you say aruba, i say aruuuuuuuba

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

so i just went through all of my pics from aruba and i'm kinda disappointed! i think i was way too busy sunning myself and rocking out the beach that i didn't taken enough pictures!

i'm not complaining though, believe me.

work was crazy catch up and so was catching up with my reader, but as of 10pm last night my reader was clear!

so i surprised myself a couple of times this past week, i even did a little soul searching - it's good for you! for example i didn't get drunk once. NOT ONCE. which hilariously my mom gave me shit for. while she wanted to go bar hopping i didn't want to be social with anyone but her and my sissy.

she called me lame, i call me smart.

but because of my lack of partying i have never felt so rested from a vacation in all my life. not drinking rocks! well, it will until thursday night at least.

upon arriving on the happy island we checked into our resort and my mom, sissy and i got to take in our balcony view.

beach anyone? yes please.

coincidentally enough my cousins (grog, khaki, jenna and david) were also in aruba staying 3 resorts down from us for our first few days there. obvy this meant family fun time.

can someone say excursion?!?

we decided to head to the remote desert side of the island to search for the natural pool - while hitting a few other spots along the way.

david, jenna, sissy, grog and stepho (mom) on this fun little natural bridge thingy

we hopped into our two rented jeep wranglers not knowing really where we were going.

we got lost, a couple bazillion of times.

but the search for the illusive natural pool was worth the hunt. although we realized why this pool wasn't exactly marketed to tourists...... it is hard as HELL to find the damn place.

you have to do some serious bumpy and rocky terrain, huge inclines and follow barely there dirt

was i scared driving?

heck no, i laugh in the face of 4 x 4 off-roading. HA! HA! HA!

upon finally finding a mini sign stating that the natural pool is a 20 minute hike away we continue our journey - by car.

good thing, because that sign was a big fat lie.

we park the jeeps half way to where we
think the pool is but end up still have about a 3 mile very hilly hike ahead of us.

it was fine, going down. up? not so much.

finally we see the pool from a cliff. my mom and khaki decide they have had enough. we were supposed to be back at the resort by noon. it was now 2:30pm and we still had a hike to the pool.

at this point they (mom and khaki) decide to just cop a squat and let the rest of us go on ahead while they watched from their perch.

now my mom being the ever so technically savvy woman t
ried to capture our descent on my camera.


the following is my favorite video of my mom thinking that my camera is broken when in all reality it was just in video mode. plus, she curses in the clip and who doesn't giggle when their mom curses?!?!

i actually have FIVE more versions of the above video - just like this one. oh mommy, what would i do without you?

after we took a well deserved dip in the pool we had to hike back to the jeeps and make our trek back to the barely paved roads.

but not without a few bumps along the way.

one of our rented wranglers got a flat tire on the descent - oops

i told you it was rocky!

FINALLY we made it back to the resort just in time to head to flying fishbone for a seaside dinner. this place was awesome, seriously.

nice view eh? nothing like watching the sunset while dining on the beach - heaven

the next day my cousins headed back to ohio and my mom sissy and i did a whole not of nothing, in the best way possible.

we ate, a lot.

we gambled, a little.

but i have realized that you can never win two days in a casino. The first night we really gambled i spent about $60 but walked out with $140. awesome right? i heart black jack.

a couple of days later we gambled again, and of course the casino took all my winnings back. sons of bitches.

oh well, its all in the name of fun.

we also played the european/south american, american or honeymooner game.

european/south american qualities
-they didn't speak engligh (duh)
-the men wore tight jean capris
-the smoked, A LOT
-the women rocked out on the beach topless
-the women didn't care how many pounds over 200 they were they still had on bikinis. WHY?!?!

american qualities
-the men wore cut off t-shirts
-baseball hats
-usually over weight
-would yell at their kids a lot

honeymooner qualities
-they either looked miserable or in love
-the brides forgot that their wedding was over and were now allowed to eat again. plate of carrots anyone?
-they had radars on for other honeymooners just like them who there would sit and talk with them for hours
dissecting and comparing their perfect day

there are also two types of resort people. beach people and pool people.

i am a beach person - man, i don't like hanging out at the pool. i can do that in ohio.

the beach people are chill, reading their books and what not.

