i salute you

Thursday, August 7, 2008

i had to go to court this morning in brecksville. no i did not get arrested for stalking NBA players, i received a speeding ticket. again.

no big deal, i gets tickets all the time - but that's not the story i want to share.

while sitting in court people watching and waiting my turn i take notice of the cutest old man. he had to be in his mid to late 80's i thought, but he was dressed to the nines with this little hat. i instantly love him.

sidenote: i LOVE old people.

so, i'm watching all the cases before mine, mostly in amazement with how so many young punks were there in jeans treating the cops and court staff with no respect. kids these days.

when it was the old gentleman's turn at the podium,
he shimmies his was up to the stand (he's all of 5 feet), takes off his hat, and says hello to the mayor/judge.

the mayor/judge in brecksville announces to the court that this man is 87 years old and was allegedly going 75 mph in a 60 mph zone or something like that.

he also announces to the court that this man has NEVER in his 71 years of driving has received any type of moving violation.

NEVER RECEIVED A TICKET! in 71 years of driving!!! NEVER?!?

i let out a pretty audible "awwwwwww" when i heard this. i even said to the prosecutor that was sitting by me, "you guys should let him go!"

and the court did just that.

the mayor stated that a perfect driving record like that doesn't come around very often and that it needed to stay perfect. cute little man for the win!

the old man stood on his toes (he could barely see over the podium) and saluted the mayor. he went into a monologue stating that he was a world war II navy veteran and that he is so proud to be an american for instances just like this.

and then he saluted the mayor again.

i almost wanted to stand up and cheer for him or give him a high five as he made his way down the aisle.

i hope he has a family out there that is very proud of him and his 71 year perfect driving record.

i mean really though, how is that even possible?!?!

am i the only one out there who has received 14+ speeding tickets in 11 years of driving?

excuse me while i go google radar detectors.


  1. Awwwww, that is cute. Good for them for letting him off.

  2. haha- how the hell have you gotten that many speeding tickets??? I'm at 2 and I feel like that is a lot.

    p.s. My mom is 61 and has never had a ticket. True story.

  3. So freaking cute. You should've grabbed his autograph.

    I've only had 1. Although, I did crash my car, causing almost $8K of damage after 5 months of getting it.

  4. Damn. This story made me proud to be an American.

  5. I LOVE old people too! Is it weird that I prefer them over small kids? They're just so awesome.

    I've never gotten a ticket.
    I've only been driving for a year, though.

  6. Wow, what a cool story. When I was at jury duty today nothing that awesome happened!

    I've had one ticket in 10 years of driving. But, like Allison, I have totaled my car. I flipped a Dodge Ram with a 1989 Honda Accord (yes, I'm a little proud underneath the shame) and it was MONTHS before I got a new car. Boo.

  7. Alexa, believe it or not, there really ARE people who haven't had any tickets during all their years of driving, but then again, I totally get why you find that unbelievable!!!

  8. The Greatest Generation indeed!

  9. Aw, I ADORE old people, too.

  10. 14 tickets? Really. Damn, you're not very stealth are you?

    The old man in this post reminds me of my grandparents, both of whom would get pulled over for speeding. They'd look at my grandfather's clean record and not want to be the first to give him a ticket, so he'd get away with a warning. And they'd ticket my grandmother every time. Tears never did help her cause. Hahahaha.

  11. What a GREAT story to start off my Friday morning!

  12. i have never had a ticket- knock on wood...going on 12 years of driving...

  13. i absolutely adore oldies. this man sounds like such a gem. so did you get off on your ticket?

  14. That's so adorable! I have a weakness for the elderly as well. When I see an older couple holding hands, I tear up in joy.

    I'm glad they let him off. I mean, really, he seemed fantastic. If they gave him a ticket, I would have been horrified.

  15. alexa, i will never forget the day you called me and said "did you know those signs that say speed detected by aircraft are for real? i just got a ticket by an aircraft!" priceless.

  16. teen - omg!! you have the best memory ever. but you forget that that happened to me FOUR times to and from canton to UD. stupid airplanes in wayne county!

  17. Aww, cute!

    I've gotten two tickets in 8 years of driving. One speeding ticket and one for running an orange light that was knocked down to a non-moving violation. (I love Louisiana, by the way.)

    I cannot believe his perfect driving record. I would have wanted to give him a hug!

  18. My parents are 62, and neither has ever gotten a speeding ticket. However, my mom was once pulled over when we were on vacation in Wyoming, but she got off with a warning. We still joke that she's a "wanted woman" out there.

    Me? I got two in college and none since then, especially now that I've got my sister's boyfriend's PBA card, and I drive slow to save on gas.

  19. Thats awesomely good to hear.

    How nice of the judge, seriously. I doubt stuff like this EVER happens.

  20. That has to be one of the absolute cutest stories *ever*

    At first I thought I was close to your 14+ tickets in 11 years. . .but I fall short at 10 tickets in 10 years. . .however, I must admit that my various suspensions add up to an entire year, but with school/work priviledges of course ;)


  21. well that is just super adorable. as i absolutely adore old people too.

  22. I have zero tickets, but that does not mean I've never been pulled over. It's called shameless tears and it works every time.

  23. Old people are scary. And they smell funny. But they also give me candy so I guess they are ok.

  24. hahahaha- we are black and white then. because I hate old people. I don't want to become them because I dislike them. a lot. they smell and walk funny.

  25. -tear-

    There is a radar dector called the zapper that I hear is awesome. It will be worth it!

  26. That is a GREAT story! I got a little ferklempt while reading it. YAY for awesome old peeps! :)

  27. 14+??? (does that mean 15..?) my goodness, lady. you have to hit the brakes when you see the cruiser on the side of the road :-)

    i've been lucky, 0 so far in 11 years.. *knocks on wood*

  28. That's a great story...I think I must be somewhere near that 14 ticket number.

    Including 3 tickets in the space of about 3 months during a particularly challenging year.

    Good stuff!

  29. i just found your blog and i have to say - this specific entry has me laughing AND in tears... which is the BEST!

    I love little old folk too...I would have given him a hug... but that's just me!

    how did you make out though?

  30. so...i can also say that i have had 14+ tickets alexa...we are rare gems.

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