what would dumbo say?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

i'm channeling my inner dan mega blog style on this one.

so i'm a blogger (duh)

i'm also a young professional woman who reads her fair share (read: a lot), of blogs.

but it just feels like all the blogs i read are pro-obama, which is fine, i'm not hating here. i actually think he is a very, very smart man and may end up being just what our country needs, BUT....

my question is, am i the only republican 20 something blogger?

cause it sure feels like i am.

discuss. nicely.


  1. I bleed blue. Sorry. But as long as you're open minded, I'll keep reading. ;-)

  2. I read your tweet about this. I honestly haven't come across a lot of Republican 20 somethings but I think it might be because not a lot of 20 something blogs I read talk about politics. I bet 20 something bloggers would have some!

    Oh! I thought of one... if you check my blog on the main page blogroll there's a 20 something blog called "A funny thing happened on the way home". She's pretty open about politics and I know she just blogged about Biden, I don't think she's a registered Democrat.

  3. I'm really undecided in this particular election, partially because I haven't done enough "homework" yet and partially because I'm a bit intrigued by Obama as well... but generally, I do lean more on the conservative side.

    I just feel like I wouldn't have a lot of intelligent things to say about either candidate at the moment, which is why I'm keeping my mouth shut.

  4. I'm FAR from being a Republican, but I'm open to people's opinions. I actually try to avoid politic talk most of the time, simply because people have very strong opinions about it, and I don't like to debate things I'm not very well versed on. And honestly, I can't stand most politicians long enough to learn too much about them.

    I probably care about Obama more than I've cared about any other politician/election. And I think we are in dire need of change.

  5. As a non-republican I would just like to say I am sick and tired of Obama.

    For real.

    We get it. You all like him. Stop telling me about it.

    End rant.

  6. I can't believe we've already been through 18months of election lead-up. Can't you yanks just play spin the bottle to pick the next one?

  7. I'm not a blogger but I'm a 20 something, and a republican during this election. Don't always stick to that party, such as the last election....

    Does that count?

    I feel so sophisticated discussing politics at 6 in the morn! :)

  8. You know how I feel about this one, but for the rest of the blogosphere...

    I'm registered Dem but I haven't always been-- I felt like I had to switch because of the stance the right wing has taken on abortion, stem cell research, and gay rights. I'll still be voting republican for most if not all of my local seats...

    I think it's just better to pick candidate by candidate.

  9. No, you aren't.

    McCain? Really? You people are trying to kill me aren't you.


    An Unexcited Republican.

  10. I am not a Democrat. Though I am not a Republican either. Honestly, you're better off not knowing my political views. Hence, why I never discuss the issue online.

    But I say this in hopes of comforting you that not all young professional bloggers out there are Dems.

  11. Well I got lambasted for a Bush joke a week ago so I am pretty sure there is at least one other republican blogger out there.

  12. You'd probably be surprised to learn that I vote mostly republican. Although a lot of my political beliefs are more or less on the conservative side, not surprisingly, I can swing both ways on some issues.

    You know I had to post something that sounded dirty, right? LOL

    This election? I'm not voting for anyone.

  13. You know what they say....

    If you you're not a liberal in your 20's, you don't have a heart.

    If you're not a conservative by the time you're in your 30's, you don't have a brain.

    I'm a 20 something reader of your blog that is a conservative. Although I don't love McCain, Obama scares the crap out of me!

  14. p.s. did you know the mccain camp was offering $$ for bloggers to write about them. Guess that means there are some others out there :-)

    p.p.s. @dave mccain scares the crap out of me, for the record.

  15. You're a republican?
    Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm just surprised is all. I agree with you. It really does seem like most 20 somethings and even 30 somethings are Democrats.


  16. I am now a registered Democrat only so I could vote in the primaries. However, I used to be an independent because I feel that it doesn't matter who becomes elected but more so who will do the best job.

