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Monday, August 25, 2008

i grabbed this meme from brandy because well i also think this type of post is exactly what is needed for a monday.

here is me as of 10:48pm on monday august 25th 2008 - i mention this because my answers could very well change come monday august 25th 2008 at 11:07pm.... i'm just saying.

A Attached or Single? well, i'm attached to my laptop, blackberry, my friends and family. hmmm, maybe that's why i'm single.

B. Best Friend? i'm disgustingly lucky in the best friend department, let's just say i could have about 12 bridesmaids - just check out some of my plum heads of the week.

C. Cake or pie? i'm going to go with pie on this. hartville kitchen coconut cream is my favorite, damn those amish can bake!

D. Day of choice? this can vary depending on my plans for the week but as a general rule i'll go with thursday for my monday thru friday choice.

E. Essential item? my keychain/wallet combo thingy - it goes everywhere with me. i'm also a big fan of estee lauder more than mascara, mac lipglass explicit and chanel summer plum glossimer.

F. Favorite color? black, i'm greek i was born in a black onesie.

G. Gummy bears or worms? sour gummy worms - um, yum.

H. Hometown? canton, ohio. home of the professional football hall of fame and marilyn manson.

I. Favorite indulgence? expensive handbags. it's a sickness, it started a couple of years ago with my first botkier purchase - a marc jacobs, chole and linea pelle later i'm currently crushing on this bag in purple.

J. January or July? obviously july, specifically july 2nd - my birthday!

K. Kids? yes please! three boys if i could have my way.

L. Life isn’t complete without? love, music, family, good food and wine, movies from my childhood and laughter - lots of laughter!

M. Marriage date? i'm not even allowed to bring dates to my friends weddings let's get over that hurdle first.

N. Number of brothers and sisters? one younger sister - my sissy!

O. Oranges or Apples? BOTH

P. Phobias? birds, man am i afraid of birds! they are the rats of the sky i tell you, rats of the sky.

Q. Quotes? i don't do quotes.

R. Reasons to smile? the fact that i'm going to the toronto international film festival with my mom and cousins. i will be sitting in the same movie theater as brad pitt and george clooney!! OMFG. now i just need to get off work....

S. Season of choice? i like them all for different reasons. i really get excited for the next season, whatever it may be.

T. Tag 5 people: i'm going to go ahead and tag your mom and your mom's mom on this one. if you want to do it - do it : )

U. Unknown fact about me? i love video games i'm honestly afraid to buy a wii because i think i would never stop playing. i can also spend hours on pogo.com playing the most random mindless online games. they are so damn addicting!

V. Vegetable? spinach - popeye told me so. some olive oil, garlic and fresh spinach sauteed with some lemon juice is the best.

W. Worst habit? my lack of capitalization on this blog, but i promise i do know how to correctly capitalize. that and using my cellphone under the influence - ask maxie about some of my voicemails.

X. X-ray or Ultrasound? is this the only x question that the author could come up with? i'm going to go with xylophone, just cause.

Y. Your favorite food? cheese. anything involving cheese. oh and garlic, lots of garlic.

Z. Zodiac sign? cancer


  1. Ooo, I have a crazy fear of birds ever since seeing The Birds in 3-D years ago. I'm certain they're all out to kill us.

  2. "M" made me laugh out loud. Also, I like that we share a favorite vegetable. It really makes us champions.

    With Popeyesque muscles.

  3. Um YES I can testify about the drunk phone messages.... i quite enjoy a good drunk dial though.

  4. How could you forget Macy Gray in your answer for H? And I am SO remembering "The Birds" video present to you........I still laugh when I think of it........could I have found a more perfect picture??!

  5. That is really cool you are (hopefully) going to the Toronto International Film Festival. Good to see you are breaking out of your rut. Thanks for the Facebook friend request.


  6. I'm gonna go ahead and second the hartville kitchen comment. What else the amish can cook is freaking chocolates. I can stand at the chocolate case for an hour and not know what to get. I particularly love the chocolate covered graham crackers.

    uh, im so going this holiday wknd!

  7. How dare you tag my mom.

    That didn't sound right.

  8. HAhahaaaa, I love the black onesie comment.

  9. haha i seriously love you (even more) after this post. i love that purple bag also. and the statement about being born in a black onsie? hilarious, i heart you.

  10. You lost me at A. That's fucking hilarious (as is my recent sailor mouth on your behalf!). Though, I'm so thankful for your P ... because a girl's gotta have a back-up plan in case, oh, I don't know, work isn't cutting it.

  11. cheeeeeese! and garlic! garlicky cheese! i think the greeks & the italians must have that in common ;-)

    black onesie heeheehee

  12. I am always game for receiving drunk dials and drunk voicemails.

    They would never end up on the internets, I swear

  13. Oh man please drunk dial or text me. I didn't get to meet you so I think that's only fair :)

  14. Pie over cake?

    You jus craaaaaazy

  15. Yay for lotso garlic and cheese! :) Yum*


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