the pool people are crazy frat boys having their 23rd watered down margarita while peeing themselves sitting at the swim up pool bar.

i only got in the pool one time the entire time - i go to the ocean to pee thank you very much : )

vacation is hands down the BEST people watching.

i even enjoyed observing the poor high schoolers who were too old to really do the kid activities but too young to have any real fun. these kids would normally just sit in the lobby with their rented laptops pouting and being emo/hipsters.

onto some random pics.

um, so who cries from their balcony at a wedding for people that they don't even know? this girl!

i felt like i was eavesdropping the whole time.

me and my mommy at dinner one night

my sissy rockin' out her ghetto fabulous earrings. yes they are gold, and yes they spell out her name - nicolette - only her.

so yeah, that's the cliff notes version of my vacation. it was a wonderful time and i hope i don't have to wait too long to go back to paradise.

sidenote: congrats to my friend julie and her husband aaron, they got married the saturday before i left for aruba in a beautiful wedding! yay them!

oh and another sidenote: i am going to be in chicago next weekend visiting some friends. i have contacted a few of you chicago bloggers for a little lunch get together that saturday afternoon - let me know if anyone else will be around!


  1. Sounds like a glorious time!! And you're tan!!!

    We did miss you at Krusty's though!!

  2. Wait.


    You went to Aruba and you didn't get drunk?

    This does not make sense in my head at all.

  3. I wouldn't have listened to your booze rule and would have needed all the photos to remind me what happened over the course of the week.

  4. I'm obsessed with your sisters earrings. NEED THEM!!! (with my own name, obvs)

  5. Hmmm this post didn't show up in my Google Reader! Bitches!

    Your mom said "shit." I love it.

    Sounds like an incredible trip! I so want to go to Aruba now!

  6. Your trip sounds AMAZING! Glad you had a great time. Those pictures are fabulous!

    Also, i'm a beach person as well.

  7. cute pictures! glad you had a fun time :-)


  9. awesome tan!
    lunch on saturday the 16th, right?
    yes please.

  10. What's a sign you're having too much fun on vacation? No time to take pictures!! I think that's a totally reasonable excuse. Looks like a great time. Welcome back and looking forward to your next travels in the very near future!

  11. OMG this post makes me so excited for my honeymoon! Except I really do not think that I'll be seeking out fellow honeymooners to compare wedding notes. But you never know!

  12. Pretty sure I need to go to Aruba.

  13. glad you're back! sounds like you had a really good time! im a beach person too, damn straight. your mom is freaking hilarious- i love that video.

  14. Yes, we had a great time. But I never thought your camera was broken! I just couldn't find what I needed (not my camera)...... Someday you too will need reading glasses, missy. Funny you made no mention of the lobster claws and Caki.....ha. Love ya, xoxo

  15. your trip sounds like so much fun! and i love the pictures.

  16. you look so pretty in the pics and it looks like you had a fab time. I am all of the south american/european that you described. I do the topless thing, but only when I'm in a foreign beach.

  17. i love that your mother gives you some comment love!

    so i'm trying how to make an aruba harbor inn reference but i got nothing. it's something about being on the water or the coast or something... ah, i got nothing.

    harbor inn awaits for the giant cleveland blogger convention or CBC as I've decided to call it unless someone else can think up a better name. we need to do some organization and get this thing a-going.

  18. Oh my goodness I am soooo jealous. I am going to start planning my trip to Aruba immediately.

  19. Alexa, where in heaven's name did you get that spelling for Cath's nickname??? Don't you know how she got it..........which would dictate the spelling???

  20. no drinking on vacation? Good god, that's all I did. Absolutely beautiful pictures! I so want to visit aruba!

  21. I really, really need a trip like that. And soon.

  22. Aww, it looks like y'all had so much fun! I absolutely LOVE the video. Whenever moms curse, it's funny!

  23. Beee-yooo-tiful photos. I'm jealous and despite the fact that it is so sunny here!

  24. Wow, that balcony view is sweet! What was the resort name? Was it all inclusive? Would you recommend it?

  25. Thanks for your reply comment on my site. :) We love all-inclusives and have been eying Aruba longingly for a while. Glad you had a good time.

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