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Monday, August 18, 2008

i love my friends. period the end.

we are all very lucky to have each other although i do wish we all (9 of us) took a picture together though!

so one of the main reasons for this fabulous trip to chicago was the birth of shna's baby girl
amelia (only 5 weeks ago) and the fact that i haven't been to chicago in YEARS.

shna, pete, mistiburr (holding amelia), and muffin

we all rolled into chicago friday afternoon from all over the country (denver, LA, st. louis and cleveland), and headed right to shna's house where she had quite the spread set up for us at her and her husband's beautiful home. such the hostess. we all caught up, took turns fighting over who was going to hold amelia, drank a lot of wine, watched the amazing michael phelps and of course gossiped.

we tried to take it easy on friday night so around 1am we wrapped up the party and headed to bed. poo poo was nice enough to house myself, mistiburr and tigge
r, her husband was out of town so she had plenty of room. good times.

saturday during the day while my UD friends all shopped i participated in a fabulous blogger meet up - much to the harassment of my friends who just didn't understand that i was going to meet my friends from the internet. "so they are strangers? are you going to be abducted by the internet?"

they aren't strangers to me i said! guess it's a blog thing.

onto the blogger brunch meet up, i feel like i'm not going to do a recap justice in comparison to this recap and this recap so maybe you should just read theirs!

but i must say thanks to nilsa for being my very kind transportation and to kiss the cook for hosting the glorious brunch. to ang* for being well ang (xo) and to my two
new blogger friends elle michelle and rebeccac that were immediately added to my reader. IT WAS SO NICE MEETING ALL OF YOU!

you know that we all clicked when a "quick" brunch turned into almost 5 hours of chit
chat and lounging in the garden. we found out that we are all the oldest children and we all work in the marketing industry - whether it be PR, design, writer or accounts. i knew these ladies were just like me! : )

after the brunch i headed back to poo poo's condo to get ready for an evening out on the town.

the girls all met at poo poo's where we drank fresh bellini's, um yum.

muffin rockin' out her new LAMB's, mistiburr and holler!

after pre-dinner cocktails we walked over to japonais for dinner in the lounge. this place was fabulously delicious and i would go there again and again.

cheers ladies!

after japonais we went to RINO lounge for bottle service and shots. after we left RINO we hopped around to english, mother's (which scared me) and finally the hange uppe. i'd tell you more of what we did but, um. yeah.

i'd also like to post some more pics of the festivities, but, um. no.

poo poo and holler - hansel, so hot right now

tigger, pete and mistiburr - show me sexy.

hey pete and poo poo, who's the stud?

poo poo and phil the cat the morning after - i. can't. stop. laughing. at. this. picture.

if you're friends with me on facebook i'll upload the rest of the pics to there. this was a perfect weekend with my girlies (we missed you beav, MOB and foxxy!) and i'm thinking you can see why i had a little accident on the plane. oops.


  1. It was so much fun. Seriously...I had And even if you really only listen to rap music, I'm holding you accountable for at least once of Jaimeson's folky-acoustic shows in C-town.

    As for Phil the cat...I know that feeling. Cat wants you to wake up and you're just not there yet. Welcome to every morning.

  2. sounds like SUCH a fun weekend! that baby is adorable! ha, and so is that cat. im going to e-stalk you on facebook now for more pics. :)

  3. I love that you have that picture. He must have been hungry. Isn't he the cutest Lex? You love him.

  4. eye patches make sleep so much better. Let's hope poo poo isn't allergic to Phil.

  5. Love the pictures! You are all so adorable in your going out outfits!! :)

  6. how FUN! you ladies are all so swanky when you go out! :-)

    ooh, i totally went to the hange uppe when i was in chicago! that's where i sprained my ankle ;-)

  7. You win that picture is hilarious.

  8. kitty is cute!
    You're a brave soul, it's awesome that you had such a great time meeting people in the blogosphere!!

  9. thanks for just being me - ha! well i must say thank YOU for the malleys chocolate. but my roommates might even be more excited about it than me.

    i had THE best time. so glad to finally meet you. maybe this weekend will work out somehow!??? if not, catch ya on gchat :)

  10. seriously, so sad I missed you :(

  11. I'm insanely jealous of that condo!

  12. Mother's? Really? Are you from the suburbs (and not the nice ones at that)? Who in their right mind let you go there?

    And the Hangge Uppe? Let's just say all nights that end there need not be discussed further. Rock on, girl!

  13. I can't believe you met bloggers and they didn't abduct you.

    If you ever meet me I'm going to abduct you. Just so you know.

  14. Do you and your friends seriously call each other those nicknames? In public?? Either way, it is very cute and shows how close you all must be*

    ps - Promise Jose and I won't abduct you if we ever meet :)

  15. Sounds like you had a great time! And holy crap, that cat looks huge!

  16. You are just awesome, awesome, awesome. So glad to know you and get to read you all the time now!

    P.S. I was already loving that you have a friend called Muffin. Now I want her dress. If Muffin ever needs an understudy, can I try out?

  17. Phil is very handsome and lean. He is just big boned.

    I must speak up about Mother's. At that point we just wanted to dance and not pay cover or wait in any lines. It was a last resort.

  18. That Damn Hansel is so hot right now.

  19. All I got out of that was a cute picture of a cat. cats distract me. now I want to go pet it.

  20. Sounds like all sorts of awesome happened.

  21. Still holding out for barf bag pic...

  22. OMG. That cat is as big as your friend!

  23. SO great to meet you!! Looks like you had fun after we nearly abducted you. ;-)

  24. I'm so sad we didn't get to meet up. You must come back stat!

  25. It's seriously sad that I moved before you came to visit. :(

  26. i love all your pictures, looks like such a fun time!

  27. I love rino and japonais! Hope you had a good time in the Chi.

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