    In Obama's case, he is the voice for change. I think a lot of 20-somethings are in support of him because he does seem to be a voice of change. I know a Sentaor who knew him in the Senate and another family who lives next to him in Chicago. They say he really is as genuine as he seems. And the Senator is Republican and is supporting him in the upcoming election.

    I think people are just not happy with what this past administration has done and are wanting change.

  17. I'm a democrat...but that doesn't mean I'm voting for obama. I'm not impressed by either candidate enough to get up early before work no a cold november day and vote. I'm just not. And thats also my right. I also believe if I don't I have no right to complain about the state of the world. which is fine with me.

    honestly....do people really believe whoever is elected is going to change the world? I'd love to see that.

  18. has anyone been watching the DNC?! how could you NOT vote for Obama?

    No way. No how. No McCain!

  19. I don't really identify with one party or the other.

    I grew up in a VERY Republican household (my parents are in the 30% who STILL love Bush & my mom listens to Rush.)

    I registered independent, because I don't want to be declare one party or the other. I think we waste a LOT of time tearing down the other political party instead of building our country up. The divisive politics really, really upsets me. It's like we've

    The 2004 election was my first presidential election. I hemmed & hawed over which candidate to choose, and surprised myself by going with Kerry. (And felt guilty because my parents never knew. Mwhahaha.)

    That being said, I've come to realize that a lot of my youthful idealism lines up with Obama. (And after watching ALL the presidential candidate debates since last fall, I kind of really disliked the Republican candidates. They fought more than they talked about policy.)

    Uh, you didn't ask for a long, drawn-out personal story of our political idealogy.


    To answer your question, I'm sure you're not alone. But let's not think strictly in terms of Democrats and Repbulicans. It can be more harmful than helpful. (Ha. How's that for hippie talk!?)

  20. Sorry, Dave, I'm in my 30's and I'm a Democrat. I was one through my entire 20's, and most of my teens. The week in social studies class that we learned that Democrats favor government intervention and the Republicans don't, and that being the same week I read "Lord of the Flies," I was saved, and I've been a Democrat ever since. There is not a single conservative philosophy, other than that of conservation, that I can get behind. (And most Republicans are happy to throw conservation out the window if it means some business can make more money.)

    And I think the reason that you don't see a lot of 20-something conservative bloggers is that most young tech types naturally skew liberal. It's because we value freedom in our speech and our access to new media and change, among other reasons. If you want things to remain the same, then go back to writing letters long hand, keep on denying science, and throw away your right to vote. Change is going to happen no matter what, the thing is, do you embrace it or do you fight it?

  21. I'm all Obama but the next prez just needs to do these things:

    Improve the economy
    Make gas prices cheaper
    Cure cancer
    Dnd the obsession with Paris Hilton

    Got it? Good.

  22. I actually don't like labeling myself as either dem OR republican.. I find that I agree with a lotta stuff on both sides of the fence

    But right now? I just don't feel like McCain is going to help us get out of the HORRENDOUS doody-kaka that the Bush administration has put us in.

    And yeah, I am actually really well aware of the fact that our countries fumbles can't possibly just lie on Bush Jr.'s shoulders.. there's an entire congress to blame too.

    Like Maxie, I just go candidate by candidate. Back in '00 when McCain first ran? I TOTALLY wanted him to win..

    Just not this election. We really, really need change.

  23. I bet you more than half the 20 something bloggers either a. End up not voting or b. Breath a sigh of relief when a republican wins because their taxes won't go up.
    That's pretty much the only BIG thing that the president can end up getting through anyway. Some would say war but that obviously took some dems to back it up.

    They're called Limousine Liberals. They're all ideals - no balls.

  24. Dude, I just tasted a little throw-up in my mouth. Seriously. And then I started reading the comments of your other 20-something readers. And noticed a pattern. Apathy. That's too bad. I was *there* when I was in my 20's, too, but have taken much more interest in politics these last few years. Far from being super-educated, but I do care. And I care for Barack Obama. A lot.

