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Sunday, August 24, 2008

this weekend was good, i even think i got out of my funk a little bit - but with no help from the jerky anonymous commenter who has been stalking my blog. but thanks for the hits dude, it's good to know that by tracking your ip address through statcounter i can tell that my blog is the first thing you check in the morning, it takes up part of your afternoon and then rounds out your evening. you're averaging about 20 visits a day - seem to be bordering on obsession, maybe you should look into that?

anyways friday night wonger and i had a fabulous shopping trip at beachwood mall then headed back downtown to get dinner and see pineapple express. the movie was really good for the first 45 minutes or so but then it got reaaaaaaaaaaly looooooooong. i could have edited the shit out of it - or maybe i just needed to bring my old batty to the theater with me.

saturday morning headed to canton to get my hairs cut then went shopping with j-birdie to pick out the make-up for her wedding in october. i'm going to be the best make-up artist ever! i even found a cute dress in the process too.

saturday night was keter-o's and j-birdies couples shower in canton. i've really been digging the couples shower and or night showers these days. they're fun, because it's just a big get together with friends, which works for me!

here are a few pics of the party...

a nice late night group shot. a family that parties together stays together

the boys - boogs, young, keter-o and oakes. it's a full out bromance with these guys

the fake pass out picture tradition must continue with toots, j-birdie and biscuit

the party started at 5:30pm and we didn't leave till 2am not forgetting to mention a late night poker playing after party. oy.

sunday was (still is) that couch day i've been needing. i'm still in canton at my momma's house and we have enjoyed our movie and pizza day. thus far we have watched in bruges and evening both movies that i would recommend.

and now it's, bedtime. hope everyone had a great weekend! : )


  1. couples shower sounds quite fun! but you know i'm up for any event that involves booze.

  2. "In Bruges" didn't nearly get the press it should have...I thought it was a great flick...

  3. so, like, why don't you two call me once in awhile and we can have a REAL movie night???

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! After Labor Day we need to start hanging out again! I'll need my second husband since my first will be gone baby gone.

    I'm back to work today :(

  5. That party looks really, really, fun!

    My husband went to a joint bachelor/bachelorette party where they had hired strippers to do a live S-E-X show in the middle of the dance floor.

    Do you know how bummed I was that I was sick and couldn't go?

    That's just not the kind of thing you see every day...

    Or is that just me?

  6. WAIT!

    That last comment was me, Crissy.

    I was logged in as my husband!


  7. Very happy to hear that you are coming out of your funk :)

    We enjoyed In Bruges too and I have started watching Evening a couple times now but it's just sooo sloooow!


  8. I only WISH I could stay up that late.


  9. I love how you can track anonymous' hits on your site. :)

    I haven't seen Pineapple Express yet, but saw Tropic Thunder on Saturday and it was sooo stupid it was hilarious. Totally recommend it.

  10. I'm sorry...

    the stalker is me...

    but I can't help it. I like plums.

  11. do you have the ability to block IP's in statcounter? Cus at blog patrol, you can. Comes in handy when you get someone like that.

    I'd love a couples shower. I wish one of my peeps would get married. I'm craving a wedding!

  12. It always sounds like you have the best weekends! And couples showeres are fun, too.

  13. We loved In Bruges! There are some hilariously funny parts to it - I especially love the horribly politically incorrect scene with the overweight family. I know, I'm going straight to hell.

  14. Pineapple Express wasn't long enough.

    I stand by this statement.

  15. Sorry for the random call on Saturday! Glad you had fun in Canton!

    In Bruges - so amazing, wish I could repeat some funny parts without offending people, but sadly that's impossible! Rent it!

  16. You missed the wine bar and meat market we ended the night in. Too funny.

  17. Good to see you are making your way out of the funk.

    I would say you defiantly have a blog stalker. I want one too!! Just kidding, not really.

  18. I love that you say "to get my hairS cut". Thats cute.

  19. I wanted to see In Bruges, now with you bloggy recommendation - I will.

  20. you'd recommend EVENING?!
    you're crazy... it was awful!!

    In Bruges on the other hand everyone should go see! it's funny and sad all in one movie!!

  21. yaaay for parties! and couples showers! i like that it's becoming more of a trend...

  22. aw yay looks like a fabulous weekend. woo.

  23. Hmm good tips about Pineapple Express. I'll Netflix it. You liked Evening? Ugh I was not a fan but I will add In Bruges to my list.


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