15 hours

Monday, September 1, 2008

and then it was monday.

i did a bit of a weekend recap in the beginning of
my last post and about all i can say about the rest of the weekend is 15 hours of straight partying.

and i wonder why i'm tired today.

i think it was worth the hangover though.

yesterday myself, muffin, captain, cubby, martha and steph all went to the indians game at 1pm.

here's (l to r) muffin, martha, cubby, and my new roommate steph on the escalator going up up up up at progressive field.

we started off the afternoon at the clevelander, went to the game, went back to the clevelander, went to cubby and martha's for some splendid crab dip and decided that a lakewood bar crawl was in order.

also while at cubby and martha's captain decided it to be a swell idea while i was inside the house to lock my purse to the coffee table. i think i'm going to need to start leaving the key to the lock at home. this does not need to become a common occurrence - hahaha.

you think you're sooooooo funny captain : )

so considering i don't go out in lakewood all that much, when i do i have to make my mark right?
bring on the crawl...

we started out
at around the corner for dinner where the jerk (jesse's new blog name)
met up with the rest of us. next we all headed to the west end tavern, followed by the riverwood for one two many shots that just so happened to taste like cookies.

next stop was
put-in-bay lakewood where some of us bowled and some of us flirted with boys with eyeliner and played keno.

cubby and the jerk decided to take a seat - in the golf cart, obviously.

cubby says ahoy matey! yes, there is a boat - in the bar.

finally to wrap it all up those of us left made a stop at
kenilworth tavern where steph, the jerk and i desperately tried to figure out what we had to do to get a cab to take us back downtown. at that point all i
wanted was my bed.

it was a long day, but a fun day. it's a shame that the summer is ending but in all reality though i'm so ready for fall. bring on the cardigans!

after yesterdays escapades i'm sure you can image what i did today - a whole lot of nothing. except for lunch with the georgia peach at grumpy's cafe in tremont, i throughly enjoyed my couch. no complaints here, i did it all with a smile.

hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as i did. is it sad that i'm already counting down to the next one?


  1. reading this made me tired. Can you believe I barely had any alcohol this weekend?

    okay, thats a lie.

  2. I had exactly 2.27 beers this weekend. Two of them being Monday night. Why am I so uncool now???

  3. Whoops hit send to early -

    You need to open a School for the Cleveland Party Participant. Teach me your methods!

  4. wow! it sounded like a VERY busy weekend! I hope you get enough R&R stored up this week for the next weekend...helloooooooooo bed!

    (I just finished working 9hrs...i'm pooped, but i'm OFF NOW! ttyl I'm going home to my couch, yay!!!)

  5. You neglected to mention your new affinity for oatmeal cookies...

  6. Wait... you were at my Kenilworth on Sunday night? Holy crap! We were there enjoying 35-cent wing night in the front booth.

    You gotta call me when you head to my side of town! LOL

  7. WHY must we be at work today? ! ?

  8. Grumpy's Cafe? Hahaha - perfect name for a little hangover help. And at least the countdown this week is a short one. We're only one day away from hump day!

  9. I think I'm going to start padlocking my purse to random places. Also, I'm really upset that there are no more three-day weekends in the near future.

  10. sounds (and looks) like you had a good time...labor day weekend is all about the debauchery! i know i did my fair share....

  11. The clevelander sounds dirty.

    In my mind.

  12. Um... do you ever slow down?
    Just wondering.

  13. I had a weekend full of drinking myself. What the heck?

  14. it is absolutely HILARIOUS that you locked your purse to the table! I can only imagine the joy it gave you at the time:) But good thing you didn't loose your key! It would have been even funnier to see you walking around Lakewood with a table in tote! - Which we all know would happen before you left your Chloe behind.

    Lunch was yummy! I sanded all day and all night working on refinishing that table and still have so much to do. They make it look so easy on HGTV!

    Call you later!

  15. man, your weekend recaps always leave me exhausted just reading them. which is AWESOME :-)

    my weekend was 3 straight days of drinking from about 2p to 3am, though, so from what i remember, that was pretty tiring as well...

  16. haha sounds like a great weekend. seriously if i were in cleveland i would love to go out with you :)

  17. Wow! Every sounds like they had a great weekend and yours is no exception!

  18. sounds like a great weekend. and no, i count down to the next one starting sunday's at 4pm. blah.

  19. i mean no, it's not weird that YOU are counting down.

  20. It always looks like you have such a great time whenever you go out. It makes me want to come to Cleveland so I can experience that because it has been ENTIRELY too long since I went out.

  21. I am still recovering from my weekend. I feel poopy!


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