brings. . .

    Although, how sad is it when a song skips or doesn't play at all??


  7. I STILL have JT's "Rock Your Body" on most of my playlists. I also remember doing a dance to "Bombs over Baghdad" in college during rush week for Alpha Phi. I insisted on rehearsing for all of my friends. They still, to this day, remind me of it and laugh at me. Thanks for bringing me back to good ol UD!

  8. i absolutely ADORE home-made mixed CDs and finding them @ the bottom of a stack

    gah! best thing evar.

  9. ahh! ive got two new playlists to listen to in the background at work today. maybe not so much some of the second (ill save that for later). and ohmygod, daniel.freaking.bedingfield. wow.

  10. the first CD is a pretty good mix! each song i saw was like: "oh shit! thats my jam!"

    i'm going to have to agree with maxie about the party mix though. avril? but its all good! whatever floats your boat :)

  11. No one ever sounds as cool as Snow when they attempt to sing Informer... No One... EVER!

  12. Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce

    YES!! You totally provided me with a fun cleaning day playlist. You rock.

  13. MOUNT UP!

    Those songs bring back tons of memories...

  14. oh man.. the sad thing for me is how "current" i still think some of these songs are. alas.

  15. I think Regulator is one of my all time favorite cruising songs....oh wait, it is tied with "back 2 that hotel"....

    I love music, and how it brings back such vivid memories of the times you listened to the songs!

  16. "tha" hotel. Now I feel like a total poser.

  17. God I remember the days of mix CDs. Now they've been replaced with playlists. Same diff, right?

  18. Snow? DUDE. hahah

    P.S. Justin never gets old.

  19. REGULATORS! Mount up!

    Love the Fuel song, too.

    By the way - I now have "You + Me = Us" stuck in my head. Thanks for that. Really.

  20. I was so obsessed with mix cd's when I was in college - what memories that brings back!

    My college bf was obsessed with Informer - i don't know if I'll ever be able to listen to it again.

  21. The Urge! Wow. You just brought back a flood of memories.

  22. This post makes me feel really old. I guess this is what I get for reading Twenty Something blogs. Not that there's anything wrong with it.

    Find any Republican bloggers yet? I can find some for you if you're interested. My fee is nominal and is fully refundable.

  23. Just wait for, oh I don't know, another 10 years. Seriously, those mixes (which are fantastic, by the way) become all the more absurd. Great road trip fun, though!

  24. This bring back some long forgotten memories! They all take me back to college.

    I miss it.

  25. you're welcome everyone!

    ha ha ha

  26. bombs over baghdad was a always a hit...esp late night...i do believe it was playing during the now famous dance move- the alexa stomp- which has been known to destroy a coffee table :)

  27. seriously i love looking back on the old school mixes. these are great.

  28. there is a special place in my heart for Hall & Oates


    I love most of those songs.. they remind me of when I was 14-15. Awesome post!

  30. I love going back and listening to old playlists just because they are SUCH a surprise! Yours are awesome, btw.


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