slow down you crazy child

Monday, August 11, 2008

i'm tired of doing super long weekend recaps every monday, especially when i know that my measly typed words don't give nearly enough justice to the fun times and laughs that this weekend gave me.

i realized i still know how to do a cartwheel and a round-off which is something i learned about myself this weekend while pretending to be a gymnast on sunday.

i also learned that i can still drink and flip a mean cup of beer, that i know how to do the electric slide and that's i am blog famous.

or semi-famous per taawd's account - same thing.

i was recognized as the author of this blog friday night in real life.

a nice woman literally pointed at me and was like, "you write cleveland's a plum - you're alexa!"

my face turned red and i think i shrieked.

turns out she was a cleveland blogger too and writes life on mars, she emailed me today all apologetic like thinking she freaked me out by stalking my blog.

um no way, we all blog stalk - i would do exactly the same thing if i saw a blogger i read in real life. how do you think i met chef's widow?

so little did mars know that she had stumbled upon a fabulous cleveland blogger meet up consisting of myself, allison, mel and taawd while we were enjoying dinner and each others company at bar cento with the chef and his widow.

i can't say enough about how much i enjoy bar cento - it never fails to impress me with the service (go everest), the atmosphere, the music (who doesn't love the jackson 5?) and the FOOD, god you can't forget the food. so if you haven't checked out bar cento in ohio city by now you must taste the menu that got the joint best new restaurant 2008 from
northern ohio live magazine. congrats!

so it's always slightly nerve wracking meeting someone that you only know through the internet but mel and taawd were awesome (i already knew allison and chef and chef's widow), and even though taawd thinks i'm crazy in a good way i still like him. i like him and mel together even more. here's a pic of the group at cento via the widow's iphone.

after dinner we headed down the street to a party at one of allison's friends house where we met up with even more bloggers! my favorite narm (who was wearing my cleveland's a plum t-shirt - he's a super fan!) and blogging jason were both in attendance AND i got to finally meet allison's famous BF - or the cohabitant as i kept calling him.

awwwww, look at mr and mrs cohabitant! they match.

after too many games of flip cup i realized that i was not 21 and needed to go home asap. i may have realized this a little too late in the evening for my own good.

saturday morning i woke up early and headed to canton for my friend katie and mike's wedding! talk about a party i had so much fun - it was perfect and after emailing with katie today she thought it was too. have fun on your honeymoon mrs sturz!!!!

my nc besties biscuit, me and j-birdie - we apparently all got the memo to be colorful

toots, boogs and oakes - cans are classy

aubrey: left over prime rib anyone? tasty.

thank god mr and mrs sturz had stand ins...

the REAL mr and mrs sturz with their stand-ins. where's your hand mikey?!?!

after the wedding we headed to my favorite north canton bar the geisin haus to meet up with more of our friends. i really do miss going to that bar.

sunday morning i had a brunch birthday party for my 6 year old cousin graceyn at my uncle david and tia jo's compound house. it was the perfect day full of lots of good food, naps on the couch, watching the olympics, more food, playing poker and watching more olympics.

it was awesome.

just like the whole weekend - this weekend coming up i get to tackle chicago with the UD girls and some awesome, hilarious, amazing, stupendous bloggers! yay! happy nilsa? ; )


  1. FlipCup ends everybody's evening. Whether they want it to or not.

    It was nice to put faces to names. Glad you had a good time. I'm told I did too.

  2. 1) those cutouts are so freakin awesome. adorable idea

    2) you look super tan on the one picture. biatch!

    3) you are super famous. next time I see you I'm so asking for your autograph.

  3. I Love the stand-ins! And you look gorgeous my dear. And the day that someone comes up to me and calls me Tipp, well, that will be the day!

  4. Please please please. I want to marry a girl who will be with me 100% in getting lifesize cardboard cut outs of ourselves.

    Thanks for raising the bar Mrs. Sturz! Goddammit!

    And all this blogging meet up is making me insanely jealous.

  5. Holy eff. If someone recognized me as the author of my blog, I would shit a brick, because, ya know...there goes that whole "mostly anonymous" thing.

  6. I LOVE the colorful dress!!!

  7. OK, so who in the world took the group picture on the rooftop??

  8. Some bloggers? That's what we're called? Mimosas when you roll out of bed and you're referring to us as some bloggers? WHATEVER! You've got another thing coming. Hope you don't mind if I pick you up in the El Camino. For that comment, you're sitting in the back.

  9. Fuck yeah! You fixed it! Much better. I'll leave the El Camino at home. Are YOU happy now?

  10. I'm so bummed (read: totally jealous) that you aren't heading to Chicago ago just a few weeks later so I could crash your party. Maybe next time!

  11. The cut-outs were such a great idea. I've never seen that before but I love it!

    If someone in the blog world stop me on the street, I would possibly pee my pants.

  12. omg that looks SOOO fun! I wish there was a blogger network in Pittsburgh...

  13. Why didn't I stay for FlipCup? I am bad at life. Give me another chance!!

  14. I had a guy on a dating site recognize me from my blog. But I never met up with him. It does feel nice to be "famous" though!

  15. do i get bonus points for going to UD? :)

  16. I want a cut out of myself.

    That's freaking awesome.

  17. when I first saw that cut-out picture I was like, who the hell is fake groping the bride's boobie?!?! that is SO WRONG!


    walking away now

  18. Um, that's awesome and you are famous. Also, I emailed you.

  19. when i first saw that last picture, I was like - who the hell is fake groping the brides boobie?!?!

    that is just WRONG!


    walking away now...

  20. I'd like to have a cutout of me to use at work and other places that I don't really need to be there.

  21. I think i'd die if someone screamed, "you're Lauren from HDS!"

    Best moment ever!

  22. Aw, how awesome :)

    And, you're totally making me crave Bar Cento's pommes frites -- my absolute favorite*


  23. That is exactly what I've been missing--a life size cut out of myself. I'll put it right at my desk at work. I'm sure no one will notice.


    They won't.

    Also, I've never been recognized and it makes me sad a little bit.

  24. when i hang up in ctown, we always end it with beer pong.

    geisin haus! now your speaking my language! I've actually been there! lol.

  25. Your dress looks adorable - I demand a full length photo!

  26. Cleveland is the flip cup capital.

    Ask Lebron.

  27. Nice to meet you, Fun Alexa! You can play flip cup with us any time.

  28. love the blogger meetups, sounds fabulous. and i love the cutouts at that wedding, that is awesome, haha.

  29. omg I love that cut out idea SO FREAKING MUCH. damn. kinda wish I was getting married sometime soon enough to use it.

  30. How fun! That's totally random! I haven't had a moment like that (and probably won't if I continue living in Mississippi), but I would probably react the same way.

    Also, your outfit was TOTALLY cute!

  31. Chicago bloggers are fantastical. Trust me on that one.

    And you actually got recognized for your blog?!?! That is crazyness!!

    I have never been able to do a cartwheel :(

  32. lifesize cutouts?! i love it!

    you look so pretty in all your pics!

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