  25. Your Mom - Taxes and national defense are two of the biggest reasons I am a conservative I agree that these are two things the president has more control over than other issues (e.g. the economy - do you really think George Bush is responsible for the economy slipping? Come on!).

    But the most important thing the president controls is supreme court justice nominations. For that reason alone, I don't think I could ever vote for a liberal for president. That is my problem with McCain. I worry about the quality of people he would nominate for the bench. George Bush added two great people to the bench during his presidency.

  26. The citizens of Iraq literally risked being shot or blown up to vote freely for the first time in their lives. The people of Zimbabwe that didn't support the current president were beaten or killed for trying to vote against him. Hundreds of millions of people around the world reside in countries that don't allow them the opportunity to speak for themselves. It's no wonder people around the world scoff at our apathy. Not voting may easily be the most ignorant act someone can commit. The signers of our Declaration of Independence risked being executed by choosing a chance to give everyone that came after them a chance for freedom; instead of being thankful we have a chance to decide who leads us, it's so much easier to not offend anyone and not vote. Don't like your options? No candidate can every completely embody everything you stand for. Find the one closest to your views and help push things in your direction. "The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all" - john f. kennedy.

  27. I was really conservative back in my twenties. I remember promising my grandfather I would vote Republican in my first election. I kept my promise. I wrote long tirades against Clinton in my college columns, and even walked out of a class because the prof veered "too left" for my comfort.

    That was a heckuva long time ago.

    As the years went by, the issues surrounding my life began to matter more and more - beyond ideologies and distant conventions. I have a husband who can't get a insurance because he had a heart transplant. I see prices going sky high, education at an all time low, a muffled intelligentsia, and a shuttered middle class. I am a sum of all these experiences. Things change.

    I voted for Kerry. I'll vote for Obama. I vote because I believe - and I understand WHY I believe.

    A vote is an individual choice. It's the sum of all your personal and political experiences until that day in November. So make it - according to who you are.

  28. Scribe - That's a great post. I just finished reading The Appeal, by John Grisham. It's a fiction book, but brings a lot of issues to light. Things like how our campaigns are funded, big business, trial lawyers, labor unions, etc buying elections, huge settlements against irresponsible corporations, and other ethical and moral issues.

    It was a great book and really made me think about my ideals, what I stand for, and how I vote. I highly encourage everyone to read it, especially during this election season.

  29. You are so brave for posing that question, and it seems like most people have been pretty nice.

    I'm a Republican. :)

  30. Was that really your mom? That's great!

  31. There are plenty of Republican bloggers out there. Just go looking and you'll find them.

    I hear you like that Spencer kid on The Hills. I hear he'll be in Toronto next month while I'm there. Hmm, maybe he'll have a few stalkers.

  32. I'm not a blogger, but will be voting McCain in November both because he is a Republican AND I like him. I worked in the local field office as a volunteer for his campaign when he was up against Bush in the 2000 primaries. He's the right guy for the job, no doubt.

    I was just talking about this very subject with my cousin who is a Senior at Miami in Oxford. She calls herself a "closet Republican" because especially at her age, most college students are IN LOVE with Obama and McCain is just too out of touch. It's "cool" (pardon me sounding like an 80 year old woman) to get on the Obama bandwagon. Half of the "young college students" probably couldn't even tell you his position on half of issues being discussed.

    Sad sad stuff!!!

  33. Oops, my bad. So not a Hills cast member. Yikes.

  34. I'm neither. There are many things I agree with on the democratic side and republican side, there are also many things I disagree with on both sides.

  35. i'm a democrat. i can't get behind most republican candidates because of the way they dismiss so many social causes that are really, really important to me - like gay marriage and abortion. if you think it's the government's job to dictate who can and cannot get married based on their personal sexual preferences? i cannot vote for you.

