burrito as big as a baby

Monday, September 15, 2008

just got home from a fabulous dinner at el tango taqueria in lakewood for wonger's 26th birthday - a group of 12 of us got together at the traditional mexican restaurant on madison ave.

the ambiance is excellent with fabulous lighting and a walk up order counter make it unlike your regular queso and chip joint. another thing that sets this place apart is that you won't find a salted margarita in the place because this restaurant is a BYOB location.

what is it about bringing your own wine to a restaurant that makes it that much cooler?!?

the service was excellent - they definitely took care of us.

oh and did i forget to mention the portion sizes?!? if you think chipotle has some big burritos they don't have anything on el tango taqueria.

case in point...

mel tackles this big burrito - i told y'all it was big!

no that's not a 9 x 13 pan of lasagna - that's a baked veggie burrito!

the chef brought out plates of what he called "tuna fresca" i call it prickly pear cactus fruit - tomato tomahto.

erin and bird suck on some cacti

if you get a chance to head out to lakewood to try el tango taqueria i highly recommend it's fun atmosphere and authentic mexican food.


  1. I'm in. I'll grab a case of Natty Light and just say goodnight to my organs. When are we going?

  2. Okay I shrieked like a cheerleader when I saw that burrito.

    That's a beast. Not from this world.


  3. There is nothing not too like about burritos the size of my head. Nothing.

  4. This is really good to know about. I'm a west sider and still didn't know about this great place. And I'm with Narm, when are we going? :-)

  5. please bring me a burrito like that. yummmmmmmmmmmm

  6. I want your life of meals and drinks and fun.

  7. YUM. . .the title of your post reminds me of La Bamba's (a mexican joint in college towns like Oxford and Ann Arbor, among others) neon window sign boasting "Burritos as Big as your Head" :)


  8. Wow. That burrito looks incredible! And the BYOB part is always fabulous!

  9. Kelly...that is exactly what it reminded me of too!

  10. I love La Bamba and their white cheese sauce - the best! Never knew this place existed, thanks Alexa!!

  11. mmmmm yummy! This is w/in walking distance of the manfriends, and I've never been taken here! wtf!? Thank you for opening my eyes. I am on it!

  12. those are HUGE portions

    good grief

  13. There is a place here in Chicago that has signs in the window and all over that say "burritos as big as your head!".

    I can't tell you if that's true or not though since I have never been there!

  14. dang...those burritos are beast! i want one :(


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