dirty 30

Sunday, September 14, 2008

this may be the first time that i have half drunkenly blogged. i promise not to make a habit of it : )

the browns/steelers game is still going on as i type this so i guess we'll all have to wait for a bit to see who wins.

i'm crossing my fingers for the browns obviously - but hey, michael phelps is even in town for the
game due to his buddy buddy friendship with braylon edwards. i mean if phelps is routing for the browns it's got to be a good sign right?

last night we spent our evening celebrating court's 30th at the reddstone and the old angle tavern - some pics from the night...

my blogs #1 fan in north carolina megan with the birthday girl court

travis take a turn with the birthday girl

court, matt, captain and muffin

we went home at a semi reasonable hour (2:30am is reasonable right?), because we had a big day of tailgating ahead of us.

so i have a confession to make, i have
never been to a browns tailgate.

yes, i know i live a block away from the stadium, i have absolutely no excuse. i can't help that i like bars!

but regardless if it was my first or 41st tailgate - i had such a great time. the weather for the most part held and i even ran into one of my best friends from high school which pretty much made my day.

some pics from this evening...

a view of the pit

erin (muffin's sissy btw), court and muffin

half of the group is paying attention to me the other half not so much

no my camera's lenses isn't dirty - that is all the gross dirt that was flying into our beers from the remnant's of ike's WIND!

me and erin ..... close up!!

erin and her sweet sweet poncho

once the game started the group headed to the w 6th bars, they all looked packed like below so we went to the map room for a packed, but not as crazy bar.

you didn't have much personal space at the blind pig

a piece or three of pizza later from the map room my couch and laptop were calling my name.

it's now the beginning of the third quarter and the browns are down by 7.

the games not over though... but my night sure is.


UPDATE: yeah yeah i know, the browns lost - here's to hoping to not make it 11 loses in a row verse the steelers.


  1. Tail gating looks like serious business!
    (makes me excited for hockey season to start again-- so I can be involved in sports again!)

  2. i always love your pics.

    you are pretty good for drunken posting! you can't even tell!

  3. Wow...tailgating was your word of the weekend! It looked awesome! I hope work on Monday goes okay.

  4. That was NOT a drunk blog. I expect blabbering and such.

    hope you're not too hung over :-)

  5. I'm so sorry I missed the Sunday Funday!!

    My flight in last night was eventful enough. It took us several attempts to land because of the wind. I kissed the ground when I got off the plane.

    We need to do dinner this week! I'll call you.

  6. Let's just say you blog better than leaving voicemails when you are drunk. haha. GO STEELERS! PS the wedding was awesome. I will send you the pics!

  7. Let's just say you blog better than leaving voicemails when you are drunk. haha. GO STEELERS! PS the wedding was awesome. I will send you the pics!

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  9. I would call you crazy for being out yesterday in those winds, but I was too.


    Tailgating looks like a good time, I dont like football but I do enjoy the drink!

  10. Tailgating is a ball! I could give a crap about the game. Just don't bump into my drinkie and I'll be happy.

  11. FUN! And yes, you are the most coherent drunk ever. =)

  12. Sorry the brown lost...

    Id blame the wind.

  13. Wow, you stay pretty normal when you're drunk!!

    It looks like you all (I don't know why I'm not a y'all kind of girl) had fun! :-)

  14. I cannot root for any team that employees brady quinn.

    I'm sorry but some things I have to stand for.

  15. I'll be sure to *not* drink the night before the next tailgating adventure, so we can share a beer at one of our city's fine establishments.

    But seriously, GAWD this hangover is something freakin' awful.

  16. I love tailgating. Beer and balls are my two favorite things.

  17. I haven't been tailgating since college, but I do remember it being a blast. Sorry the Browns lost - I feel your pain.

  18. I think it's pretty fabulous that you were able to do this drunk-ish. Seriously. I wouldn't be able to type, let alone form complete sentences. Kudos!

    Once again, it looks like y'all had an incredible time! You always have the best weekend photos!

  19. Some of the best times are when the weather doesn't cooperate. That is, so long as you don't let it rain on your parade. Looks like you made the most of it. No surprise there!

  20. Those pics give a fairly accurate depiction of my evening...drunk, drunker, sh*t-faced. Muffin threw an amaaaaaaaaazing party and I'm so glad you could make it! XOXOXO!!!

    Megsy Ev: You made the blog! Holla!!!!


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