  36. I'm not thrilled with McCain, but how can anyone give someone like Obama who has no real credentials the leadership of this country??? and you better start worrying about who he considers an 'upstanding citizen' and who he is friendly with. and socialized medicine, just ask people from europe how well it works......I know quite a few that can tell you horror stories. don't know what that answer is but it sure isn't socialized medicine!

  37. i bet there are a lot more blogs out there with writers who are republicans. i just dont think that too too many 20 something bloggers really end up blogging too much about politics. here and there, but not tons.

    i cant believe egan thought you liked spencer. man. that would be pretty rough.

  38. Wow this turned into quite a debate in your comments section.

    I bleed blue as well.

    for reasons that most republicans will never understand.

  39. Brookem, your blog post was deceiving. Not unlike our current president. Oops. I let another one slide and this is my first day commenting on this fine blog of yours. It won't happen again.

  40. Renee took the blogging words right out of my blogging mouth.

    I'm also a very liberal, but never discuss politics on the ol' blog.

    How many times did I just use "blog" in this comment?

    Man, I never would have guessed you were republican. Huh.

  41. I'm sorry - I am a Democrat through and through.

    I agree with Dave - a big thing for me is the supreme court nomineees. Right now if you look at the judges it is very much skewed and the few democrats left are close to retirement.

    Also if you look at the two candidates tax plans for the vast majority of Americans they will see a larger decrease with Obama's tax plan while the rich see their taxes increase. McCain's tax plan shows only a decrease for those with very high incomes with a negligible decrease for the middle class.

  42. I am a Democrate however I have voted Republican in the past. I think our generation of 20 somethings are ready for a change. I don't see that happening with a Republican president.

    This doesn't say a lot because I had high hopes for Congress and look how much they've accomplished.

  43. I'm republican.

    And I'm voting for Obama...


  44. i don't think you're the only one out there. granted i'm not one of them. but hey as long as your open to everyone's ideas i'll still be reading. woot.

  45. holy crap you got a lot of comments for this one Lex! All you need to do is mention politics and everyone gets riled up! I love it!

  46. Sorry MegKathleen, but NOONE will see a tax cut if Obama is elected, I don't care what his "tax plan" says. Bill Clinton also promised tax cuts for the middle class when he ran in 1992 but all he did was raise taxes while in office. Obama will raise taxes across the board to pay for his socialist agenda.

  47. These comments are all really interesting. Your post sparked a great discussion.

    Me? I am a Capitalist who tends not to discuss politics on her blog. I don't care for either party, but there are specific politicians who I can respect and vote for.

  48. there is a surprise for you on my blog!

    Hellooooo Gorgeous

  49. Dave, good comments....ALL of them! Too bad so many don't get what will happen to this country if people like Obama get to push forward their plan for a Socialist USA!

  50. I'm neither a democrat nor a republican. I vote based on candidates and issues, not parties. I don't know who I'll be voting for in November, and most likely won't decide until after I see the debates.

  51. True story Dave, I would be very naive if I were to believe everything politicians said. At the same time though I don't think we'll see any tax cuts under McCain either...

  52. You are probably right, but it's just as unlikely there will be an tax increases.

  53. The only comment I have, in the vein of keeping it "nice", is I'm a Republican.

  54. Wait, I forgot, I am 58 days past being in my 20's...but I did blog in my 20's as a Republican

  55. I don't want to get involved in the heavy debate going on around here, but I too am a Republican. :)

  56. Well, I'm neither Dem nor Repub. It's easy to be neither in my state which doesn't require us to register as one or the other. I've voted for just as many Repubs in my time as I have Dems.

  57. I've been wondering the same thing. I don't know if the blogging community as a whole just tends to be blue or if I just haven't stumbled upon my fellow Republicans. But now that I found you, via Jamie at Oh! How Lovely and Blog Day, I'm glad to know I'm not alone.

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